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    1. Samsung's IoT jumpstart should be a wakeup call

      The Internet of Things (IoT) has been plodding along with everyone jockeying for positions. Carriers want to make it a 5G thing, Microsoft wants to make it a cloud thing and so on. Samsung is going for market leadership plain and simple, holding a high profile launch announcement in Washington, DC this week under the line #VisionForTech along with a $1.2 billion R&D commitment. 

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    2. Peak fossil fuels in a decade, says Bloomberg, but...

      Bloomberg New Energy Finance  (BNEF) has done a 25-year projection of global energy markets. I'll hold my nose about the timeframe—a lot can happen in over two decades—but the forecast says there are a whopping eight (8) major trends that are shifting the market. You may get a green data center in a decade not because you planned it, but due to the continued proliferation of renewable power around the globe. 

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    3. Data, Apples and Looking at the Whole Pie

      Data is everywhere. More today than ever before and it will double and triple in the years to come. Data is like apples – ubiquitous. Everyone likes apples, they keep the doctor away, easy to pack into school lunches and they make great pies. And just like data, they come in a wide variety, some sweet, some sour, some good for baking and some that are part of the mythology of the Norse gods, are golden. 

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    4. Intel's death of a thousand cuts through the data center

      As Moore's Law appears to be coming to an end, the clock is ticking for Intel. The company's silicon has defined commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware for decades, but Intel's purity in making Moore's Law a corporate strategy may ultimately lead to its demise as power consumption and better performance per watt continue to rise.  Intel is facing a slow death, compounded by failures it has made in diversifying away from its core x86 business. 

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    5. Document & Change (D&C) is the next Big Data thing

      Today's big trend/fad/money-making scheme is building the Internet of Things (IoT) and feeding the wealth of data from a gazillion little sensors into big data analytics to monitor things and spot trends, such as when a particular widget (part, motor) wears out and needs to be replaced, preferably in a proactive (before it breaks) fashion.

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    6. Going Beyond Renewable Credits to Actual Energy

      Plenty of large organizations are carbon neutral - even those using lots of electricity. But mostly they get there by an indirect route, buying renewable credits or using power purchase agreements (PPAs) rather than directly using renewable power. Microsoft says it wants to ge beyond that, and use more renewable power directly.

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    7. Portugal vs. Germany vs. Ohio in Green

      The future is Portugal, the headaches are in Cleveland. Roughly a week or so ago Portugal, a country of 10.8 million people (2015 count), ran for 107 hours on all renewable sources. I suppose that made all the data centers in the country "green" by some set of metrics. Germany nearly went all-renewable on Sunday, May 15. Meanwhile, politicians in Ohio ideologically squabbled over renewable energy standards and efficiency mandates.

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    8. Balancing Energy Security, Economics for Data Centers

      With data needs continuing to accelerate, today's IT department is pressed to provide more capacity while making sure the flow of data never stops. The big risk factor for the data center of late is electricity reliability, as discussed in the "Mind the Gap: Energy Availability and the Disconnect with Data" webinar sponsored by Verne Global.

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    9. Get Ready For Data from the Sky

      Modern society is on a ramp for new information pouring out of the skies due to a boom in earth imaging and small satellite clouds. And that's even before I start adding next-generation low flying, low-latency broadband constellations starting to move from talking points to actual hardware. Data centers need to start rethinking what satellite communications actually will mean

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    10. No Hurry in Shutting Down the PSTN Means More CO2

      Orlando, Florida – GENBAND CEO David Walsh has been trying to grease the skids for a transition from the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to all IP for two to three years. He says phone companies are starting to switch – no pun intended – from legacy equipment to new gear, but every service provider seems to have a different time table, a different methodology, and no real hurry to clean house. But every day of delay burns plenty of electricity and water.

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    11. Tis the Season for Video

      With the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in full swing in Las Vegas, 4K video has clearly arrived. In addition, Oscar-winner Ang Lee kicked open the door to a high resolution cinema experience that could be the future of the movie industry. But we've only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential for video storage throughout society.

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    12. A Renewable Energy Shortage Coming Up?

      HP is the latest company to make a green pledge. The company vows it will have 100 percent renewable electricity across its global operations in the future, with an intermediate goal to hit 40 percent renewable by 2020. Goals for renewable power are good, but will supply keep up with growing demand? Can the industry build capacity fast enough? 

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    13. Edge and Hub Don't Mean What You Thought

      Equinix launched a data hub last week. It’s a perfectly sensible product, but I have to admit being a little teased by the name. You see, although it’s called a “hub”, it’s designed for the “edge”.

      Data centers have always performed a centralizing role for data - hence the name “data center”. They’ve also been referred to as hubs, since they are at the center, much like a wheel has a hub at its center.

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    14. Do Report Cards Still Haunt CIOs?

      There’s a CIO from Marist College in Poughkeepsie NY who figured out predictive analytics can tell if a student is likely to flunk a course by the third week in a semester. This happens by analyzing class performance, online activity, and collecting student data from more than a dozen digital sources, including participation in class-related online forums.

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