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    1. Reno Gets Another Data Center

      Reno Gets Another Data Center

      Defense IT specialist NJVC this week opened a 20,000 square foot data center in Reno, Nevada, adding 8,000 square feet of raised floor space to support its cloud and data center solutions. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the data center located in the Reno Tahoe Technology Park. The opening comes as Reno is gaining fresh attention as a data center destination int he wake of Apple’s decision to build a new data center in the area. It also represents the latest phase in an expansion for NJVC, which recently opened a new data center in Richmond.

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    2. Power When You Need It: Parallel Generators Expand Options

      Power When You Need It: Parallel Generators Expand Options

      A technology trend is taking place that is increasing reliability and scalability of emergency power systems for data centers. Almost all major generator manufacturers have recently developed controls for their generators that allow them to parallel with each other without needing complex and costly paralleling switchgear. This advancement in controls has allowed smaller, more readily available generators to provide more redundancy and scalability than larger engine generator sets. Ten years ago, price was no object when considering data center design. The world is now more competitive, and designs are being optimized to achieve the desired reliability at lower costs. By using these new trends, your architecture may change to yield more reliability at a lower cost.

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    3. Apple building another smaller data center in North Carolina

      Apple building another smaller data center in North Carolina

      Apple is building another, smaller, data center, next to its massive iCloud data center, in Maiden, North Carolina, according to the Hickory Daily Record. The new planned 21,030 square-foot, 11-room, data center will store clusters of servers; for comparison the current massive data center on the site is 500,000 square feet. The Hickory Daily Record reporter also notes that the current plans at the Maiden site show both the new mini data center, as well as the “footprint for a larger data center that would run nearly parallel to the existing one and would t-bone the smaller one currently under construction.” Sounds like Apple has substantially more plans for the Maiden site, which could be one reason for some of the conflicting power numbers that Apple has announced and Greenpeace has been insisting on.

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    4. Is Apple Going Modular at its North Carolina iDataCenter?

      Is Apple Going Modular at its North Carolina iDataCenter?

      It looks like the next phase of Apple’s mighty iDataCenter in North Carolina may feature small modular data centers that can deploy server capacity in increments. That would represent a shift from the first phase of the project, a 500,000 square foot building that is one of the largest structures in the data center industry. Apple has filed plans with Catawaba County to construct a 21,000 square foot “tactical MDC” on a concrete pad at the company’s campus in Maiden, N.C. The permits included few details about the facility design, but “MDC” is frequently used as an acronym for “modular data center.”

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    5. 5 Las Vegas startups you need to know

      5 Las Vegas startups you need to know

      The vision of a Silicon Strip is coming along nicely. Just about a year into a concerted effort to build a technology scene in Las Vegas, startups of all types are already forming in Las Vegas and moving to the city. Last weekend, in fact, SuperNAP data center operator Switch Communications hosted the second-annual Startup Weekend Las Vegas. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s Vegas Tech Fund put up $500,000 for the winning team for the upcoming Crowdstart LV competition into which the Startup Weekend winner — which ended up being a password-management app called Launch Key — gets automatic entry. Switch actually has its own venture fund, too, as well as multiple programs designed to bring high-tech jobs to the city.

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    6. Apple building new, smaller data center in North Carolina

      Apple building new, smaller data center in North Carolina

      We all know about Apple's mega data center in Maiden, North Carolina. The center, with its solar farm and fuel cells, has been a popular topic of discussion here on TUAW since the groundbreaking years ago. Now the Hickory Daily Record is reporting that Apple's building a smaller "tactical" data center on the Maiden site. The new center is tiny -- just 21,030 square feet -- compared to the monstrous 500,000 square foot facility next door. The 11-room facility is apparently not designed for permanent occupancy, as it has only one unisex bathroom.

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    7. Key Factors Impacting Total Cost of Ownership

      Key Factors Impacting Total Cost of Ownership

      There are many factors that go into a data center’s total cost of ownership (TCO) besides site selection. As part of the Data Center Knowledge Executive Guide Series on Total Cost of Ownership, this post outlines other factors that impact a data center “build or buy” TCO analysis. Comparative Maintenance Costs Unlike a typical commercial building, which normally does not operate on a continuous basis and has downtime maintenance windows (i.e. nights and weekends), data centers do not have that option. While virtually all systems require maintenance, there is additional redundant power and cooling equipment installed to provide what is known as “concurrent maintainability.” Maintaining the electrical and mechanical systems in a 7×24 data center requires more complicated equipment, as well as a more sophisticated meticulous approach, since downtime is not an option. This requires a staff trained and experienced with bypassing critical systems, without affecting the ...

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    8. Phoenix NAP Offers ‘Hardware as a Service’

      Phoenix NAP Offers ‘Hardware as a Service’

      Data center service provider Phoenix NAP this week introduced an expanded equipment leasing program designed to help customers manage their capital investment in IT infrastructure. Phoenix NAP’s new Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) solution provides flexible lease options for servers, RAM, hard disk drives, RAID cards, racks, PDUs, cable managers, and network switches. Leases can be as short as three months or as long as three years, with lease-to-own options on many items. “One of the things we have found within the greater IT market is a continued movement by CIOs and CFOs toward converting spend to operational expenses, rather than making large up-front capital purchases,” said Ian McClarty, president of Phoenix NAP. “We believe that cloud is a good example of how this trend is shaping things. With our new Hardware-as-a-Service solution, we are taking this concept to the next level, and offering leasing options that are great for both start-ups ...

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    9. How to Host Your Data for Less in Iceland's Green Data Centers

      Iceland's nascent data center industry, powered by cheap, renewable energy, could be a growth driver in that nation's economic recovery and the cloud computing revolution. It could also save your company money. If you're looking to host data between Europe and the U.S., it's worth taking a look at your options in Iceland. Because of Iceland's unique climate, cooling costs are drastically lower than they are in places like New York and London. And the low cost of electricity helps push pricing down further.


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    10. Greenpeace's Data Center Sideshows Don't Help Much by Doug Mohney

      Greenpeace's Data Center Sideshows Don't Help Much by Doug Mohney

      Greenpeace has secured another round of press clippings in its ongoing "Battle" for a better world,  this time for upgrading Apple's green data center policy from a D to a C.  It is a shame brand names used for a quick PR hit by Greenpeace couldn't get the sort of trademark protection extended to such events as the Super Bowl or the Olympics, because the organization loves fights with the highest Q Scores. In "A Clean Energy Road Map for Apple,"  Greenpeace takes Apple to task for not providing enough details about how it will power iCloud without coal.  It's almost funny when put into context.  We're talking about Apple, a company that has a dedicated Wikipedia page called "Criticism of Apple Inc." and is cited for sending a bunch of police to shake down a Gizmodo editor that had purchased a misplaced iPhone prototype. Apple ...

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    11. Brief Network Outage Impacts SoftLayer Customers

      A Seattle-area data center operated by SoftLayer lost Internet connectivity this afternoon, leaving customer sites offline for about 45 minutes. The data center never lost power and servers continued to run, but had no connectivity. “We have experienced a dual-path fiber outage SEA01 datacenter,” SoftLayer reported on its Twitter feed. “All SEA01 servers lost Internet connectivity.” The outage has disrupted both the public and private networks at the facility.

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    12. Dell Makes Military Mobile Data Centre

      Dell Makes Military Mobile Data Centre

      Dell has launched a highly mobile containerised data centre, aimed at military operations and emergency response teams. The Tactical Mobile Data Center is a roughly ten-foot cube containing servers, storage and networking, along with power supplies and cooling, which can cope with a harsh environment and which can be flown in, instead of being delivered by truck.

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    13. Liquid Cooling Servers Can Be Easy

      Liquid Cooling Servers Can Be Easy

      Cooling is a major energy drain in server room, and one approach to reducing the energy wasted is to use liquid cooling. However, liquid cooling has been complex to install and administer, as it means pumping fluid across the hot components of a system. Green Revolution Cooling (GRC), launched in 2010, promises to make that much simpler, by laying server racks on their backs, in a bath of non-conductive cooling oil. The waste heat form liquid-cooled systems can be easier to ruse, as liquids hold heat in a concentrated form, so GRC also proposes its system can heat surrounding offices. We asked some questions of the company’s founder and CEO Christiaan Best.

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    14. Greenpeace Upgrades Apple’s iCloud Ratings but Hammers It for Lack of Transparency

      Greenpeace Upgrades Apple’s iCloud Ratings but Hammers It for Lack of Transparency

      If Mitt Romney thinks he had a bad week last week he should check with Apple. First, the company was forced to admit that its withdrawal from EPEAT was a mistake. Then came Greenpeace with a report on Apple’s new commitments to green up its cloud, which suggested that while Apple shows some progress, it’s still not enough and the company is still lagging behind other companies such as Facebook and Google.

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    15. BCMS in the Data Center

      One of the keys to a properly functioning data center with high availability is ensuring that clean, steady power reaches the IT equipment. Part of this critical task falls to uninterruptible power supplies and backup generators, but this power must be distributed effectively and safely. Breakers protect branch circuits from overloading, but this safety precaution can become a tremendous hassle is the circuit isn’t loaded properly. Furthermore, increased energy efficiency can be difficult to achieve without knowledge of how circuits perform over time. To address these and other concerns, branch circuit monitoring systems (BCMSs) can give data center managers the information they need to identify potential problems, avoid branch circuit overloading and identify candidates for efficiency improvements.

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    16. Dell shrinks the Container Data Center to 45kW, targeting the Military Market

      Dell shrinks the Container Data Center to 45kW, targeting the Military Market

      Ever since the 40' container wave started I have made the point that most have not gone through the exercise on what is the right size for a container.  Dell has announced the MDC - Mobile data center - 45 kW of IT capacity. The Dell press release is here. Deployable to any location, Dell’s Tactical Mobile Data Center can expand customers’ current data center, used as a back-up or recovery site to provide disaster recovery services or create new data centers in remote locations. The system can operate under a wide range of temperatures and conditions allowing for powerful operations in many environments. “Many of our military and government customers are forced to quickly deploy to remote environments, like combat outposts in Afghanistan, or even in more developed communities following a natural disaster,” said Joe Ayers, vice president and general manager, Dell Federal. “In today’s operational environment in order ...

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