1. Designing Effective Policy Before Copenhagen: A Conversation With ...

    Designing Effective Policy Before Copenhagen: A Conversation With ...
    Global leaders have a limited window of time to enact effective policy that will greatly decrease the amount of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere. And that window is shrinking rapidly. In December, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen for the United Nation's Conference of the Parties to sign the treaty that will replace the Kyoto Protocol. Many are calling this meeting the world's last chance to do something in time to change the future. I met up with Worldchanging ally and environmental leader Denis Hayes to discuss the importance of climate regulating policy and what, in his opinion, must be included in that policy in order to achieve the results we need. Sarah Kuck: Right now there are a lot of people talking about the proposed U.S. cap and trade bill Waxman-Markey (now out of committee), as well as what will happen in Copenhagen during the COP15 ...
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