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    1. How eBay's data center benefited from solar

      How eBay's data center benefited from solar
      eBay has installed a 100 KW solar array on its data center in Denver. That's not enough power to run a data center, but Tom Price, eBay's Global Data Center Services manager, said the system, which was completed last November, is delivering benefits. The solar array is taking up approximately 18,000 square feet of the 21,000-square-foot data center roof. In an interview, Price outlined the project.
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    2. Telecommunications Firm NTT to Build Green Data Center in Malaysia

      Telecommunications Firm NTT to Build Green Data Center in Malaysia
      IT infrastructure provider NTT Communications (www.ntt.com/index-e.html) and its wholly owned Malaysian subsidiary, NTT MSC (www.my.ntt.com/en) announced on Monday that NTT MSC will begin construction of the new Cyberjaya 3 data center later this month. The announcement comes a few months after HP opened its 60-acre data center campus, HP Global Center Cyberjaya. The Tier III-ready data center is projected to launch by June 2012. Located within Cyberjaya, the Cyberjaya 3 Data Center will join NTT Com's Cyberjaya 1 and Cyberjaya 2 data centers in meeting the growing needs of Southeast Asian customers.
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    3. Data Centres – Watch Japan’s Energy Crisis

      Data Centres – Watch Japan’s Energy Crisis
      Japan’s energy crisis is bringing about changes to data centres. The same thing will have to happen here, says Peter Judge When disaster struck Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power station in the 11 March earthquake, the first consideration was shutting down and ensuring safety. The long term effects could be more significant. Japan got nearly 30 percent of its power from nuclear plants, and now much of that is gone. In the wake of the disaster, other plants have closed, either as a direct result or for safety checks, and in May only 17 of the country’s 54 nuclear plants were in operation. That could imply that as much as 20 percent of the country’s electricity supply is in question – but actually, we don’t know what capacity the 17 reactors are working at, or how hard the 54 would have been working.
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    4. Data Centers Look for Lower-Emission Cooling

      Data Centers Look for Lower-Emission Cooling
      Putting computers near water is usually discouraged. But water could become vital for some companies seeking to cool the powerful servers that store and exchange vast amounts of information. Google, which runs five large data centers, is planning to open one of its most efficient facilities in a former paper mill on the coast of Finland later this year. “It’s the first time that I know that seawater has been used for data center cooling, but in other industries it’s actually quite common,” said Urs Hoelzle, a senior vice president at Google.
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    5. Solar Flares/Storms affect on Data Center is not known, an answer with data collection

      Solar Flares/Storms affect on Data Center is not known, an answer with data collection
      One of the great talks at 7x24 Exchange was given by Alex Young on a subject few have thought about. NASA - The Influence of Solar Flares and Solar Storms: Why We Should Care About Space Weather The Sun produces solar storms in the form of intense radiation and fast moving material. These storms can interact with the Earth to create electric currents in our atmosphere. The study of space weather developed to predict solar storms and understand their impact on our technology. The world's electrical grids-that fundamental technology enabling modern society-are vulnerable to these currents. While most days the sun's impacts are minimal, large solar storms have the potential to have a devastating impact on mission critical systems. This talk will present an overview of Space Weather to help your business begin to prepare for worst-case scenarios. C. Alex Young, Ph.D., Solar Astrophysicist at NASA's Goddard ...
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    6. Huge Solar Array Will Support NJ Data Center

      Huge Solar Array Will Support NJ Data Center
      The McGraw-Hill Companies will build a 50-acre solar array to support its data center in East Windsor, New Jersey, the company said today. The $60 million project will add 14.1 megawatts of solar generation, making it one of the largest initiatives yet to use photovoltaic solar power to offset the energy used by a data center. The array will be built on McGraw-Hill’s campus in East Windsor, which houses an 180,000 square foot data center and about 700,000 square feet of office space.
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    7. AT&T Exceeds Aggressive Energy Reduction Goal

      AT&T Exceeds Aggressive Energy Reduction Goal
      AT&T recently released their 2010 sustainability report entitled “Meet the Possibility Economy.” The 82-page report is upbeat and forward-looking and as the title suggests, it focuses more on possibilities than on accomplishments. AT&T, which took in $124 billion last year, (up $1.5 billion from 2009) reported greenhouse gas emissions that, at 8.97 million metric tons, were essentially flat from the year before.
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    8. Green Data Center Throws Open Doors In Oregon

      Green Data Center Throws Open Doors In Oregon
      A new 30,000 square foot data center has just been launched in Bend, Oregon and the facility is about as green as any data center could get. Bendbroadband announced the launch of the “Vault” last month and disclosed some details about the center’s design and green features. Bendbroadband says the center offers colocation, disaster recovery and cloud computing services to small and medium-sized businesses as well as enterprise-class companies and employs a group of IT professionals that will staff the center 24//365. In addition to physical-server colocation, BendBroadband has partnered with Logicalis to offer a suite of managed services.
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    9. Video: Renewable Energy and Data Centers

      Video: Renewable Energy and Data Centers
      As organizations like Greenpeace pressure Internet companies to use more energy from renewable sources, data center operators are struggling with the best approach to renewable power. To get some perspective on the issue, we spoke with John Stanley, a researcher at The 451 Group who specializes in “Eco-Efficient IT” and the intersection between data centers and sustainability. “I think data centers need to get away from this idea that they’re going to put enough solar panels on the roof to power the entire data center,” said Stanley.
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    10. Adopt 'right balance' for green clouds

      Adopt 'right balance' for green clouds
      Cloud computing service providers should look into having a "right balance" approach in giving their data centers a green makeover by redesigning it to include eco-friendly energy sources and educating employees on the benefits of reducing their carbon footprint, an analyst urged. Philip Carter, associate vice president of green IT and sustainability at IDC Asia-Pacific's practice group, said that there are several aspects toward moving a green cloud computing service. Internally, these aspects include designing the data center to utilize renewable energy sources, implement ongoing monitoring of the energy efficiency such as the PUE (power usage effectiveness) ratio, and ensuring organizational alignment in which employees are aware and educated on the company's green initiatives and technologies, he explained in his e-mail.
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    11. Steel Orca: Green Data Center Atop Old Steel Mill

      Steel Orca: Green Data Center Atop Old Steel Mill
      The site of an old steel plant site across the river from Trenton, New Jersey might seem an odd location for a “green” data center. But not to Steel Orca, a Pennsylvania company that is developing a large data center that plans to tap the Delaware River for its cooling system and power its servers using electricity generated from landfills and solar panels. Steel Orca is planning a 300,000 square foot data center at the Keystone Industrial Port Complex (KIPC), an “eco-industrial” business park that has risen atop the former home of the US Steel-Fairless Works factory in Fairless Hills, Pa.
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    12. Data centre migration panel chosen for australian federal agencies

      Data centre migration panel chosen for australian federal agencies
      A whole of government panel for the provision of data centre migration services to Australian Government agencies has been put in place. The panel, consisting of Colliers International Project Services; Dell Australia; Dimension Data; Fujitsu Australia; Hewlett Packard; and the Frame Group will assist agencies to move into data centres. Special Minister of State Gary Gray said moving between data centres can be a complex exercise. “Most agencies have limited experience in undertaking such an activity,” he said.
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    13. Cutting Data Center Energy As Easy As Containing Cooling

      Cutting Data Center Energy As Easy As Containing Cooling
      Facebook, Google and Yahoo have recently been innovating around building greener data centers, but not all energy efficiency data center projects have to be so novel. Some (arguably most) of the solutions are downright boring. Take an announcement from Verizon this morning — the telco has been cutting the energy consumption of its data centers by installing panels made by Polargy which isolate air from data center cooling systems in certain areas that need it.
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    14. How To Build A Modern Data Center

      How To Build A Modern Data Center
      Borrowing ideas from Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, Vantage is building three wholesale data centers in Santa Clara that focus on energy efficiency. A new type of data center is going up in Santa Clara, Calif., built by Vantage, a specialist in creating modern computing space. The facility's design and energy use is only one step behind the leaders in the field, Google and Facebook. Unlike Vantage, however, Google and Facebook tend to build their data centers in remote, optimum locations like the Columbia River Valley, where power is cheap, or in central Oregon where the cool nights and high desert climate aid in the fight to keep densely packed computer equipment from overheating.
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    15. A Data Vault With a Green Complexion

      A Data Vault With a Green Complexion
      Its located just 30 miles from a huge, extremely efficient Facebook data center whose debut triggered an avalanche of media coverage. But the BendBroadband Vault, which opened its doors this week, is a data center with its own distinctive story to tell. The 30,000 square foot facility integrates a number of progressive strategies to address its energy impact, including on-site solar power generation, a fresh air cooling system that uses a “heat wheel” (Kyoto Cooling) system, and hot air containment in its server room. The Vault also purchases renewable energy credits through its utility, Pacific Power & Light, that offset the data center’s electricity use. (See Closer Look: The BendBroadband Vault for photos).
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    16. Web Host BendBroadband Opens Tier III Data Center in Oregon

      Web Host BendBroadband Opens Tier III Data Center in Oregon
      Web hosting provider BendBroadband (www.bendbroadband.com) announced on Monday it has launched the Vault, a 30,000 square foot Tier III enterprise-class green data center in Bend, Oregon. First announced last June, the data center has partnered with managed hosting provider Logicalis (www.logicalis.com) to offer a full host of dedicated managed services, in addition to colocation, disaster recovery, and cloud computing services. The data center is built in a former warehouse in the Basalt Business Park at 20845 Sockeye Place, located in Oregon's Enterprise Zone. The rich fiber presence and diverse paths of entry into the data center will ensure a robust connectivity solution, making this new facility one of the most desirable for mission-critical IT infrastructure and disaster recovery on the West Coast, says the company.
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    17. Greenpeace: Facebook’s Solar Use ‘Encouraging’

      Greenpeace: Facebook’s Solar Use ‘Encouraging’
      Greenpeace International today commended Facebook for its use of on-site solar panels to supplement utility power at its new data center in Prineville, Oregon. The positive comments followed a year of critiques of Facebook over its power sourcing to support its huge new Oregon data center.
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    18. Report from a Data Center: Part 3, Green is not yet green

      Report from a Data Center: Part 3, Green is not yet green
      Windows & Net Magazine (blog)Report from a Data Center: Part 3, Green is not yet greenWindows & Net Magazine (blog)The more interesting technologies we saw at the green data center at HP's research facility (ice-making to cover cooling during peak-energy use times; conceptual models for using methane gas from cows to power cooling) have obviously not hit the ...
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    19. Datacenter Discussions: Savvis and Sungard

      Datacenter Discussions: Savvis and Sungard
      DatacenterDynamicsDatacenter Discussions: Savvis and SungardDatacenterDynamicsA. NC: Delivering the most sustainable IT infrastructure that we can is an ongoing challenge and at Savvis we have a number of initiatives to improve energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of our data centers. Our approach to building data ...and more »
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    20. Facebook for electricity?

      Facebook for electricity?
      Intelligent UtilityFacebook for electricity?Intelligent Utility"Microgrids can serve as living laboratories for the prolifera-tion of technologies ranging from generation (especially renewables), transmission, distribution, building energy management and data center energy efficiency. "College campuses also have ...
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    21. Google Invests Massive $168M in BrightSource Solar Project

      Google Invests Massive $168M in BrightSource Solar Project
      The solar investments from Google just keep on comin', and this, time it's a biggie. On Monday afternoon, the search engine giant announced its largest investment in renewable energy to date: $168 million into BrightSource Energy's solar project in the Mojave Desert in California. Even for the clean power fans at Google, the size of the funding is impressive. To date, Google’s investments in solar and wind farms have been considerably smaller, including announcing last week that it would put €3.5 million ($5 million USD) into a solar photovoltaic farm in Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany, which is near Berlin. In May 2010, Google announced it planned to invest $38.8 million into 169.5 megawatts worth of wind projects developed by NextEra Energy Resources in North Dakota.
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