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    1. Power Dense Data Centers Seek Thermal Controls

      Power Dense Data Centers Seek Thermal Controls

      Your data center has a maximum power capacity that must cover both server and IT device power consumption and thermal cooling requirements. Balancing these two rivaling demands has become more difficult in recent years as data center power consumption has increased from an average of 500 watts per square foot to today’s average of 1,500 watts per square foot! The thermal effect of more high-performance-density (HPD) hardware has frequently led to greater data center heat production.

      One way to address this increase in data center heat production is to achieve a more efficient thermal cooling infrastructure[1] using the following emerging best practices for thermal monitoring and control.

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    2. Dell Seeks User Input For Future PowerEdge Servers

      Dell Seeks User Input For Future PowerEdge Servers

      As Dell unveiled its twelfth generation PowerEdge servers earlier this year, officials were already talking with their customers about features needed for the thirteenth-generation systems, due out in 2014.

      And as Dell customers now bring the new twelfth-generation tower, rack and blade PowerEdges into their data centre environments, Dell engineers will soon be working on prototypes of the next generations, which will go out to some users next year for testing.

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    3. Facebook Introduces Open Rack Standard

      Facebook Introduces Open Rack Standard

      Facebook is cracking on with its Open Compute Project, introducing the Open Rack, which is designed to bring cheaper hardware to IT teams, whilst freeing them from vendor lock-in and giving them some more efficient kit.

      By 2013, Facebook is planning to merge the standard with Project Scorpio, a similar spec being developed by Chinese search giant Baidu and web portal Tencent, whilst HP and Dell have pledged to create server and storage boxes to fit with the new rack design.

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    4. Amidst hard times for greentech, digital green startups emerge

      Amidst hard times for greentech, digital green startups emerge

      Young, early-stage green-focused startups are a rare breed these days. The demo day on Wednesday in downtown San Francisco for the green digital-focused accelerator Greenstart (which I called theY-Combinator for greentech a year ago when they launched) was one of the first times in a long time that I’ve seen a grouping of new young green-leaning startups looking for their first round of funding.

      At the event at the Greenstart offices, five startups focused on using software to change energy and transportation, showed off their ideas to a packed house of hundreds of investors, potential partners and the media. The startups seemed as excited to present their ideas as the investors were to hear their pitches.

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    5. It’s not easy being green: Data center edition

      It’s not easy being green: Data center edition

      Building sustainable data centers is hard — especially if you’re trying to do it in office space in Houston. Plus, the idea of operating some kind of power-generation plant for offering renewable energy such as solar or biogas is a scary prospect for data center operators. These were among the key takeaways (along with a few less-obvious lessons) from a panel on sustainable data centers at the Open Compute Summit held today in San Antonio, Texas.

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    6. Facebook-Driven Open Compute Project Grows Membership, Technologies

      Facebook-Driven Open Compute Project Grows Membership, Technologies

      The Open Compute Project, started by Facebook a year ago to create open-source standards for highly energy-efficient data centers and IT hardware, is racking up new members and unveiling a host of projects as the group’s third conference gets underway in San Antonio, Texas. Hewlett-Packard and Quanta Computer reportedly are the latest vendors to join the project, which has seen an influx in membership over the past year, and the last six months in particular, according to Frank Frankovsky, vice president of hardware design and supply chain for Facebook and president and chairman of the Open Computing Project board of directors.

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    7. Uptime Institute Symposium to Feature Modular Data Center Tour

      Uptime Institute Symposium to Feature Modular Data Center Tour

      Uptime Institute, a division of The 451 Group, announced on Wednesday that the 2012 Uptime Institute Symposium will feature a large-scale Modular Data Center Campus. As previously announced, the seventh annual Uptime Institute Symposium will be held on May 14 to 17 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California, with a theme of Digital Infrastructure Convergence. Though the four-day event is primarily aimed at senior data center industry thought leaders, innovators and practitioners, many hosting companies will be in attendance to learn more on how they can optimize their data centers for their hosting and cloud services.

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    8. ‘Project Photon’ Eyes Nebraska Site

      ‘Project Photon’ Eyes Nebraska Site

      A mystery prospect known only as Project Photon is considering a site in Nebraska for a $200 million data center project, according to local media. Local officials in Papillon, Nebraska are preparing to rezone 152 acres of land that would be used for the data center, which is one of two secretive “codename” projects sizing up sites in Nebraska. The other, known as Project Edge, is a potential $1 billion project that has scouted sites in Kearney, Nebraska. Jacqueline Pueppke, an attorney for the unnamed company, told the Planning Commission that her client is an established company but isn’t far enough along to reveal any final design plans, because the location on the 152-acre plot and the shape of the data center are continually changing.

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    9. Cloud News: Microsoft, SOASTA, EarthLink

      Cloud News: Microsoft, SOASTA, EarthLink

      Here’s a roundup of some of this week’s headlines from the cloud computing sector: SOASTA brings CloudTest to CollabNet CloudForge. SOASTA announced that CloudTest will be offered as the first mobile and web performance testing service as part of CollabNet’s new CloudForge hybrid cloud development platform. CloudTest delivers functional test automation and performance testing, and CloudForge offers an enterprise-grade dPaaS offering, and underpins CollabNet’s strategy to lead the adoption and growth of Enterprise Cloud Development. “CollabNet understands that delivering a complete platform for Agile ALM and DevOps requires functionaltest automation and realistic scale performance testing,” said Tom Lounibos, SOASTA CEO. “CloudForge brings together all of the critical services needed to rapidly build cloud-based applications in the enterprise.”” CloudTest is available today as a free download via CollabNet App Center.

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    10. Bloom Energy Brings on Big Customers

      Bloom Energy Brings on Big Customers

      The California-based fuel cell manufacturer Bloom Energy is on the fast track to becoming one of the top American fuel cell companies, supplying alternative energy system units to major corporations such as Google, Apple, eBay, Walmart, Caltech, AT&T, and its newest customers: The Coca-Cola Company and NASA. The firm's advanced on-site power generation systems, Bloom Energy Servers, rank among the world's most energy- and cost-efficient alternative energy systems. Bloom Energy's solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology was originally developed for NASA's Mars program.

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    11. Methane Power – Let’s Not Burst The Bubble

      Methane Power – Let’s Not Burst The Bubble

      Methane production seems to be gathering pace in the data centre world. No sooner had Microsoft suggested that data centres should be co-located with methane production sources, we met up with a company that is already doing just that. Infinity doesn’t actually have a working data centre yet, but it has the power on hand, and the sheds in which to put the data centre. As we learnt on a visit to Iceland, all you need for a sustainable data centre is a source of energy and a good shed and Cold War air bases have the finest sheds and hangars money could buy in the 1970s and 1980s.

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    12. South Carolina Passes Data Center Incentives

      South Carolina Passes Data Center Incentives

      As tax incentives become the table stakes for competing for large data centers, more and more states are passing legislation to equip their economic development teams to compete for projects. The latest is South Carolina, which is struggling to compete with North Carolina and Virginia. The South Carolina House and the Senate this week passed a bill that would exempt data centers from sales taxes on electricity, but only if the center invests at least $50 million and hires at least 25 people. The bill also would exempt a data center’s computer equipment, hardware and software purchases from the state’s sales tax, according to The State.

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    13. Tips to Maximize Environmental Monitoring and Efficiency in the Data Center

      Tips to Maximize Environmental Monitoring and Efficiency in the Data Center

      The budget is an important tool in the build out of the data center, but it’s common to either overspend or under-spend when it comes to capacity planning. In either case, the risk of hazards increases. You either don’t have enough capacity to adequately handle enterprise IT needs in the future, or you have to manage excess capacity, unused equipment and other wasted expenditures. If the under-spending includes an elimination of environmental monitoring tools, risks increase exponentially.

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    14. Open Compute one year later. Bigger, badder and less disruptive than we thought.

      Open Compute one year later. Bigger, badder and less disruptive than we thought.

      At its third summit, the Open Compute Project is adding new partners, showing off cool use cases and adding new technologies. And surprisingly, it's being done in a way that will enable hardware vendors to hold onto some of their margins and still deliver innovations. At the third Open Compute Summit held at the Rackspace HQ in San Antonio, Texas, Frank Frankovsky, founding board member of the Open Compute Project, detailed the new companies joining the efforts. They include HP, AMD, Fidelity, Quanta, Tencent, Salesforce.com, VMware, DDN, Vantage, ZT Systems, Avnet, Alibaba, Supermicro, and Cloudscaling. HP, Quanta, and Tencent have also joined the OCP Incubation Committee, which reviews proposed projects and decides if they make the grade.

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    15. EasyStreet Keeps Its Green Data Center Trouble-Free With VYCON Clean Energy ...

      EasyStreet Keeps Its Green Data Center Trouble-Free With VYCON Clean Energy ...

      Located in the beautiful Northwest—one of the greenest locales in North America—cloud, managed services and colocation provider EasyStreet Online Services, Inc., understands the need to make its data center operations as “green” as possible. Using wind power and flywheel energy storage, EasyStreet has a long-standing green commitment and seized the opportunity to be a beacon of how to build energy-efficient data centers. Situated in Beaverton, Oregon, EasyStreet recently built a new SAS 70 (the Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70) Type II audited data center and also finished an energy-saving retrofit to its first data center. EasyStreet buys 100 percent renewable power offsets for both data centers as part of the Portland General Electric Clean Wind Program. “Three years ago we started buying wind offset credits for our first data center.

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    16. Green Practices vs. Green Practicality by Doug Mohney

      Green Practices vs. Green Practicality by Doug Mohney

      Greenpeace's preaching against major data center players illustrates the most stark "green" streak roaming around today, an absolutist take-no-prisoners mentality demanding change yesterday -- if not sooner.  The problem with absolutists is that the world is very rarely so simplistic -- a fact they don't like to admit to themselves. So far, Greenpeace hasn't been effectively called out on its double-standards for the computer and data center industries.  Every year, Apple gets bashed for something or another, but Greenpeace staffers have no problem using Macs and iPhones and iPads.   Tools of the enemy and all that, I suppose.   It's recent screeching about coal-powered data centers and calls for transparency in carbon usage ring a bit hollow when Greenpeace USA keeps some of its own servers tucked away at coal and nuclear-fed facilities.  Not to mention the whole thing about calling for "transparency" in carbon usage while its own ...

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    17. Equinix Boosts Asia Footprint With $230M Deal

      Equinix Boosts Asia Footprint With $230M Deal

      Equinix continues to expand its data center footprint in Asia, opting to buy rather than build with a $320 million acquisition of Hong Kong-based data center provider Asia Tone. The acquisition expands Equinix’ presence in three key growth markets – Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore – and includes five data centers and one disaster recovery center, as well as one data center under construction.

      “The acquisition of Asia Tone will be an important milestone in establishing market leadership for Equinix in Asia-Pacific,” said Steve Smith, president and CEO of Equinix. “As our fastest growing region for several years and one in high demand by customers, we see tremendous opportunity for growth. We are especially pleased to expand our footprint in China, which is highly desirable for multi-national customers looking to expand into this high-growth market.”

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    18. Does Facebook have designs on its own chip?

      Does Facebook have designs on its own chip?

      Facebook may venture into the rarified ranks of chip designers, a source told CNET.

      Sound crazy? Well, Facebook already makes its own servers.

      While designing a chip is a more ambitious undertaking than building a server -- and way outside Facebook's core competency of social networking -- market-leading companies are always looking into alternative businesses opportunities.

      "They have chip designers," the source said but admitted that it's not clear what those designers are for. This person also said that it wasn't clear if Facebook was using a design fromARM, referring to the most popular chip architecture for smartphones and tablets.

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    19. NASA's Greenest Building Unveiled

      NASA's Greenest Building Unveiled
       NASA's newest building at the Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., has won the distinction of being certified as the nation's "greenest" federal building.

      Known as "Sustainability Base," the 50,000-square-foot, two-story office building is visually stunning: Sunlight streams through skylights, windows actually open, and the office floor plan has scrapped private offices in favor of open spaces that encourage teamwork and collaboration Relevant Products/Services.

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