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    1. Where does your data center trash go? by Doug Mohney

      Where does your data center trash go? by Doug Mohney

      Where does your data center trash go? Everything from paper printouts to servers is ultimately thrown out or recycled, but the more complicated the product, the more headaches are involved.  However, even something as simple as paper has issues when it comes to the proper disposal before recycling. Back in the days of my youth, I worked for a card-carrying member of the professionally paranoid.  He didn't work for the CIA or other government three-letter agency, but had his own insights on security since he had done his own share of dumpster diving and other hacker-esque activities in his youth. Dumpster diving is the activity of going through a trash bin to see what sort of intellectual or hardware valuables can be found; it really is a story of one man's trash being another man's treasure.   Mr. Professionally Paranoid -- let's call him PP for short -- would ...

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    2. Data Center Racks Getting Taller, Wider, Deeper

      Data Center Racks Getting Taller, Wider, Deeper

      The Open Compute Project initiative to develop a wider rack for data center equipment seeks to standardize a trend that has been developing for several years. Racks have been getting taller, wider and deeper for some time, according to IMS Research. The growing adoption of non-standard racks is driven by the need to pack more servers into data center real estate, improve airflow management and fit more cabling into cabinets. Back in 2010 we noted some hyper-scale data center operators using racks as tall as nine feet, building up rather than out to pack the most server density into their square footage

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    3. Top 10 Data Center Stories, April 2012

      Top 10 Data Center Stories, April 2012

      Because we were a bit busy last week, we didn’t get a chance to publish the top data center stories for the month of April. There were many good stories in April and apparently, the move by Interxion staff to be ready to sleep in their London data center (during the Olympics) really hit it big with our readers! That article far outpaced the other stories of the month. So with our apologies and without further ado, here’s the most popular stories on Data Center Knowledge for April 2012: Interxion Readies Staff ‘Sleeping Pods’ for Olympics – April 12 Apple: Greenpeace’s Cloud Math is Busted – April 17 Microsoft Data Plants Will Tap Landfills, Sewage for Power – April 19 How Go Daddy Keeps 52 Million Domains Running – April 17 Google Embraces Thermal Storage in Taiwan – April 3 Microsoft to Build Cloud Data Center in Wyoming -April 9 Major Data ...

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    4. Microsoft Moving Towards Carbon Neutrality

      Microsoft Moving Towards Carbon Neutrality

      Microsoft has committed to become carbon neutral beginning on July 1, the start of the company’s new fiscal year. The shift results from three years of internal discussions within the company to improve Microsoft’s carbon footprint and environmental performance. The company will roll out the new changes, including a new accounting system, across its operations in over 100 countries. The new accounting system at Microsoft will be based on an internal carbon fee that the company’s finance department will charge to all of the company’s business groups. Each division will be tasked with finding a more efficient way to offset the carbon emissions associated with their fuel consumption and air travel. Hence the new carbon strategy at the company’s Redmond, WA headquarters and beyond will have three pillars: be lean, be green and be accountable.

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    5. Microsoft to sell carbon credits to its own business units

      Microsoft to sell carbon credits to its own business units

      Microsoft will sell the right to emit carbon to its own business units. The company will charge its business units located in more than 100 countries an internal fee for the right to emit greenhouse gases, its chief operating officer Kevin Turner wrote in a blog post. Turner announced the initiative at the same time as he announced Microsoft’s pledge to become completely carbon-neutral in fiscal 2013, which starts this July. “Microsoft will be carbon neutral across all our direct operations including data centers, software development labs, air travel, and office buildings,” Turner wrote.

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    6. Bloom Energy to Double Manufacturing Capacity for Fuel Cells

      Bloom Energy to Double Manufacturing Capacity for Fuel Cells

      After quadrupling the size of its Sunnyvale plant last year, Bloom Energy has now broken ground on a 210,000 sq ft. facility in Newark, Delaware that will eventually double its capacity once again. The plant will be located on the 272 acre former Chrysler assembly site, which is now part of the University of Delaware’s new Science, Technology and Advanced Research Campus. At the ground-breaking ceremony last week, CEO KR Sridhar, announced a number of new big-time customers including: Owens Corning, Urban Outfitters, Delmarva Power, and Washington Gas. AT&T, already Bloom’s biggest customer with 7.5 MW of capacity distributed over 11 locations, will be adding more for their East Coast operations. Existing customers include Walmart with two stores in Southern California utilizing 400kW systems each generating 3.4 million kWh which reduce 1 million pounds of CO2 annually. And Apple’s enormous new 500,000 ...

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    7. Growth in cloud computing increases demand for data centers worldwide

      Growth in cloud computing increases demand for data centers worldwide

      Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is the integration of IT and facilities management to enable seamless monitoring of all systems across IT and facility infrastructures to improve the data center energy efficiency. DCIM is driven by power consumption, heat densities, virtualization, and consolidation of data centers, cloud computing, and increasing dependency on IT systems. With increasing demand in data center virtualization, enterprise migration into private clouds and optimization of operational costs, DCIM market has emerged as the key market for IT and facilities management vendors. Growth in cloud computing and enterprise virtualizations increases demand for data centers, which leads to new and innovative technologies to reduce power consumption and reduce cost of ownership for managing the data center infrastructure, worth millions of dollars. This growth is expected to accelerate within the next five years benefiting information technology as well as facilities vendors. DCIM software products will include a variety of ...

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    8. Web Host Connectria Expands to Dallas through CyrusOne Data Center

      Web Host Connectria Expands to Dallas through CyrusOne Data Center

      Web hosting provider Connectria announced on Tuesday that it will expand in Dallas through a CyrusOne data center. Connectria expects its new space to be operational by Q3 2012 and will deliver its cloud computing solutions while providing additional disaster recovery options to its clients. Connectria launched its IBM AIX cloud hosting last week, its most recent cloud solution. This expansion news follows Cincinnati Bell’s announcement on Friday that it would pursue an initial public offering of a company that would be formed to own and operate CyrusOne. Cincinnati Bell says it may operate CyrusOne as a real estate investment trust.

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    9. IO Building Global Partner Network

      IO Building Global Partner Network

      IO is stepping up its effort to become a global provider of modular data center services. Today the company appointed Brent Wouters as Executive Vice President for Global Business Development. Wouters will be responsible for building IO’s worldwide partner network, which will include provide opportunities for companies to sell, finance, install and maintain the company’s IO Anywhere modular data center products. “The development of a worldwide partner network for our technology is critical to meeting the current demands of our global customer base,” said IO CEO George Slessman. “I am excited by the experience and capability that Brent brings to IO and I have great expectations for him and his team.”

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    10. Roundup: Phoenix NAP, Tier 3, CloudSigma, HP, F5

      Roundup: Phoenix NAP, Tier 3, CloudSigma, HP, F5

      Here’s our review of today’s noteworthy links for the data center industry: Inteliquent Enhances Phoenix NAP Bandwidth – Phoenix NAP said today that Inteliquent, a leading provider of global interconnection and interoperability solutions, has been added to the Secured Servers bandwidth blend. “We are thrilled with the addition of Inteliquent to our bandwidth solution,” states Ian McClarty, President of Phoenix NAP. A global provider of advanced network solutions, Inteliquent ‘s bandwidth services, including IP Transit, provide improved connectivity to Phoenix NAPs Secured Servers clients linking to Europe, and across the globe. As a top 5 global IP carrier, the addition of Inteliquent in the Phoenix NAP data center dramatically increases Phoenix NAP’s clients’ access to locations that are otherwise inaccessible.

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    11. Interop News: Schneider, NaviSite, Marvell, Alcatel-Lucent

      Interop News: Schneider, NaviSite, Marvell, Alcatel-Lucent

      Here’s a roundup of some of the news coming out of the 2012 Interop conference this week in Las Vegas: Schneider Announces InfraStruxure for Small Business: Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, today announced InfraStruxure for Small IT, which will enable small-to-medium sized businesses to design and build their physical IT infrastructures around the power of a comprehensive offering, including both software and hardware. The InfraStruxure offer, which now provides comprehensive solutions ranging from small IT environments up to two megawatt data centers, had previously only been available to large enterprises. This new offer will speed the deployment, configuration and installation of IT infrastructures in small environments, such as a server room, network closet or non-dedicated space.

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    12. The Rise of MEGA Data Centers

      Mega data centers sprawl over hundreds of thousands of square feet and can exceed 10 megawatts of power, with some approaching a million square feet or 100 megawatts. But what drives companies to build these gargantuan facilities? Ultimately, as in almost any business trend, you need only follow the money. Virtualization has taken the data center industry by storm, and it is closely followed by its cousin: consolidation. Companies have sought to reduce infrastructure (and thus capital and operating costs) by focusing IT operations onto fewer, more highly utilized machines.

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    13. Connectria to Expand With CyrusOne in Dallas

      Connectria to Expand With CyrusOne in Dallas

      Complex hosting specialist Connectria Hosting will expand its data center network with space at the new CyrusOne facility in Dallas. Connectria plans to use the new space to deliver its rapidly expanding cloud computing solutions and provide additional disaster recovery options to its clients. The expansion space is expected to be operational by third quarter of this year. Connectria provides complex hosting solutions for more than 1,000 customers in over 30 countries worldwide.Eventually, Connectria expects the Texas facility to accommodate the full range of its services, which include the ability to host the widest range of dedicated server and cloud computing technologies in the industry.

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    14. Energy Costs In A Data Center

      For a data center – any data center – energy usage and energy costs are some of its biggest concerns. In comparison, a data center can guzzle up to 200 times more electricity than a normal or regular office space. This means a whole bunch of expenses which need to be controlled and streamlined. Keeping energy costs down is a major requirement for data center operators. This also helps in creating a greener IT landscape. The bulk of the energy costs are associated with the IT equipment. Most of the times the servers are running at only 20% of their capacity but drawing their full power requirements.

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    15. How Data Center Managers Show Value

      How Data Center Managers Show Value

      As a data center manager, the deeper your knowledge of what is happening in your environment, the better you can provide and show value to your organization. Every year, Nemertes interviews hundreds of enterprise representatives asking, among other things, about the technologies in which they are investing, and how successful those investments are. I had the good fortune of interviewing quite a few companies regarding their data center plans and performance.

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    16. Web Host FortaTrust Expands Network with Florida Data Center

      Web Host FortaTrust Expands Network with Florida Data Center

      Web hosting company and data center operator FortaTrust announced on Tuesday it has opened its latest data center in Doral, Florida, which expands its market reach in North America, while improving the performance and speed of its network. Dubbed FTNA5, the Tier 4 data center formally housed the core infrastructure of AT&T, provides close to 20,000 square feet of data center space, and is an immediate benefit to the clients of FortaTrust and its hosting and colocation services. FTNA5 features six separate external fiber optic vaults for redundant carrier connections, direct access to AT&T, Level 3, PCCW, FiberLight, FPL Fiberlight, Verizon, and Comcast, a FortaTrust owned and operated fiber optic redundant path ring to the Terremark NAP of the Americas, providing access to a range of carriers with a lit presence at this NAP.

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