1. With planned SeaMicro buy, AMD to double down on servers

    With planned SeaMicro buy, AMD to double down on servers

    Updated: AMD just confirmed the dealand said it would pay approximately $334 million, of which approximately $281 million will be paid in cash.


    Chipmaker AMD plans to announce its acquisition of low-power server maker SeaMicro, according to my sources. This would be a huge move for AMD, which has to double down in the server market since it has failed in the mobile market.

    SeaMicro’s servers are aimed at the emerging webscale and cloud computing market, and are fundamentally different machines than those built by HP, Dell and IBM. The promise of the boxes is they cram a lot of compute into a tight space and consume less power. The demand for this type of product has been so great that Intel actually designed a version of its Atom processor for the SeaMicro machines last year.

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