1. The Atlantlic slips a digit, 1.5% not 15% of energy used in Data Centers

    The Atlantlic slips a digit, 1.5% not 15% of energy used in Data Centers
    The Atlantic choose to write an article on the top 5 things they learned from Google's disclosure. The Five Coolest Things We Learned from Google's Data Center Tour Google  Share  Print article  Email article  Comments (3) REBECCA GREENFIELD2,128 Views2:27 PM ET The usually cagey Google has decided to let the world inside one of its data centers, putting up an explanatory website complete with pretty pictures a virtual YouTube tour and a Street View tour. In addition, Google also let Wired's Steven Levy actually walk around the center in Lenoir, North Carolina, giving us more information ever about the hubs that power all the Google related Internetting we do. It's a lot. Here are the five awesomest things we learned. One thing they didn't learn is how much power data centers use. 4. So many cords. The place is huge This one site ...
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