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    1. Data Center Links: Fujitsu, Wipro, Telehouse

      Fujitsu Unveils Optical Fiber Temperature Sensing Technology - Fujitsu has implemented a real-time temperature distribution visualization system within Tohoku Electric Power Group’s data center in collaboration with Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. and Tohoku Information Systems Co. A single optical fiber line, acting as a temperature sensor, was installed at the front and back of each server rack, as well as on the ceiling and floor, thereby enabling the temperature distribution in the data center to be measured in high resolution (in 10-cm intervals) and in real time (every 30 seconds). Using the results obtained from the generated visualizations, the companies have completed a trial to optimize the data center’s air-conditioning power

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      Mentions: Fujitsu Europe
    2. Dell Challenges Cisco, HP With Converged Data Centre

      Dell Challenges Cisco, HP With Converged Data Centre

      Dell executives are leveraging recent acquisitions in the networking and storage space to deliver a converged data centre solution to compete with competing offerings like Cisco Systems’ successful Unified Computing System. Dell’s Converged Blade Data Centre combines Dell’s 12th Generation PowerEdge servers, new EqualLogic storage blade arrays and Force10 MXL blade switching to create a modular solution that fits within a single blade enclosure and is easy to manage, deploy and scale.

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    3. Ambient Air Cooling

      Ambient Air Cooling
      It has been observed that many data center construction projects omit ambient air cooling from their efficiency strategy. Data centers collectively, however, consume a significant percentage of all energy produced in the U.S. Data center economics are changing. Research suggests that ambient air cooling is a compelling data center cooling strategy because it reduces electricity usage significantly, is a major cost savings, is proven safe and is environmentally responsible. Ambient air cooling re
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    4. Facebook's war against the hardware establishment by Doug Mohney

      Facebook's war against the hardware establishment by Doug Mohney

      Facebook upended data center design philosophy with its Open Compute initiative last year.  The company is far from finished and is pushing a slew of ideas that may transform the entire hardware industry. I wonder just how far the company is willing to go. It's no coincidence Facebook executives are making PR rounds this week.  Senior Vice President of Infrastructure Frank Frankovsky is featured in Wired and GigaOm pieces. In those pieces, Frankovsky is touting the idea of redefining the whole role of servers and Ethernet switches, with switches almost literally coming the new network "hub."   Current Ethernet switches will evolve to incorporate boot devices and act as network interface cards to "sleds" of CPU and memory.  Upgrading hardware becomes much easier for data center operators, with the ability to upgrade CPUs by simply pulling out old cards -- how retro! -- and dropping in new ones.  You don't have ...

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    5. Colocation Firm C7 Completes Expansion of Utah Data Center

      Colocation Firm C7 Completes Expansion of Utah Data Center

      Colocation provider C7 Data Centers announced on Thursday it has opened Phase II of its Bluffdale data center in an effort to meet the increasing demand from enterprise customers and financial, medical and educational institutions. The data center first opened in November 2010. In March 2011, C7 announced it would expand the facility by an additional 12,000 square feet. The Phase II expansion brings an additional 11,000 square feet of floor space into service immediately and is already 60 percent pre-sold. At the ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of construction, C7 president and CEO Wes Swenson, detailed time frames and plans for more Bluffdale expansion.

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    6. Schneider will tell you what you're doing wrong in your data center

      Schneider Electric launched a new package of data center assessment services for energy efficiency. Called EnergySTEP (Energy Sustainability Tiered Efficiency Program), the services give data center operators a way to benchmark their efficiency against industry standards, such as The Green Grid’s Data Center Maturity Model. Jim Simonelli, senior VP for Schneider’s Solutions Offer, said assessment of energy usage and efficiency empowered data center managers to make informed decisions in optimizing their infrastructure.

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      Mentions: The Green Grid
    7. Survey: Injuries Common in the Data Center

      Survey: Injuries Common in the Data Center

      Is the data center a dangerous place? A recent survey from ServerLIFT found that 52 percent of participants report being injured while working in a data center, while 65 percent were aware of damage to equipment that was dropped in their data center workplace. ServerLIFT has an interest in the issue, as it sells solutions for lifting rack-mounted servers and other IT equipment. ServerLIFT’s Jake Iskhakov said data centers aren’t always recognized as an environment in which heavy lifting is part of the job.

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    8. Energy efficiency – the bigger picture

      Organizations are exploring a growing raft of power efficient technologies and innovative designs to control costs and meet Carbon Reduction Commitment targets. But virtualization and cold-air cooling alone are not going to solve the data center in the long term. The piecemeal approach adopted by the vast majority of organizations is adding cost and constraining opportunities to truly create an effective, efficient and future proof data center. Organizations need to look beyond one-off technolog
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    9. Cloud News: Oracle, Microsoft, RightScale, Amazon

      Cloud News: Oracle, Microsoft, RightScale, Amazon

      Oracle unveils broad cloud strategy. In a major strategy update, Larry Ellison announced a broad and advanced Cloud strategy and introduced Oracle Cloud Social Services, a broad Enterprise Social Platform offering. Pundits around the net instantly recalled Ellison’s earlier comments about cloud computing and the use (and abuse) of the purely marketing concept. “Almost seven years of relentless engineering and innovation plus key strategic acquisitions. An investment of billions. We are now announcing the most comprehensive Cloud on the planet Earth,” said Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison. “Most cloud vendors only have niche assets. They don’t have platforms to extend. Oracle is the only vendor that offers a complete suite of modern, socially-enabled applications, all based on a standards-based platform.” The Oracle Cloud contains Platform services for database, java, developer, web, mobile, documents, sites and analytics. It delivers integrated services that provide customers with subscription-based access to Oracle Platform ...

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    10. If Green IT costs us money - who will make us pay by Peter Judge

      If Green IT costs us money - who will make us pay by Peter Judge

      Sometimes Green IT saves you money. Your electricity bills go down if you switch off your data center chillers, or turn your PCs off at night. And smart logistics will burn less fuel in wasted truck journeys. But sometimes going green will cost. When you have finished with an electronic product, it costs money to have it recycled properly - even if the valuable materials in it are reclaimed. Until those elements become seriously scarce, it’s cheaper to throw things out. I like to think that business people will do the right thing unprompted, but the fact is that organisations will do what is cheaper and easier, and be wasteful unless something forces them to be otherwise. What could change this? Recycling in offices often comes up from the grassroots of the company, because staff can’t bear to see the waste. But generally, activist staff have to push hard ...

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    11. Bloom Energy’s Latest Funding Round Spurs Clean Tech Data Centers

      Bloom Energy’s Latest Funding Round Spurs Clean Tech Data Centers

      Sunnyvale, California based fuel cell maker, Bloom Energy, has raised another $150 million venture capital investment – making the clean tech firm one of the valued pure-play companies in the market. According to DowJones VentureWire, the Series G round is being marketed by Advanced Equities. Should the capital come in, Bloom Energy will have raised $800 million on a reported valuation of $2.7 billion over its 11-year history from investors that include Alberta Investment Management Corp., DAG Ventures, GSV Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Mobius Venture Capital, Madrone Capital, Morgan Stanley and New Enterprise Associates.

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    12. What is the impact of a water drought on your data center operations?

      What is the impact of a water drought on your data center operations?

      As Coleridge made clear, water is essential for survival. Since data centers hadn’t been invented when he published The Rime of the Ancient Mariner in 1798 he didn’t mention them. But if they had, he certainly would have included them in his epic poem since water is too often a common requirement for their operation. This water dependency is an area of consideration that businesses should factor into their plans for upcoming data centers. A high percentage of today’s data centers use water-based cooling methods to keep them from becoming the equivalent of a Hopi sweatbox in the desert. Although evaporative cooling, whether through traditional towers or “advanced” swamp coolers, remain highly effective cooling methods, when you’re planning a new data center you may want to consider the impact of the weather and water availability on your decision.

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    13. Facebook's Open Compute Project Gaining Momentum After First Year

      A little over a year after Facebook launched its Open Compute Project, organizers of the unusual open-source hardware and software initiative report that it is gaining traction among a large number of companies big and small. Turns out most enterprises want to save money, power from the walls and staff time. The Open Compute Project (OCP), based on much of the Facebook data center architecture and server design schemes, aims to do precisely that. But to get any project off the ground, it takes old-fashioned selling and recruiting.

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    14. Industry Perspectives: Dell, HGST

      Industry Perspectives: Dell, HGST

      The Industry Perspectives channel at Data Center Knowledge highlights thought leadership in the data center arena, providing industry professionals with the opportunity to share their insight and expertise. For your weekend reading, here’s a recap of this week’s columns: Storage: A Secret Weapon to Lower TCO in the Data Center – Adopting the right storage strategy can make a vast difference in your ability to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) writes Brendan Collins, of HGST. Customizing and tiering infrastructure workloads and tuning drives by application and function will help you more efficiently handle ever-increasing amounts of data. It will also allow you to optimize power consumption, cooling, storage density and performance to deliver new data center economics models.

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    15. Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of June 9

      Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of June 9

      Internet Pioneer Vint Cerf Explains IPv6 Launch Day – Happy IPv6 Launch Day, everyone! And what does that mean? Who better to explain this than Vint Cerf, a “founding father” of the Internet and now Chief Internet Evangelist at Google. When the Internet launched operationally in 1983, Cerf recalls, no one dreamed that there might one day be billions of devices and users trying to get online.

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    16. Report: Bloom eyeing another US$150m in investment

      Report: Bloom eyeing another US$150m in investment

      Investors in the much-talked-about clean-energy company Bloom Energy are doubling the size of the company’s current financing round. The company’s series-G financing round closed last year at US$150m, but the investors have decided to expand it by exactly that much more, Dow Jones VentureWire reports, citing an email from the deal’s marketer to potential investors. If successful, the expansion will bring Bloom’s total value to $3bn.

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      Mentions: NTT At&T Bloom Energy
    17. Silicon Valley Smart Grid, Green Power Jobs Keep Growing

      Silicon Valley Smart Grid, Green Power Jobs Keep Growing

      Green technology means job growth for Silicon Valley, whether we’re talking about smart grid, solar, energy storage or some form of IT that supports the green industries named above. So says a new report that pegs the Valley’s 2010 “smart grid-related” job count at nearly 17,800, up from 12,560 in 2009 and more than double the number of jobs back in 1995. That growth includes a five-percent increase during the 2008-2010 recession, when California total employment fell nearly eight percent. All in all, it’s a good statistic to bolster the Valley’s claim as the center of greentech innovation and investment — even if some regions, like North Carolina’s Research Triangle, might be nipping at its heels in terms of specialties like smart grid.

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    18. ING Taps HP and Colt to Build Cloud-Ready Data Centres

      ING Taps HP and Colt to Build Cloud-Ready Data Centres

      Amsterdam-based ING Group has gone public with a plan to build hybrid cloud data centers with HP and Colt.

      "We've come to the realization that building out our own data centers is a thing of the past, it's a waste of time and energy to build out the brick and mortar of the data center," says Steve Van Wyk, CIO of ING.

      ING CTO Tony Kerrison spoke with Bank Technology News late last year about the bank's hybrid cloud strategy, in which private and public cloud components will intermingle in data centers that are shared with other banks (Kerrison has since moved to Bank of America). This week the bankunveiled its primary partners on the project to date.

      The new data centers will be focused on consuming cloud services. ING will be the anchor tenant and other companies including financial institutions will be invited to join.

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      Mentions: Netherlands ING
    19. Microsoft Azure Gains Infrastructure-as-a-Service Option

      Microsoft Azure Gains Infrastructure-as-a-Service Option

      Microsoft has provided more insight into the upgrades of Windows Azure, which Redmond claims makes it an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) as well as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Developers, system administrators and other IT professionals were given a deep dive into Azure’s new services via a Web cast the afternoon of 7 June that also presented a discussion on how Microsoft is providing Linux operating system support in Azure alongside Windows within the Azure cloud environment.

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