1. Pictures from the Fisher Plaza Data Center Fire

    There have been many reports of the Fisher Plaza data center fire. An early one was the Data Center Knowledge article: Major Outage at Seattle Data Center. Data center fires aren’t as rare as any of us would like but this one is a bit unusual in that fires normally happen in the electrical equipment or switchgear whereas this one appears to have been a bus duct fire. The bus duct fire triggered the sprinkler system. Several sprinkler heads were triggered and considerable water was sprayed making it more difficult to get the facility back online quickly.   Several good pictures showing the fire damage were recently published in Tech Flash Photos: Inside the Fisher Fire.                                                                   --jrh   James Hamilton, Amazon Web Services 1200, 12th Ave. S., Seattle, WA, 98144 W:+1(425)703-9972 | C:+1(206)910-4692 | H:+1(206)201-1859 | james@amazon.com   H:mvdirona.com | W:mvdirona.com ...
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