1. CO2 Impact on Datacenters

    CO2 Impact on Datacenters
    n 2008 International Science Grid stated that 4% of the world's CO2production was due to Information & Communications Technology (ICT), that this was about the same amount of GHG (greenhouse gases) produced by the airline industry, and that of that 4% Gartner Group says that 25% came as a result of commercial and private datacenters. In 2008 the world's GHG output was, according to the German renewable energy industry institute IWR, 31.5 x109, or 31.5 billion metric tonnes. So, 1% of the world's total GHG emissions amount to 31.5 x 106 metric tonnes (315,000,000 million) and that amount was the result of just one source, private (corporate/government) and commercial datacenters. That's not the whole story though. ICT is increasing at a logarithmic pace and as it increases so too does the contribution to Global Climate Change (GCC) from datacenters. The more efficient we make our ICT devices and infrastructure, the lower the cost to the consumer and hence the greater the demand for those devices (see Khazzoom-Brookes); the greater the demand for ICT, the more load is put on datacenters, the higher the contribution of the industry to GHG totals.
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