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    1. Updated: The Apple Data Center FAQ

      Updated: The Apple Data Center FAQ

      Apple’s data center team has been busy since November, 2010, when we first released the Apple Data Center FAQ (or “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Apple’s Data Centers”), in which we compiled our coverage of Apple’s data center expansion projects into a one-stop resource for Apple watchers. We’ve now updated the FAQ to include the latest information about Apple’s renewable energy generation projects at its North Carolina facility, the feud with Greenpeace over the sustainability of the iCloud infrastructure, and Apple’s newest data center project in Oregon. Check out the Updated Apple Data Center FAQ for the details.

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    2. Trellis Data Centre Platform Reduces Complexity

      Trellis Data Centre Platform Reduces Complexity

      Emerson Network Power and its software division, Avocent, have launched for general availability a new data centre platform called Trellis, a hardware and software package that one simply plugs in, connects to all the necessary nodes, and puts to work.

      Trellis, which runs on Oracle’s fast and power-efficient new servers and Java-based Fusion middleware, is an open architecture-based data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) package with real-time event-analysis capabilities across all physical and logical systems in the data centre. It can be accessed by either an on-site application or remotely by a web-based user interface.

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    3. UK Web Host Rackspace Ranked Great Place to Work for Eighth Consecutive Year

      UK Web Host Rackspace Ranked Great Place to Work for Eighth Consecutive Year

      UK web hosting provider Rackspace Hosting announced on Monday it has been ranked 12th at this year’sGreat Place to Work awards during a ceremony in the Painted Hall of the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich.

      Rackspace UK ranked 12th on the “Large Company list” in its eighth consecutive appearance at the annual awards, held by the Great Place to Work Institute UK.

      The company has already been included as part of the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies awards’ “best place to work” in the UK, along with Fortune’s Top 100 US Workplaces list.

      Corporate culture continues to have an influence on the company’s overall success, and companies can find it challenging to keep this corporate culture consistent when they expand internationally in light of regional laws and regulations.

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    4. Canadian Web Host BlackSun Launches Customized Dedicated Servers

      Canadian Web Host BlackSun Launches Customized Dedicated Servers

      Canadian web hosting company BlackSun announced on Monday it has launched its new website for its updated dedicated server offerings.

      The new website offers a suite of affordable dedicated servers, aimed at small and medium businesses in the Canadian hosting market. The appeal of these dedicated servers is that it allows businesses to customize the dedicated servers to meet their exact needs.

      BlackSun has been busy building out several high-end cloud computing clusters, based on a high performance network with leading edge servers for its own offerings in the last year.

      The dedicated server offering is based on the high performance Dell C6100 Cloud Server system, equipped with the latest in enterprise processors and optional SSD local disk technology.

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    5. Temprature Management in Data Centers

      Temprature Management in Data Centers

      Coolingis the largest single non-IT (overhead) load in a modern datacenter. There are manyinnovative solutions to addressing the power losses in cooling systems. Many of thesemechanical system innovations work well and others have great potential but none areas powerful as simply increasing the server inlet temperatures. Obviously less coolingis cheaper than more. And, the higher the target inlet temperatures, the higher percentageof time that a facility can spend running on outside air (air-sideeconomization)without process-based cooling.   Thedownsides of higher temperatures are 1) high semiconductor leakage losses, 2) higherserver fan speed which increases the losses to air moving, and 3) higher server mortalityrates. I’ve measured the former and, although these losses are inarguably present,these losses are measureable but have a very small impact at even quite high serverinlet temperatures.  The negativeimpact of fan speed increases is real but can be mitigated via different server targettemperatures and more efficient server ...

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    6. Smart Cities: Will Big Data Shavings Add Up to Savings? by Peter Judge

      Smart Cities: Will Big Data Shavings Add Up to Savings? by Peter Judge

      Big Data has been pushed pretty heavily for the last year or so. The idea of taking large data sets and crunching the information to find new connections is going mainstream. Why is this, and why now? Well, Big Data is a great way to use the ever-cheapening power of servers, and it’s a very good fit  with the cloud. Running a Big Data exercise needs a lot of power, and the new Big Data publicity suggests using it in a pretty ad-hoc manner - so you may well need a service where you can spin up servers and rent them by the hour. Analytics used to be a precise discipline, where academic precision persuaded large organisations to hand over big money, because only rich firms could afford the hardware required to generate exclusive results that could give you an edge over the competition. There has been a lucrative, but ...

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    7. Fujitsu sets up Spanish HPC hub

      Fujitsu has chosen Spain as its fifth hub for High Performance Computing (HPC) in Europe. It said Spain is predicted to have about 5% of the market for supercomputing in EMEA. It said much activity in the market in EMEA is triggered by a major global race amongst companies to have the most powerful supercomputers and most energy efficient IT environment. Fujitsu’s program for supercomputing is based on what it calls the Human Centric Intelligent Society, which is hoping to encourage new initiati
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    8. For Tech Start-Ups, New York Has Increasing Allure

      For Tech Start-Ups, New York Has Increasing Allure

      The recent burgeoning of New York’s Internet industry has forced some entrepreneurs — who, just a few years ago, might have felt they had little choice but to head west to pursue their dreams — to make a difficult choice. New York is now enough of an attractive alternative that a few West Coast-born start-ups are even packing up and moving east.

      Much of this change has to do with the way that the technology industry has shifted toward creating consumer products and applications, rather than building the basic framework of computing and the Internet. Many new start-ups benefit from proximity to the media, advertising and fashion industries, New York’s strengths. And as the city’s industry grows, entrepreneurs say, it is offsetting some of the traditional disadvantages of being outside Silicon Valley.

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    9. Disruptions: Facebook Might Have a Smartphone in Its Future

      Disruptions: Facebook Might Have a Smartphone in Its Future

      This past week, Google completed its acquisition of the hardware maker Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, which could lead to the search giant’s making its own smartphone. But another software titan might be getting into the hardware game as well: Facebook.

      Employees of Facebook and several engineers who have been sought out by recruiters there, as well as people briefed on Facebook’s plans, say the company hopes to release its own smartphone by next year. These people spoke only on the condition of anonymity for fear of jeopardizing their employment or relationships with Facebook.

      The company has already hired more than half a dozen former Apple software and hardware engineers who worked on the iPhone, and one who worked on the iPad, the employees and those briefed on the plans said.

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    10. Industry Perspectives: Schneider, Infosys, Blancco

      The Industry Perspectives channel at Data Center Knowledge highlights thought leadership in the data center arena, providing industry professionals with the opportunity to share their insight and expertise. For your weekend reading, here’s a recap of this week’s columns: Integrated Approach to DCIM Yields Best Results – Integration between Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software systems for improved management and operation of data center physical infrastructure results in greater value and benefits to the organization, writes Hugh Lindsay of Schneider Electric. An interconnected network of expert systems enables higher value, greater opportunities for collaboration and vastly improved decision support as compared to either the status quo or a master system to encompass all elements of physical infrastructure management.

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    11. Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of May 26th

      Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of May 26th

      For your weekend reading, here’s a recap of five noteworthy stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge this past week. Enjoy! A Glimpse Inside Google’s Data Centers – Last week Google published photos of some of its 900,000 servers. The images show rows of racks, fully packed with servers and bathed in the green light of the LEDs on each server tray. And racks with wheels? How Open Compute is a Win for Rackspace – In the battle for the hyper-scale data center, long-dominant server OEMs like Dell and HP are doing battle with a growing challenge from firms offering custom server designs. If you’re looking for the front lines in this battle, look no farther than companies like Rackspace Hosting.

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    12. Photo Feature: Scenes From the IMN Conference

      Photo Feature: Scenes From the IMN Conference

      More than 400 professionals in data enter finance and management gathered this week as the Information Management Network (IMN) held its 2nd Annual Spring Forum on Financing, Investing and Real Estate Development for Data Centers in New York. The event featured lively panel discussions on a wide range of topics, as well as an expo area where delegates could network and do business.

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    13. Beyond PUE: Other ways to grade 'green' data centers

      Beyond PUE: Other ways to grade 'green' data centers

      Mid-sized businesses that operate their own data centers, as well as data center operators that provide outsourced services to mid-market companies, tend to focus a lot of attention on PUE, or power usage effectiveness. But there are other ways to keep track of how energy-efficient and “green” a data center is. Developed by The Green Grid consortium for efficient IT, PUE compares power going into a data center to power used to run the center’s information technology. This means the perfectly efficient data center would have a PUE of 1.0 … that is, all the incoming power goes entirely to driving the IT, with no energy wasted through heat, power conversion losses or other inefficiencies.

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    14. Roundup: Interxion, AIS, CoreLink, Online Tech

      Roundup: Interxion, AIS, CoreLink, Online Tech

      Here’s our review of some of this week’s noteworthy links for the data center industry: Interxion to build second Madrid data center. Interxion (INXN) announced that, in response to growing demand from its customers, the company is building its second data center in Madrid (MAD2). MAD2 will be constructed in two phases, each phase providing 800 square metres (8,611 square feet) of equipped space and over 1.2 MW of customer power. “This new build is in response to a strong and growing pipeline of demand in the Madrid metropolitan area from high power application providers, including cloud services, digital media, and other connectivity driven IT services,” said David Ruberg, Interxion’s Chief Executive Officer. “As the Spanish market leader and the only pan-European carrier neutral data centre operator in the country, Interxion is ideally placed to meet this demand.” The capital expenditures for phase 1 of ...

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    15. Most competitive energy prices in Europe offered by Landsvirkjun in Iceland

      Most competitive energy prices in Europe offered by Landsvirkjun in Iceland

      A submarine power cable to the UK or the European continent is a potential win-win project for both Iceland and the receiving country in Europe stated Mr. Magnus Bjarnason, EVP Marketing and Business Development for Iceland’s leading renewable energy company, Landsvirkjun, at the Submarine Power Cable & Interconnection Forum in Amsterdam today. At the forum, Mr. Bjarnason presented opportunities associated with the continued development of hydro, onshore wind, and geothermal renewable energy in Iceland. Read more: http://www.icenews.is/index.php/2012/05/25/most-competitive-energy-prices-in-europe-offered-by-landsvirkjun-in-iceland/#ixzz1w5Sof1I9

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    16. Apple's New Coal-Free Data Centers: Great News, Missed Opportunity

      Apple's New Coal-Free Data Centers: Great News, Missed Opportunity

      This was a good week for Apple. The company announced that “all three of our data centers will be coal free, which is an industry first for anybody of our size.” The jewel in this cloud crown is Apple’s data center in Maiden, North Carolina, where the company plans to generate 60 percent of the facility’s power by itself, through a solar farm and a large deployment of Bloom Box’s fuel cells at the site. However, this could actually have been a great week for Apple if the company took its CSR a little bit more seriously. Since it didn’t, move appeared to be something the company did in response to Greenpeace pressure, rather than a pro-active move. Looking back at Apple’s response to Greenpeace just after the organization released its ‘How Clean is Your Cloud’ Report, you can see hints of the details that ...

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    17. The Business Aspects of Cloud: Let's Get Started

      The Business Aspects of Cloud: Let's Get Started

      I’ve spent the last several weeks addressing some of the business aspects of cloud and why/how companies move to the cloud. It’s time now to wrap this series up. The cloud discussions have been changing rapidly over the last months, focusing away from infrastructure to applications, services and industry requirements.

      Implementations in larger companies typically started with development & test activities within the IT department, while business teams used “shadow-IT” approaches to source services from external parties, potentially putting the enterprise at risk. [Disclosure: HP is a sponsor of BriefingsDirect podcasts.]

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    18. A more sustainable cloud through transparency & change

      A more sustainable cloud through transparency & change

      As the world we live in continues to develop better technologies and new and exciting ways of communicating, our demand for energy grows. Data centers are the engines that drive our connected world, processing the billions of daily transactions, comments and interactions in our digital society. More data equals more energy – and this is starting to become a big headache from a sustainability perspective.

      If a singular data center can consume the equivalent energy of 180,000 homes, exactly how large is the overall impact on our planet, and what is being done about it?

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