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    1. Enphase's Rooftop Solar Revolution

      Enphase's Rooftop Solar Revolution
      Martin Fornage found the idea for his company on a roof in 2005. A successful Silicon Valley telecom engineer who worked at Cerent (which was bought by Cisco), he had solar panels put on his home and needed an electrician to install a central inverter to convert the direct current (DC) power produced by the system into the alternating current (AC) power used in homes and businesses. Why didn't each solar panel have its own inverter? That would make installing the panels easier (no electrician needed) and safer (no high-voltage issues). So Fornage, 47, and Raghu Belur, 43, an electrical engineer Fornage had worked with at Cisco, founded Enphase Energy in March 2006, 40 miles north of San Francisco in Petaluma, Calif., home to several telecom companies. They spent a year designing a new kind of inverter called a microinverter, harnessing expertise in semiconductors, software, communications and power systems ...
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    2. Inside Cisco’s New Texas Data Center

      Inside Cisco’s New Texas Data Center
      In mid-2009, local media in Dallas reported that Cisco Systems (CSCO) had selected a site north of Dallas for a $180 million data center project. The company hasn’t had much to say about the new facility – until now. Yesterday Cisco launched Data Center 2011 Texas, an interactive tour of the new data center, which features the latest refinements to Cisco’s design. The new DC2 data center is about 15 miles north of the Cisco DC1 data center in Richardson, Texas.
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    3. Computer Aid Solar Cyber Café Goes Live In Kenya

      Computer Aid Solar Cyber Café Goes Live In Kenya
      Some of the poorest nations will soon have the ability to get online, even without electricity, thanks to solar powered Internet cafés from Computer Aid International. The idea for a portable cyber café in a standard 20 foot shipping container, which has built-in solar panels on the roof, was first revealed by the charity back in March this year. The thinking behind the concept is that it can be shipped to Africa and installed at any remote location, offering a connection to the Internet via cellular data connection, Wi-Fi or VSAT.
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    4. Ice balls help data center go green

      Ice balls help data center go green
      Green isn't usually the first color that comes to mind when one visits the hot, dry desert climate of Phoenix, where temperatures recently topped 109 degrees. But that's exactly where I/O Data Center has opened a 180,000-square-foot commercial data center collocation facility that couples an energy-efficient design with the use of innovative green technologies. Those range from an unusual setup ...
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    5. Google's renewable energy investment pays off, finds 18,890 MW of Geothermal Power

      Google's renewable energy investment pays off, finds 18,890 MW of Geothermal Power
      Geothermal, unlike other renewable energy resources, can be easily used for 24/7 baseload power — that is, it doesn’t sag and surge with the sun and the wind, which is a problem with solar panels and wind turbines. Geothermal projects are on the rise, although venture capital and private equity investors haven’t yet shown much interest in the capital-intensive sector. Companies tackling geothermal power range from the startup Vancouver-based Magma Energy, which went public last year, to geothermal giants like Ormat Technologies. Google also has an internal solar technology project, as well as an energy-trading subsidiary, Google Energy, which bought 114 MW of wind energy via a wind farm in Iowa owned by NextEra Energy Resources. Google is likely shopping for more clean power to provide its data centers’ vast energy needs and help it with its pledge to go carbon-neutral — could geothermal help with that?
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    6. State Department likes green IT, but not yet sure how much

      State Department likes green IT, but not yet sure how much
      The State Department has launched several green technology initiatives, but officials have yet to develop ways to measure how much energy the projects save, the department's chief information officer said on Tuesday. What is known is that powering information technology equipment can cost a lot. At its Harry S. Truman Building headquarters in Washington, IT accounts for nearly 50 percent of the electric bill. The power is enough to operate more than 3,500 U.S. households annually, State's Chief Information Officer Susan Swart said.
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    7. U.S. signs lease for Cape Wind project

      U.S. signs lease for Cape Wind project
      U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar on Wednesday formally signed the nation's first lease for a major offshore wind project, as the Obama administration pushes forward to boost renewable energy output. The lease for the controversial $1 billion Cape Wind wind farm off the coast of Massachusetts officially ends a nine-year regulatory process for the project. "Our responsibility now is to take the lessons learned from that process--and from the growing pool of experiences with offshore wind development around the globe--and build a smart U.S. program," Salazar said at an offshore wind energy conference in Atlantic City, N.J.
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    8. South Korea firms jump onto solar bandwagon

      South Korea firms jump onto solar bandwagon
      outh Korea's technology giants are behind the pace in getting on the $35 billion global solar energy bandwagon, but are now making up for lost time, snapping up assets overseas. The push factors are compelling. The markets for their traditional businesses in chips and LCD screens are saturated and their margins thinning while their rivals in Japan and Taiwan are already racing ahead in the green technology arena. This year, the market share of South Korean companies in the global solar cells business is expected nearly double to 4.7 percent versus a year ago, according to Mark Jee, a senior researcher at Solar & Energy, a photovoltaic market research institute in Seoul.
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    9. Iron, Power, and Cloud Computing: Let's Get Real

      Iron, Power, and Cloud Computing: Let's Get Real
      I'm the least sure of opinions that people are most sure of. And I'm supposed to be writing about Cloud Computing, not geopolitical debate. Whether we like it or not, these two things are intertwined, because the fundamental underlying all things Cloud is energy: its use, its price, and the competition for it. Most people have very strong opinions about energy--how we produce it and use it--and in my opinion, those opinions often cloud the debate. If you hate coal or nuclear power, you really hate them. If you are contemptuous of wind and solar, you are really contemptuous of them. But let's pretend we are the hypothetical Martians of old, and gaze down on Planet Earth to examine its needs dispassionately.
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    10. N.Y. Jets on offense with solar power

      N.Y. Jets on offense with solar power
      More than 3,000 solar panels from manufacturer Yingli Solar have been installed at the team's Atlantic Health Training Center in Florham Park, N.J., making them green in terms of energy as well as uniform. The solar system will provide the team's 120,000-square-foot training, teaching, and medical facility with 750,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. The New York Jets claim it's the largest photovoltaic system currently installed at any National Football League team headquarters. "This project is the first of many green initiatives on behalf of the team, and we are proud to be green in color and also in deed," Thad Sheely, the New York Jets executive vice president of finance and stadium development, said in a statement.
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    11. Serious Materials Enters Energy Management Market

      Serious Materials Enters Energy Management Market
      Serious Materials, a manufacturer of energy-efficient windows and eco-friendly drywall, has entered the energy management software market with the launch of SeriousEnergy Manager. The Web-based platform allows building owners and property managers to monitor, analyze, and optimize energy use in commercial buildings. The company says the product delivers immediate energy savings of 10 to 15 [...]
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    12. China Beats U.S. on Renewable-Energy Investor Ranking

      China Beats U.S. on Renewable-Energy Investor Ranking
      China overtook the U.S. to lead a quarterly index of the most attractive countries for renewable energy projects for the first time, according to a list compiled by the global accounting firm Ernst & Young. After sharing the lead with the U.S. in the first quarter, China moved ahead of the world’s largest economy to rank as the most appealing nation for investing in wind and solar power projects, according to the report released today. The move follows the failure of U.S. Congress to pass legislation that would have required utilities to use clean energy. The Asian nation, the world’s biggest energy consumer, has set itself a goal of generating 15 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020. It almost doubled consumer subsidies for renewable-power generation in the second half of last year to $545 million, the most recent period reported.
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    13. Data Centers Target Higher Energy Efficiency, Lower Carbon Footprint

      Data Centers Target Higher Energy Efficiency, Lower Carbon Footprint
      Data centers across the nation are implementing a host of initiatives aimed at energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, ranging from HVAC optimization to being powered by renewable energy sources. As an example, Georgia Data Center, an 80,000-square-foot data center located in Atlanta, Georgia, was designed to use 40 to 50 fewer air conditioning units than typical data centers. The data center worked with WayPoint Systems to integrate an efficient building system and to ensure that the HVAC system operates efficiently to maximize its energy performance.
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    14. On the GreenBeat: Solar Forecast Sours, 2 Million Smart Meters Installed Nationwide

      On the GreenBeat: Solar Forecast Sours, 2 Million Smart Meters Installed Nationwide
      One hot topic right now is the future of the solar market, which is considered over-saturated. One writer, citing a conversation with a venture capitalist, calls this the “sunset of solar venture capital.” Noting analysts’ bearishness on solar going into 2011, the Motley Fool’s Travis Hoium bets on First Solar, but says Trina Solar and Yingli Solar also have a shot at making inroads into the residential and commercial market where SunPower reigns supreme. Jigar Shah at Cleantech Blog picks at Fool’s metric of cost per watt, saying widening efficiency gaps have rendered those numbers moot. “In any case, solar is coming down in cost and the race is fun to watch.” U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced yesterday that two million smart grid meters have been installed in the country as a result of funding from the Recovery Act. The release cites a study by the ...
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    15. Solar Data Center AISO Improves Efficiency

      Solar Data Center AISO Improves Efficiency
      Affordable Internet Services Online (AISO.net), founded in 1997 and located in Romoland, California, is known for its environmentally-friendly web hosting, with clients including The Discovery Channel and Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society. AISO.net runs entirely on solar energy from its own on-site solar array. In 2007, AISO hosted the web site for the Live Earth series of global concerts aimed at raising awareness of climate change.
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    16. AT&T expands corporate solar capacity

      AT&T expands corporate solar capacity
      Telecommunications carrier AT&T is working with utility company SunEdison to activate up to 2 megawatts of solar capacity in California by the end of the second quarter of 2011. The deal is part of AT&T’s program to aggressively step up its solar investments moving forward. The first site under the deal with SunEdison is being activated on a rooftop in San Diego. The other sites will be located in Dunnigan, Commerce, Mojave, Santa Ana and West Sacramento.
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    17. Inside an Energy Efficient Data Center

      Inside an Energy Efficient Data Center
      IEmerson Electric, a $20.9 billion technology manufacturer, offers a glimpse of the future of green IT. The firm’s 35,000-square-foot global data center, located at its St. Louis headquarters, is 31 percent more energy efficient than traditional data centers, and it is home to Missouri’s largest solar array—a 7,800-square-foot rooftop array with more than 550 solar panels. The $50 million state-of-the-art facility has already earned two high-profile industry awards for environmental responsibility: LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council and a 2009 Beyond Green High-Performance Building Award from the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council. More importantly, it’s trimming energy costs by $5 million annually.
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    18. China Solar Projects Draw Interest From 50 Companies

      China Solar Projects Draw Interest From 50 Companies
      China’s effort to double its capacity to produce solar power has attracted project bids by 50 companies, ranging from nuclear plant operators to circuit-breaker makers, one of the participants said. The tender process has generated 135 offers to build and run solar plants in six provinces, including from China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group Co., the nation’s second-biggest atomic plant builder, according to Qiu Zhanwei, vice-director of Beijing-based solar-module maker Astronergy, which also has bid. “A lot of companies are interested in getting involved in these projects as the government is keen to develop this sector and they want to get an early piece of the action,” said Dennis Lam, an analyst at DBS Vickers Hong Kong Ltd.
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    19. Europe investing in solar and carbon capture

      Europe investing in solar and carbon capture
      The European Union (EU) is investing in solar and carbon capture. The European Union (EU) plans to aggressively cut Greenhouse Gases with new technology. The EU is investing $50 billion Euros into research and development of solar and carbon capture at coal plants. The EU is comprised of 27 members. It already has a carbon limiting cap and trade program but it is viewed as too expensive by business. Some EU countries have a carbon tax also. Solar power is getting $23 billion Euros over the next decade in investment. Carbon capture is receiving $13 billion Euros over the same time. The hope is to have carbon capture installed on all new coal power plants built after 2020. The Smart City plan aims at urban efficiency. $11 billion Euros goes to buildings and transportation to reduce their carbon footprint.
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    20. Green Data Center Renewable Network in Canada

      Green Data Center Renewable Network in Canada
      The quest for the ever-greener data center has long focused on more energy-efficient hardware and software platforms, both to lower consumption for actual data processing and lessen the resulting heat load. Most of the these initiatives have one thing in common: They target energy use at individual facilities. This has been a problem for supporters of renewable energy in particular, who have faced resistance from those who say such sources are unreliable.
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    21. Ten Unique Data Center Designs

      Ten Unique Data Center Designs
      Across the globe, many data center designs use an amazing amount of creativity in locating and deploying unique data centers. These are not your run-of-the-mill server rooms, but truly one-of-a-kind facilities that have a personality all their own. There is more to data center design than the straightforward mechanical approach, according to Rob Snevely, author of Enterprise Data Center Design and Methodology. “The detailed process of data center design appears on the outset to be a purely mechanical process involving the layout of the area, computations to determine equipment capacities, and innumerable other engineering details,” Snevely writes. “They are, of course, essential to the design and creation of a data center, however, the mechanics alone do not a data center make. The use of pure mechanics rarely creates anything that is useful, except perhaps by chance.” He goes on to discuss design philosophies that go back to classical times.
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    22. Rutgers’ Chinese Solar Panels Show Clean-Energy Shift

      Rutgers’ Chinese Solar Panels Show Clean-Energy Shift
      At Rutgers University in New Jersey, 7,600 panels convert sunlight into electricity, saving some $200,000 in energy costs this year in the biggest solar-power experiment at a U.S. college. Yingli Green Energy Holding Co., China’s second-largest solar-panel maker, supplied the $10 million project. Yingli is one of several Chinese manufacturers that have slashed costs to reduce global prices for solar modules by about 50 percent in two years. The drive made them more affordable for buyers from Rutgers to Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the biggest U.S. retailer.
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