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    1. smart light bulbs, the next big thing? by Doug Mohney

      smart light bulbs, the next big thing?  by Doug Mohney
      Last year, plug-and-play LED bulbs were all the rage.  Pricey compared to CFLs but without the headaches of mercury, LEDs provide a plug and play solution to cut energy usage.   But that's not good enough for some manufacturers, who feel the need to throw in networking capabilities to sex-up an already expensive purchase.  For example, Fujikom is building a 100-watt replacement bulb with a built-in Z-Wave radio.  At $100 per bulb retail, Fujikom enables users to cycle the bulb through colors and adjust brightness via the Z-Wave home automation technology.  Z-wave is designed to be a low-power wireless network to integrate all of a home's electronics into a single network.  Putting Z-Wave into a light bulb enables the ability to remotely and automatically turn lights on and off.  If you forgot to turn off a light, you can "call" home via a smartphone app and switch off the ...
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    2. 12 Data Center Energy Management Trends for 2012 and Beyond

      12 Data Center Energy Management Trends for 2012 and Beyond
      The days of IT managers being able to take power for granted in the data center are rapidly coming to an end. Beginning in 2012, the way organizations -- enterprises, government agencies and service providers alike -- all analyze and utilize energy in their data centers will witness some major changes. Already, a growing number of organizations are starting to grapple with increased power demands in the face of constrained capacity. The reason underlying the need to make these changes is rather simple: Most data centers were designed for high performance and high availability, with little or no attention paid to power.
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    3. Telehouse, KDDI Launch TeleCloud Solutions

      Telehouse, KDDI Launch TeleCloud Solutions
      Colocation provider Telehouse has teamed with its parent company, KDDI, to launch a portfolio of enterprise cloud solutions, the company said this week. The Telecloud portfolio of services include cloud infrastructure, managed private cloud environments, a public virtual data centre (Telecloud Shared VDC), storage and disaster recovery solutions. “Telecloud is a joint venture between two industry leaders,” said Tokuji Mitsui, Managing Director of KDDI and Telehouse Europe. “It marks the next stage in the evolution of Europe’s first purpose-built data centre provider and a step forward for the cloud industry. The data centre is at the heart of a cloud solution making the physical infrastructure the integral role in maintaining the reliability and accessibility of a company’s application. That is why the partnership of Telehouse and KDDI brings a new unique perspective to the cloud market.”
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    4. Infinity to Build 4 Megawatt Data Center for C&W

      Infinity to Build 4 Megawatt Data Center for C&W
      Infinity has concluded an agreement with Cable & Wireless Worldwide (C&W) to provide a new 4.3 megawatt data centre facility at a secure site in the southeast of England. The new Tier III certified facility will ensure that C&W can support the increasing demands from clients for secure, robust and reliable hosting and shared services solutions. The data center will provide a 25 percent expansion in C&W’s data hosting capacity.
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    5. How Cloud Redefines Our Most Important Business Technology Relationships

      How Cloud Redefines Our Most Important Business Technology Relationships
      In a previous post, David Nichols, principal and CIO services leader for Ernst & Young IT Advisory Services, outlined some compelling business cases for the cloud, and described the threshold many enterprises have yet to cross before they become cloud-intensive enterprises. But what’s it doing to our important relationships — between companies, IT managers, business managers, and even outsourcers?
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    6. GoGrid Extends Cloud to Amsterdam

      GoGrid Extends Cloud to Amsterdam
      Cloud infrastructure company GoGrid has expanded its operations into Europe, opening a new data center and EMEA Headquarters in Amsterdam, the company said today. The new infrastructure will help GoGrid provide on-demand cloud infrastructure services around the globe. GoGrid is deploying its cloud infrastructure in Equinix’s International Business Exchange (IBX) data center in Amsterdam. Using “Platform Equinix,” GoGrid can directly connect to customers and partners and access high-performance connectivity through Equinix’s ecosystem of more than 680 network suppliers.
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    7. Developing a Rapport Between Facilities and IT

      Developing a Rapport Between Facilities and IT
      Facilities and IT have largely acted as separate entities in the data center, each with its own goals, priorities, concerns and procedures. A number of factors that have gained emphasis over recent years, however, make this separation problematic for companies. Since facilities and IT are ultimately working toward the same goal, establishing and nurturing a rapport between them can be a profitable venture. Here are some ways to do so. Ongoing disagreements and resentment between facilities and IT personnel can spell trouble for a company. Both are equally important to delivering the needed data center resources to both the company and customers, and working to foster understanding and mutual respect can increase uptime, increase energy efficiency and decrease costs.
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    8. Infinity Signs Deal to Provide UK Data Center for Web Host Cable&Wireless

      Infinity Signs Deal to Provide UK Data Center for Web Host Cable&Wireless
      UK data center operator Infinity announced on Tuesday that it has signed a 15 year deal with cloud computing and hosting firm Cable&Wireless to provide a new data center to expand CWW’s data hosting capacity. This announcement comes a couple weeks after Infinity named Ashley Davis its non-executive director. According to the press release, CWW has made a multi-million investment as part of this agreement to support increasing client demand and will expand its capacity by 25 percent. The 4.3MW data center will be based in the southeast of England and will be Tier III certified facility.
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    9. 7 Things Your CEO Should Know About the Cloud

      7 Things Your CEO Should Know About the Cloud
      The IT community has identified, discussed and brooded over the challenges of reaching the cloud. We’ve examined and addressed the causes of virtual sprawl and stall, we’ve figured out the importance of automation in private cloud deployment, and we’ve come to an understanding about the value of bringing cloud computing into the enterprise, where end users can gain some autonomy for provisioning and self-service management. The biggest hurdle left to clear will become the most pressing in 2012. IT is still struggling to communicate cloud realities to business leaders. Until the CIO and the CEO see eye to eye on the path to the private cloud, too many companies will fail to reach that goal.
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    10. GlobalOne Acquires Australian Cloud Computing Application Provider Weblinc

      GlobalOne Acquires Australian Cloud Computing Application Provider Weblinc
      Cloud services firm GlobalOne announced on Tuesday that it has acquired Australian cloud computing application provider Weblinc. The terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed. This announcement comes a month after GlobalOne launched GlobalOne Mobility, a new practice offering professional services for building, deploying and maintaining mobile cloud apps for consumer and enterprise environments. It also named Doug Maloney, former GM innovation and new business at Vodafone Hutchinson Australia, will lead the new division as VP mobility at GlobalOne.
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    11. Upgrading a Landmark Data Center Hub

      Upgrading a Landmark Data Center Hub
      How do you expand the power and cooling capacity for an 80-year-old building with historic landmark status and limited roof space, located in the middle of a noise-sensitive neighborhood in the middle of New York City? All those challenges come together at one of the most familiar addresses in the telecom industry – 60 Hudson Street. So how does a building like 60 Hudson, which has a grand history as a cornerstone in the development of America’s communications infrastructure, remain relevant as the data center world shifts to high-density server deployments? That was the question facing Peter Feldman, CEO of DataGryd, as the company occupied four floors of space in the 23-story building (see DataGryd: Major New Player at 60 Hudson Street).
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    12. Will our plugged-in planet have a green or black future?

      Will our plugged-in planet have a green or black future?
      In Kansas City, perhaps as much as anywhere in America, that discussion of the how using the Internet will change your wear and tear the planet could become ever more profound. If Google Inc. succeeds with plans to blanket the market in lightning-fast Internet hookups the change could be transformational.
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    13. REI's Summer 2012 Environmental Defense Fund Fellowship, includes Energy Efficient Data Centers

      REI's Summer 2012 Environmental Defense Fund Fellowship, includes Energy Efficient Data Centers
      REI has a job posting for a Summer Intern. REI has a opening for our summer 2012 EDF (Environmental Defense Fund) Climate Corps Fellowship. This temporary assignment is expected to commence in mid May and conclude in late August, 2012. Hours: Monday – Friday, 30-40 hours (flexible).Don’t miss this unique opportunity to support REI’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR) and REI’s cross-divisional Energy Team as a participant in EDF’s Climate Corps program.Recruiting Processes:In order to work for REI through EDF Climate Corps, you must apply individually to REI. If you are concurrently applying through EDF to be considered for other company placements, please inform both parties in writing via email to ekocherovsky@edf.org and ccannon@rei.com I was totally surprised that data centers get mentioned. As an EDF Climate Corps Fellow, you will be matched with a leading company to serve as ...
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    14. 10 questions to ask your next data center

      10 questions to ask your next data center
      Choosing a data center is a big decision for most companies. Your IT infrastructure represents a critical asset for your company, and unless you are an uber-dot com company like Google or Facebook (which spread their gear around the country in tens of locations), you probably only have one or two data centers. Changing data centers is expensive and time consuming, so choosing the right data center partner is incredibly important. Unfortunately, data centers don’t make it easy on you to differentiate between them. Everyone says they are “secure,” “highly available,” and “high density.” They all show you their generator farms, their battery rooms, and their security vestibules with bullet proof glass. Tour any three data centers and you’ll be left scratching your head trying to figure out what the difference is. As a result, many people end up using price and proximity as the primary decision points ...
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    15. Intel’s next big wireless play: It’s not smartphones

      Intel’s next big wireless play: It’s not smartphones
      Intel’s wireless ambitions go beyond smartphones and tablets. It’s set its sights on the guts of the mobile network as well. By embracing a new network design concept called Cloud-RAN, Intel believes it can reshape wireless networks from highly-specialized architectures into more generic computing platforms that run over its off-the-shelf silicon. And in the world’s largest operator, China Mobile, Intel sees the opportunity to make that vision happen. China Mobile has a massive network of 700,000 GSM and 220,000 3G base stations built into towers throughout China’s vast landscape. The base station is easily the most expensive element of the wireless network, and as China Mobile looks to the next wave of wireless technology, LTE, it doesn’t want to repeat that enormous infrastructure investment by installing pricey hardware at the bottom of every tower. Instead, it’s looking for Intel’s help to ...
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    16. RiT CenterMind Optimizes Data Center Network with Centralized Management

      RiT CenterMind Optimizes Data Center Network with Centralized Management
      RiT Technologies (News - Alert), a provider of data center network management solutions, has launched RiT CenterMind Solution, which is designed to offer real-time consolidated view of data center IT assets, connectivity, power and environmental conditions. RiT CenterMind Solution, according to company officials, is a new approach to data center infrastructure management (DCIM). This is a single solution that is capable of monitoring and managing high volume and array of information in today's resource-hungry data centers through centralized management. By centralizing management of data center network and infrastructure, RiT CenterMind enables data center managers to optimize data center performance and earn faster ROI. The solution combines environment, power, connectivity and security management, so eliminating the need for complex and costly integration.
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    17. Russo Gets Approval for NJ Data Center Project

      Russo Gets Approval for NJ Data Center Project
      Russo Development has gained approval to move ahead with Somerset Technology Park, a planned data center campus in Somerset County, New Jersey. The site near I-287 among a cluster of data center properties about 35 miles from midtown Manhattan is the company’s ninth data center development in New Jersey. Russo expects to begin site development activities “in early 2012.” The property is a greenfield site that Russo says can support more than 1.3 million square feet in multiple facilities, and features electrical power capacity of 100 megawatts from multiple 69kV feeds. The site is also within a half mile of two large water plants providing capacity or chilled water cooling. Russo has designed the complex to meet the security needs of Russo’s clients in the financial services industry, with enhanced berms and landscaping, perimeter fencing, and security gates with guard houses.
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    18. Joyent Secures $85M in Venture Funding

      Joyent Secures $85M in Venture Funding
      Joyent, a global provider of cloud computing software and services, announced it completion of an $85 million funding deal to support its expansion of global cloud services for enterprises and service providers. European group Weather Investment II provided the majority of the round. Telefónica Digital, the growth arm of global telecom leader Telefónica, is also participating as a strategic investor. Cloud-based services are a key focus area for Telefónica’s new Digital unit, and Joyent’s technology expertise in this area will help Telefónica enhance its product offering. Existing Joyent investors include El Dorado Ventures, Epic Ventures, Greycroft Partners, Intel Capital, and Liberty Global.
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    19. PowerSecure Enhances Focus on Data Center and Hospital Markets, Introduces New ...

      PowerSecure Enhances Focus on Data Center and Hospital Markets, Introduces New ...
      PowerSecure International, Inc. (Nasdaq: POWR) today announced it has expanded and enhanced its strategy to serve customers in the large and growing Data Center and Hospital markets with mission critical power systems. The Company’s sharpened focus includes the hiring of two industry executives to lead the Company’s sales and marketing efforts in each of the Data Center and Hospital categories. Additionally, the Company has introduced a new industry-leading version of its PowerBlockTM proprietary generator system that runs on a combination of natural gas and diesel fuel, is Tier 4 Interim emissions compliant, and improves redundancy. The Company’s decision to enhance its resources and introduce new technology for these markets comes on the heels of strong success with dozens of multi-million dollar installations of Interactive Distributed Generation® (IDG®) Systems for data center and hospital facilities over the last several years.
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    20. Facebook Faces Taxing Problem In Prineville

      Facebook Faces Taxing Problem In Prineville
      Does this story sound familiar? A Pacific Northwest state with affordable power and an ideal climate for free cooling attracts a cluster of data center projects. Then a large data center provider is told it may face a large, unanticipated tax bill due to an interpretation of state law. Legislators spring into action to draft bills to address the issue and maintain the state’s attractiveness as a data center destination? No, it’s not Washington state, where this scenario played out in 2007-11. It’s neighboring Oregon, where a dispute with the state on property taxes affecting Facebook’s Prineville data center leaves the Oregon Department of Revenue searching for a fix. The Statesman Journal reports that the problem stems from how state officials originally defined Facebook as a company. The tax issues began in August 2011 and in October tax authorities told the Bend Bulletin newspaper that Facebook ...
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    21. Google Spent $951 Million on Data Centers in 4Q

      Google Spent $951 Million on Data Centers in 4Q
      Google invested nearly a billion dollars in its Internet infrastructure in the last quarter of 2011, recording capital expenditures (CapEx) of $951 million. Google’s CapEx spending was about $271 million more than in the third quarter of 2011, when it invested $680 million in its infrastructure. The increase is likely due to early work on a significant expansion of Google’s international data center network. In recent weeks the company has announced four new data center projects, including three new facilities in three markets in Asia (Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong) and a new data center in Dublin.
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    22. Intelligent lighting improves data center efficiency

      Intelligent lighting improves data center efficiency
      Fenwick and West LLP is a national law firm specializing in technology and life sciences. In 2010, the firm worked to incorporate the next generation in energy-efficient technology into its own facilities by implementing LED lighting in its firm-wide data center renovation. Seeking to further maximize energy savings, Fenwick and West selected Redwood Systems’ intelligent lighting technology for the 2,000 sq-ft Class A data center, located in Mountain View, Calif. The firm achieved centralized control of the data center’s lighting, with web-based access, improved lighting quality, and increased visibility into the facility’s energy usage. The system also complements the data center’s energy-sensitive mechanical systems, which include cold aisle containment and controlled airflow management, helping the facility reach the lowest power usage effectiveness (PUE) and attain U.S. Green Building Council LEED Gold certification.
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    23. homes get smart meters, data centers need smart managers - by Peter Judge

      homes get smart meters, data centers need smart managers - by Peter Judge

      Is there anything data center managers can learn from the world of domestic energy consumption? Consumer demand and the infrastructure to meet it go hand-in hand, of course. As Doug Mohney found at CES, it is clear that consumer electronics is continuing to develop, and will demand more and faster data. So while data centers get more efficient, the fact that demand is ramping up so quickly may mean overall energy use goes up. Meanwhile, in the home, there’s a similar urgent need to find a balance.  Technical  improvements are actually reducing the amount of energy used, but the overall trend is going relentlessly up. Last Thursday, Pilgrim Beart, of energy management company AlertMe, gave this year’s Clerk Maxwell lecture in London, at the Institute of Engineering and Technology. Named after the great physicist James Clerk Maxwell (whose eponymous equations unified electricity and magnetism), these lectures tend to ...

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    24. Cisco Cius is Implemented at Gas Station of the Future in Brazil

      Cisco Cius is Implemented at Gas Station of the Future in Brazil
      The FINANCIAL -- Cisco Cius, an enterprise mobile collaboration device in a tablet form-factor, is part of the Petrobras Gas Station of the Future technology portfolio launched by Petrobras Distribuidora, a subsidiary of Petrobras, and Intel, last month in Rio de Janeiro,according to Cisco. In addition to the rich, integrated unified communications and collaboration features already provided on the Cius, Cisco has customized a number of applications for the project, allowing gas station visitors
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