1. Will Apple Beat Google to Tap North Carolina's Pig Power?

    Will Apple Beat Google to Tap North Carolina's Pig Power?

    Renewable methane gas produced by North Carolina’s massive hog farms has already attracted the attention of Google, and it looks like Apple could become the next tech giant to join the state’s hog waste “black gold” rush. Earlier this year, Apple revealed that it would build an enormous 5 megawatt fuel cell installation at its new Maiden, North Carolina data center, which is already the location of a gigantic solar array. The fuel cell project will be the largest private facility of its kind in the nation. If it does end up running on renewable biogas produced from hog waste, it could easily leapfrog over Google’s endeavor, which is a demonstration manure-to-methane plant that partners the company with Duke University, Duke Energy and a local hog farm.

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