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    1. Stop “5G will bring mini data center” madness

      Stop “5G will bring mini data center” madness

      The latest “more is better” meme for data centers is the internet of things (iot) bringing more servers in the world to cell towers. Each cell tower will have to be a mini data center because, goes the theory of the week, analysis of lots of little iot things will be down on a localized level rather than having to run back data to a centralized cloud. Of course, said theory flies in the face of about a decade plus of everything in creation moving into the data center.

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    2. It's the New-is-Old Distributed Data Center (again)

      It's the New-is-Old Distributed Data Center (again)

      IHS Markit is the latest entity discussing the concept of "edge data centers," basically small(er) facilities at the edge of the network. I'm having déjà vu all over again, since it smacks of a bit of glorified content distribution network (CDN) schemes and a bit of AOL's 2012 plan to have "micro data centers" to distribute computing capacity across the network for scaling. 

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    3. New York State commits to renewable energy – who’s next?

      New York State commits to renewable energy – who’s next?

      New York has officially set a goal to have at least half of its power to come from renewable sources by 2030. It’s the latest entity and the fourth state in the U.S. to set the bar high for clean power, abet with some sweeteners for the nuclear industry. The question becomes who is next and how soon will they jump on board the green bandwagon.

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    4. Augmented Reality beats Virtual Reality

      Augmented Reality beats Virtual Reality

      Pokémon GO is all the rage this month. Whether or not it will be sustainable is another story, but the success of the augmented reality (AR) game cannot be denied. It might be the best proof point yet that AR will be much more successful than virtual reality (VR) for making money and in time-to-market. The land rush to AR is going to be interesting.

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    5. Google AIs power savings

      Google AIs power savings

      About two years ago, Google shelled out $400 million to purchase DeepMind, an artificial intelligence (AI) company. Since then, DeepMind is beating humans at the game of Go, but the company is getting a real-world return on investment by using the tech to reduce energy consumption in its data centers. It is, forgive the pun, a hot topic since Google is constantly building and expanding data centers with data center power usage as one of its largest ongoing operational expense (OPEX) costs. 

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