1. How Colocation Providers Manage Energy Efficiency

    How Colocation Providers Manage Energy Efficiency

    If your data center involves only company property (from the building to the infrastructure to the servers and other IT equipment), then you have complete control of every aspect of your implementation—energy efficiency is entirely up to you. But if you’re a colocation provider, then you are somewhat at the mercy of your customers, who may not have the same emphasis on energy efficiency. That doesn’t mean your facility is doomed to a life as an energy wastrel. Colocation providers can still take a number of steps to ensure efficiency, many of which are the same as those that other data centers take. Focus on Infrastructure Colocation providers, as such, are primarily focused on supplying data center infrastructure to customers—not so much on IT equipment and operations. As a result, this is the area in which they have the most control of their facilities’ energy efficiency ...

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