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    1. Cloud Host Savvis to Open and Expand Data Centers in Seven Markets

      Cloud Host Savvis to Open and Expand Data Centers in Seven Markets

      Cloud computing and data center provider Savvis announced on Tuesday it has revealed this year’s schedule of global data center expansions and grand openings. The data centers will increase Savvis’ global footprint in response to growing market demand for its enterprise cloud, managed hosting, network and colocation services. Savvis’ expansion in these particular geographic markets confirms the significant demand of web hosting and cloud services in these regions. The global data center news follows Savvis’ recent opening of its new German headquarters in Frankfurt. Savvis will open new data centers in Singapore and London, along with expansions of existing Savvis data centers in Santa Clara, Califonia, Washington, DC, Dallas, Weehawken, New Jersy, and London.

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    2. Total Cost of Ownership: An Executive Overview

      Total Cost of Ownership: An Executive Overview

      Total Cost of Ownership “TCO” is basic and easy to calculate; just ask any first year economics or business major. Nonetheless, the true TCO of the data center is somewhat more elusive to project accurately. There are many subtleties which can be overlooked or are simply unaccounted for (or perhaps underestimated), over the operational life of a data center. This Data Center Knowledge Executive Guide Series of articles will examine the many aspects of TCO, such as energy costs and operating efficiency, as well as other data center specific issues.

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    3. Defraying Costs with Energy Rebates

      Defraying Costs with Energy Rebates

      Many data centers take advantage of energy efficiency incentives and rebates offered by public utilities, state and/or federal agencies. Energy rebate programs, particularly for alternative energy project like solar arrays and fuel cells, are available from a variety of sources. To garner this economic leverage, some skills are needed such as knowing how to apply, who to apply to, and the eligibility requirements. Because the availability of rebates can be the deciding factor in determining economic feasibility for some projects, this knowledge is more important than ever.

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    4. Digital Realty Buys Fully-Leased Austin Data Center

      Digital Realty Buys Fully-Leased Austin Data Center

      Data center developer Digital Realty has acquired 8025 North Interstate 35, a fully-leased data center facility in Austin, Texas, for $12.5 million, the company said today. The property totals 62,237 rentable square feet and is 100 percent leased on a long term, triple net basis to “a leading provider of integrated disaster recovery, managed services, IT consulting and business continuity management software solutions.” The deal continues Digital Realty’s initiative to buy fully-leased income properties, which generate revenue through rent from existing tenants. The existing facility delivers approximately 4.5 MW of critical load over 30,000 raised square feet with an N+1 power configuration. Included in the acquisition is 11.28 acres of land which is capable of supporting up to 135,000 square feet of future data center development.

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    5. Plexxi wants to put data center networks on a high fiber diet

      Plexxi wants to put data center networks on a high fiber diet

      Networking is the current big bottleneck in scale-out and virtualized data centers. It’s also the hottest hardware area around with startups such as Embrane, Nicira, BigSwitch, Vello Systems and more creating fabrics, controllers and alternatives to the current networking regimes in place. Now we can add Plexxi to that list. Plexxi has been around since 2010 and has raised $28 million from North Bridge Venture Partners, Matrix Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners in that time to build some secret switch that uses fiber optics instead of the current Ethernet connections. In a conversation last week, Plexxi’s Mat Mathews, VP of product management, explained (to a certain extent) what the stealthy company has been up to and how it views the worlds of software-defined networks, massively scalable data centers and next-generation networks.

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    6. Rio+20: Pepsi, Coke, Levi Strauss to Set Water Efficiency Goals; Other Summit Business News

      Rio+20: Pepsi, Coke, Levi Strauss to Set Water Efficiency Goals; Other Summit Business News

      CEOs from The Coca-Cola Company, Pepsico, Levi Strauss & Co., Royal Dutch Shell, Unilever and 40 other international companies have agreed to set targets on their own water efficiency and wastewater management in factories and operations, and have called on governments attending the Rio+20 Earth Summit to make global water security a top priority. The 45 CEOs — all of whom have endorsed the Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate — have pledged to work with suppliers to improve their water practices, and partner with nongovernmental organizations, UN agencies, governments and public authorities, investors, and other stakeholders on water-related projects and solutions.

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    7. PGP founder, Navy SEALs uncloak encrypted comms biz

      PGP founder, Navy SEALs uncloak encrypted comms biz

      Phil Zimmermann and some of the original PGP team have joined up with former US Navy SEALs to build an encrypted communications platform that should be proof against any surveillance. The company, called Silent Circle, will launch later this year, when $20 a month will buy you encrypted email, text messages, phone calls, and videoconferencing in a package that looks to be strong enough to have the NSA seriously worried. Zimmermann says that surveillance by the state and others has increased vastly over the last few years, and privacy improvement are again needed. "At the very least I want people, as part of their right in a free society to be able to communicate securely," he said in a promotional video (below). "I should be able to whisper in your ear, even if your ear is a thousand miles away."

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    8. Equinix Invests $28.5 Million to Expand Singapore Data Center

      Equinix Invests $28.5 Million to Expand Singapore Data Center

      Data center operator Equinix announced on Monday it has launched phase four of its second Singapore International Business Exchange data center. The move follows Equinix’s recently acquisition of data center firm Asia Tone, which added six data centers in Asia to its portfolio. Singapore’s hosting and cloud market is a rapidly growing, brought on by demand for cloud services from local and multinational cloud and financial services customers in the Asia-Pacific region. As a result of this demand, Singapore houses approximately 50 percent of South East Asia’s data center capacity, according to the Singapore Economic Development Board. Equinix is investing an additional $28.5 million in the expansion of SG2, increasing the number of cabinets to 3,256. The fourth phase of the expansion, which is expected to be available by the end of 2012, is timed to meet customer demand in Singapore driven by the growth ...

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    9. Sentilla Updates Data Center Management Software

      Sentilla Updates Data Center Management Software

      Sentilla Corporation this week rolled out Sentilla Version 5, a software platform for Data Center Performance Management (DCPM), which allows for the granular management of assets inside the data center and across data centers as well as incorporating one’s cloud assets. The company, based in Redwood City, Calif., says this DCPM delivers global visibility, analysis and control of all data center assets: physical, virtual and private/public cloud, combining model-driven analysis and intelligent capacity forecasting. The platform enables monitoring and measurement of data center resources to ensure uptime, optimize performance, manage asset utilization, reduce power consumption and defer capital costs.

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    10. Web Host Immedion Names GM of New Charleston Data Center

      Web Host Immedion Names GM of New Charleston Data Center

      Web host and data center provider Immedion announced on Monday that it has named Christopher Karle general manager of its Charleston data center which officially opened in June. Immedion has been building out its presence in the North and South Carolina markets through its new data center as well as its acquisition of a Netriplex data center in Asheville last year. It provides enterprise hosting, colocation, and public, private and hybrid cloud hosting. According to the press release, the Charleston facility is its fourth data center. Located in the Palmetto Commerce Park in North Charleston, the data center joins its Asheville, NC, Columbia, SC, and Greenville, NC, locations. Immedion named Michael Creech general manager of its Charleston data center in November 2011. Prior to Immedion, Karle worked for wireless telecom company CenturyLink, where he served for over 20 years.

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    11. Amazon Explains Recent Cloud Outage was Caused by Power Failure

      Amazon Explains Recent Cloud Outage was Caused by Power Failure

      Cloud giant Amazon has released a full explanation regarding Thursday’s cloud service failure in which it confirms that a power outage at its North Virginia data center was the cause. Many high-profile websites, including Pinterest, Hipchat, and Heroku, experienced a few hours of downtime Thursday evening. The cloud provider maintained transparency all throughout the outage, keeping customers informed on the status. The situation serves as a good example of how hosting and cloud companies ought to maintain constant communication with their customers during a service failure. Amazon has now confirmed that there was a power outage at its Ashburn, Virginia data center that was initially triggered by a “cable fault in the high voltage Utility power distribution system” at about 8:44 p.m. PDT Thursday.

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    12. Equinix Expansion Reflects Singapore’s Emergence as Cloud Hub

      Equinix Expansion Reflects Singapore’s Emergence as Cloud Hub

      Singapore continues to be the hot market for the data center business, as cloud providers and financial services firms seek more space to expand their Asia-Pacific operations. In the latest sign of Singapore’s growing prominence as a connectivity hub, Equinix said today that it will invest $28.5 million in Singapore to build a fourth phase of its second International Business Exchange data center (SG2), which will boost the number of cabinets available to 3,256. “Cloud adoption in Singapore will accelerate rapidly in the next few years, with many companies such as the financial institutions identifying cloud technology as part of their business plans,” said Clement Goh, managing director, Equinix South Asia. “The expansion of SG2 will enable us to continue to meet strong customer demand and also further reinforces Singapore’s position as a global IT hub and home for businesses looking to expand in Asia.”

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    13. 3 Essentials For Energy-Efficient Data Centers

      3 Essentials For Energy-Efficient Data Centers

      When it comes to data centers and energy efficiency, companies prefer to take their own unique approach. Google has its custom servers and built-in batteries, Facebook has opted for an evaporative cooling and proprietary uninterruptible power supply and Yahoo has selected an outdoor air-cooled "chicken coop" design. Large data center operators have an inherent advantage when implementing energy-efficient strategies as they can shift operations to another facility in the event of a failure or changing circumstances, according to Michael Fluegeman, a principal and engineer with PlanNet Consulting. PlanNet is a Brea, Calif.-based IT consulting firm focused on providing support for critical infrastructure, including data centers.

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    14. Power Problems Strike Again by Peter Judge

      Power Problems Strike Again by Peter Judge

      Amazon’s recent outage (on the East Coast of the US) underlined yet again how critical data center power is. At the time of writing, I don’t know the cause of this outage, but Amazon has previously had a couple of failures at its northern Virginia  data centre, which serves the US Eastern region, at least some of which were due to power outages. The most publicised failure was in April 2011, and two which were definitely to do with electricity supply were a failure caused by a lightning strike in Ireland in August 2011, and one where a car struck a utility pole in Northern Virginia, precipitating a power outage. Don’t aggregate and misinterpret these to prove “cloud is not ready” or “AWS is unreliable”, though! Other services, including your own internal data centers, suffer similar issues. And indeed, the lightning strike in Ireland itself also brought ...

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    15. 10 innovators changing the game for Internet infrastructure

      10 innovators changing the game for Internet infrastructure

      The world of information technology is always changing. But over the last six years it has started to change more rapidly with the genesis of cloud providers, the growth in the number of giant webscale companies, and the widespread use of virtualization in enterprise environments. A new era is upon us. In the next five years a new way of thinking about, constructing and operating IT will emerge. Data centers are no longer the size of mini-marts but instead are mega-marts like Rob Roy’s 2.2 million square foot Switch data center in Las Vegas. Servers are no longer the unit of computing, but instead are being taken completely apart or are a mere component in the new data-center sized computer, a trend being pushed by Frank Frankovsky at Facebook and at the Open Compute Foundation.

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    16. In a Deep, Icy Norwegian Fjord, An Abandoned Mine May Help Solve The Energy Problems Of The Internet

      In a Deep, Icy Norwegian Fjord, An Abandoned Mine May Help Solve The Energy Problems Of The Internet

      Deep within a frozen mountainside, Norwegian engineers are hoping to create a fortress for data. Chilled by seawater drawn from the Nordfjord, about 230 miles northwest of Oslo, and bathed in ambient temperatures that remain at a constant 46 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, thousands of the giant computers that keep the Internet humming, each throwing off large amounts of heat, could remain permanently cool in the disused Lefdal mine, near the town of Måløy.

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    17. Rapid Evacuation of a Data Center

      Rapid Evacuation of a Data Center

      Over at Slashdot, there’s a discussion about strategies for rapidly evacuating an IT environment, prompted by a question from a facility in the pre-evacuation zone for the High Park wildfire outside Fort Collins. The IT Manager for Shambhala Mountain Center has asked for advice on prepping a facility with a mix of workstations and servers to be moved out of the path of the fire. In an ideal scenario, the plans would have already been developed and tested. Lacking that, Slashdot readers are sharing tips on how to prioritize a short-order bugout and recovery plan.

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    18. The real story behind the AWS outage and what it means for investors

      The real story behind the AWS outage and what it means for investors

      By now you’ve probably heard that a power outage in northern Virginia took out a significant number of high-profile customers of Amazon’s vaunted AWS service on Thursday night. And if you’re an investor in Amazon, you might be feeling a little nervous that a glitch in the system could cause sites like Heroku, Quora and Pinterest to go dark for several hours.

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    19. Renewable Energy's Escalating Political Crisis

      Renewable Energy's Escalating Political Crisis

      A faction within the renewable energy space has slaughtered one of smart growth’s sacred cows and set the stage for a strategic realignment of environmental and energy stakeholders struggling for control of the world’s future energy economy. The emerging battle lines pit believers in the environmental and economic benefits of decentralized clean energy against investors in utility-scale, high-impact power plants sited in remote regions and linked to demand centers by an increasingly expensive and unreliable electric power grid. In other words, the clean energy coalition is splintering between those who support the status quo and others like myself who believe the profligate economic and environmental wastefulness of the status quo is the challenge clean technology is supposed to solve – not support.

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    20. Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of June 16th

      Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of June 16th

      For your weekend reading, here’s a recap of five noteworthy stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge this past week. Enjoy! Power Outage Affects Amazon Customers – A power outage early Friday at an Amazon Web Services data center in northern Virginia knocked some customers offline. Among the sites affected were Heroku, Pinterest, Quora and HootSuite, along with a host of smaller sites. Amazon confirmed the power outage on its Service Health Dashboard, but did not offer details on the root cause of the power outage.

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    21. Iceland sees green as the bridge to the future

      Iceland sees green as the bridge to the future

      Things have not been all that good for Iceland since the turn of the century. Economic upheaval, seismic upheaval, the shuttering of NATO cold war-era military bases and some odd choices by the government in terms of tax laws have caused lots of problems for a country whose entire population would barely make it into the top fifty largest cities in the US. Some light was shined on long-term solutions to some of the economic problems when investors began to look to Iceland as a datacenter haven when plans where developed and executed to improve the islands connectivity to the rest of the world. Ambitious statements were made and customers the likes of IBM acknowledged that they were planning on making use of the natural green resources (geo-thermal power and free air cooling) to deploy large datacenters to the island, making use of the location that had formerly been a ...

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    22. Heroku stung by Amazon outage

      Heroku stung by Amazon outage

      Heroku, the popular platform as a service, had a pretty rough time last night. Impacted by the Amazon Web Services disruption at Amazon’s U.S. East data center, Heroku took a tumble as outlined on the company’s status page and was offline for a few hours. Beneath all the trash talk about the risks of using the public cloud, the sites affected by the AWS outage were those that deployed heavily on one Amazon region (U.S. East in Ashburn, Va.) That over-reliance is a practice that Amazon expressly advises against, as several GigaOM readers commented on our previous story. Smart companies hedge their bets by deploying across AWS regions just as smart companies plan for redundancy when they deploy in their own data centers.

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    23. Will Amazon outage ding cloud confidence?

      Will Amazon outage ding cloud confidence?

      A significant Amazon Web Services outage, which took down popular sites including Heroku for hours late Thursday, shows the risk of putting too many loads in one data center. While this outage occurred in Amazon’s cloud, it wasn’t just a cloud-specific problem. It shows that building in redundancy is critical — whether your app runs in your own data center or in someone else’s cloud. In short, AWS users should make sure their workloads run across AWS regions to prevent future snafus.

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