1. Facebook To Tackle Open Source Storage Hardware

    Facebook To Tackle Open Source Storage Hardware

    Facebook has previously built its own data centre in Oregon, making its plans for the building’s server hardware open source and placing an emphasis on reduced power consumption and lower costs. The move into storage, though positive from the social media giant, was Facebook Open Sources Green Data Centre Hardware">criticised by Greenpeace for not combatting carbon emissions in a direct enough manner with a shift towards renewables.

    “We’re taking the same approach we took with servers: eliminate anything that’s not directly adding value,” Frank Frankovsky, director of hardware design and supply chain at Facebook, told Wired. “The really valuable part of storage is the disk drive itself and the software that controls how the data gets distributed to and recovered from those drives. We want to eliminate any ancillary components around the drive — and make it more serviceable.”

    Facebook has announced that plans for their storage ...

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