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    1. What is the impact of a water drought on your data center operations?

      What is the impact of a water drought on your data center operations?

      As Coleridge made clear, water is essential for survival. Since data centers hadn’t been invented when he published The Rime of the Ancient Mariner in 1798 he didn’t mention them. But if they had, he certainly would have included them in his epic poem since water is too often a common requirement for their operation. This water dependency is an area of consideration that businesses should factor into their plans for upcoming data centers. A high percentage of today’s data centers use water-based cooling methods to keep them from becoming the equivalent of a Hopi sweatbox in the desert. Although evaporative cooling, whether through traditional towers or “advanced” swamp coolers, remain highly effective cooling methods, when you’re planning a new data center you may want to consider the impact of the weather and water availability on your decision.

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    2. Blackrock: From Wall Street to Wenatchee

      Blackrock: From Wall Street to Wenatchee

      East Wenatchee is a long way from Wall Street. But the small town in central Washington state serves as the unlikely home for a data center for one of the major players in the financial industry. The financial services firm Blackrock operates a new data center at a mission critical campus operated by Sabey Corp. Blackrock is the world’s largest asset management firm, overseeing more than $3.5 trillion in funds for its clients, which include pension funds and insurance companies. The company has also emerged as a leader in the development of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), investments that track indices of stocks or bonds. ETFs allow investors many of the advantages of mutual funds, but with a lower fee structure.

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    3. Board: No Health Threat From Quincy Generators

      Board: No Health Threat From Quincy Generators

      The diesel generators at a Microsoft’s data center present no health threat to residents of Quincy, Washington, an independent board found this week, affirming a ruling by state officials. The Pollution Control Hearings Board rebuffed a challenge from a group of citizens, including former Quincy mayor Patty Martin, who claimed that the state Department of Ecology had used faulty methodology in approving the generators.

      The board also agreed with Ecology’s ruling that there was no need to require data center operators to use expensive emission-control technologies. But it recommended that Microsoft conduct annual emissions testing to ensure that its generators were continuing to operate within stipulated air quality ranges.

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    4. Washington State Passes Data Center Tax Breaks

      Washington State Passes Data Center Tax Breaks

      Washington state is poised to restore data center tax incentives that sparked a building boom in the state in 2010, and could help the state compete more effectively with Oregon for future projects. Last week the Washington state legislature passed sales and use tax exemptions for data centers built in rural counties, and Gov. Chris Gregoire is expected to sign the bill into law. Once it is signed, the bill will restore tax incentives that jump-started data center construction in Quincy, a small town in Grant County that is home to a cluster of major data centers for companies like Microsoft and Yahoo.

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    5. BusinessGreen announces Leaders Awards 2012 shortlist

      BusinessGreen announces Leaders Awards 2012 shortlist

      BusinessGreen has today announced the full shortlist for the annual BusinessGreen Leaders Awards, revealing the companies and individuals in the running for an award at this year's prestigious awards ceremony on Wednesday 4th July. Hosted in association with headline sponsor Kyocera, the awards dinner will take place at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington and feature high profile speakers and an award-winning master of ceremonies.

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    6. Yahoo Restructuring: What About Hosting?

      Yahoo Restructuring: What About Hosting?

      It’s been a full six months since corporate upheaval at Yahoo prompted us to wonder whether there are changes in the wind for the company’s hosting and data center operations. Back in September it was the departure of CEO Carol Bartz that triggered speculation. Now comes word (via Kara Swisher) of plans for a major restructuring and significant layoffs at Yahoo.

      “While Yahoo has been subject to numerous layoffs over the years, none has been as large as what is now being contemplated to slash costs,” Swisher writes. Yahoo confirms that its leadership is “engaged in a process that will generate significant strategic change at Yahoo, but final decisions have not yet been made at this point.” The reorganization will reportedly target “marginal businesses” and “arenas in which the company has lagged.”

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    7. The Renewable Energy Behind Iceland’s Data Centre Bid: In Pictures

      The Renewable Energy Behind Iceland’s Data Centre Bid: In Pictures

      Iceland’s bid to be a data hub is all about energy. It generates surplus electricity from renewable sources, allowing its utilities to offer very competitive prices. Geothermal and hydroelectric power provide a steady baseload, giving data centres guaranteed power, and long-term pricing agreements. TechWeekEurope‘s visit to Iceland included two sustainable power plants, shown here in pictures. Iceland has used hydroelectricity for many years, and the state power utility, Landsvirkjun, apologised for taking us round one of the oldest – Irafoss on the Sog river. 

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    8. Dell Opens Quincy Data Center

      Dell Opens Quincy Data Center

      Dell Services has opened its new data center in Quincy, Wash., a key component of a global data center expansion to support the company’s push into cloud computing services. The first phase of the project features 40,000 square feet of data center space.

      The Dell Western Technology Center is a multi-client facility with redundant network connectivity, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), cooling, utility and back-up emergency power generation. It is built with the largest installation in the U.S. to use a “heat wheel,” also known as a rotary heat exchanger. The heat wheel is a refinement of existing approaches that take advantage of outside air to improve cooling efficiency – which slashes data center power bills by reducing the need to use power-hungry chillers for air conditioning.

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    9. Zero Carbon Footprint Data Center from Verne Global and Colt Industries

      Zero Carbon Footprint Data Center from Verne Global and Colt Industries

      Rakesh Dogra February 14, 2012 No Comments » Location is important for the data center as well. Critical factors like energy efficiency and reliability and zero carbon footprint can be fostered even more by choosing a location that delivers power availability and ambient temperatures. Keeping in mind these requirements, Iceland is coming up in a big way indeed. The country offers ample amount of space, scope for economic de

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    10. Jerry Yang, ‘Chief Yahoo,’ Steps Down From Board

      Jerry Yang, ‘Chief Yahoo,’ Steps Down From Board
      Jerry Yang has left Yahoo, the stumbling Internet company he co-founded 17 years ago, the company announced Tuesday. Rick Wilking/Reuters Jerry Yang is leaving Yahoo, the Internet company he helped start 17 years ago. He did not cite a reason. In a statement, Roy Bostock, Yahoo’s chairman, said Mr. Yang would immediately give up his board seat at Yahoo and step down from the boards of the Alibaba Group and Yahoo Japan. Mr. Yang did not give a reason for his departure, but it occurred as the company undergoes a strategic review under a new chief executive, Scott Thompson, on whether the company should sell off its Asian interests and focus on its media assets. Yahoo owns a 40 percent stake in Alibaba and a 35 percent stake in Yahoo Japan.
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    11. Yahoo Seeks to Rebrand Itself at Sundance

      Yahoo Seeks to Rebrand Itself at Sundance
      Many a company has tried to burnish its image by basking in the Sundance Film Festival’s cultural heat. Will it work for Yahoo? Enlarge This Image Yahoo Robert Redford of Sundance, left, with Ross Levinsohn of Yahoo. Related Yahoo’s Renovator in Chief (January 5, 2012) Add to Portfolio Yahoo! Inc Go to your Portfolio » Lately focused more intently on offering higher-quality entertainment — and still struggling to create a more defined consumer identity for itself — the Internet company on Thursday plans to announce a flurry of Sundance-related activities. The centerpiece involves short films: Yahoo will stream 12 shorts from the festival on its recently redesigned video hub (accessible via screen.yahoo.com) starting Jan. 19, the festival’s first day.
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    12. Inside Yahoo’s ‘Chicken Coop’ Data Center

      If you’re a regular reader of Data Center Knowledge, you’ve seen plenty of images we’ve posted of the Yahoo Computing Coop data center in Lockport, New York. But we’ve never seen any video from inside the facility until we came across this footage on YouTube from the grand opening of the data center. There’s brief comments from politicians and executives, but also some views of the racks and aisles. This video runs about 5 minutes.
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    13. Sabey Completes Its First Data Center in Quincy

      Sabey Completes Its First Data Center in Quincy
      Sabey Data Centers has completed the first facility on its Intergate.Quincy data center campus in Quincy, Washington, just seven months after commencing construction, the company said today. The first tenant has occupied its space in the 139,000 square foot data center, the initial phase of what will be 520,000 square feet of space in Quincy. Sabey is currently working on tenant improvements for additional customer space. The Intergate.Quincy campus has 60 megawatts of capacity of hydro-electric power priced at 2.25 cents per kWh, among the lowest-priced power in the nation. Intergate.Quincy is the sister campus to Intergate.Columbia, Sabey’s 430,000 square foot campus located near Wenatchee, Wash.
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    14. The Yahoo Factor

      The Yahoo Factor
      The past few months haven’t been easy ones for Yahoo, with the contentious exit of CEO Carol Bartz followed rumors that the company might be sold. We’ve always maintained that Yahoo’s data center strategy has been one of the company’s major success stories. The Yahoo team has been overhauling the company’s infrastructure to run its IT infrastructure more efficiently, saving many millions of dollars in the process. The influence of the data center team assembled by Yahoo has spread across the industry, as I was reminded when I encountered this photo from the 2006 groundbreaking for the Yahoo data center in Quincy, Washington. Wielding the shovels in the photo above are purple-clad Yahoo team members (from left) Kevin Timmons, Lars Rabbe, Scott Noteboom and Tom Furlong. Timmons now directs the data center effort for CyrusOne, Rabbe is presently the CIO of Skype, Furlong is Director ...
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    15. Facebook's new server farm will be naturally cool

      Facebook's new server farm will be naturally cool
      Energy Efficiency NewsFacebook's new server farm will be naturally coolEnergy Efficiency NewsThe 120 MW Lulea Data Center will be powered by nearby hydropower plants and handle data from 800 million users mainly in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The data centre, which is the company's first outside the US where it has centres in ...and more »
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    16. Facebook Cuts Back on Generators in Sweden

      Facebook Cuts Back on Generators in Sweden
      A dagram of the utility archotecture supporting the Facebook data center in lulea, Sweden, which will operate with fewer generators than Facebook's U.S. data centers. For most data centers, backup generators serve as the last line of defense against downtime during utility power outages. Some major data centers use more than 30 diesel generators to ensure a ready supply of on-site generation. Facebook is taking a different approach at its new data center in Sweden, reducing the number of backup generators by 70 percent. Facebook says the extraordinary reliability of the regional power grid serving the town of Lulea allows the company to use far fewer generators than in its U.S. facilities. Using fewer generators reduces the data center’s impact on the local environment in several ways. It allows Facebook to store less diesel fuel on site, and reduces emissions from generator testing, which is usually ...
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    17. Facebook Goes Global With Data Center in Sweden

      Facebook Goes Global With Data Center in Sweden
      Facebook will build a huge new data center in northern Sweden to support the rapid global growth of its users, the company said today. The new data center in Lulea, Sweden will be Facebook’s first facility outside the United States. The location takes advantage of the cool climate in Lulea, a seaside town of 45,000 located at approximately the same latitude as Fairbanks, Alaska. That cool weather will allow Facebook to use outside air to cool the tens of thousands of servers that will occupy the new campus. Facebook plans to build multiple data centers in Lulea, beginning with a 27,000 square meter (290,000 square foot) first phase that will be completed in late 2012 and begin supporting traffic in the first half of 2013.
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    18. If Silver Lake brokers Yahoo deal, don't you think there will be a data center deal for Silver Lake?

      If Silver Lake brokers Yahoo deal, don't you think there will be a data center deal for Silver Lake?
      WSJ writes on Silver Lake brokering a purchase of Yahoo. Private-equity firm Silver Lake Partners is working with one of its investors, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, and Microsoft Corp. to put together a proposal to buy Yahoo Inc., people familiar with the matter said.Under the proposal being discussed, Microsoft would put up several billion dollars of funding, with additional financing being arranged by banks, the people said. Silver Lake and the CPP Investment Board would kick in the rest of the amount, which would be less than what Microsoft contributes, the people said. Now, if Silver Lake is smart which they are. Don't you think there is a good chance that there is a data center deal in there somewhere? Another deal scenario being discussed by interested parties is a complex, multipart bid for Yahoo led by Alibaba, where the Chinese company gets back Yahoo's ...
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    19. Yahoo Meets Low Earnings Expectations

      Yahoo Meets Low Earnings Expectations
      Yahoo Inc lived up to lackluster third-quarter expectations, but the struggling Internet portal was tight-lipped about efforts to find a new Chief Executive or explore a sale. Shares of Yahoo, which fired former CEO Carol Bartz in early September before the end of the third quarter, gained roughly 3 percent to $15.98 in after hours trading on Tuesday. "It looks OK, nothing spectacular, but nothing disastrous, and nothing disastrous is good news for these guys," said Macquarie Research analyst Ben Schachter. Yahoo's profit and revenue slipped year-on-year during the third quarter, as the company saw weakness in sales of its so-called non-premium online display ads, as well as in its search advertising business.
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    20. Kevin Timmons Joins CyrusOne as CTO

      Kevin Timmons Joins CyrusOne as CTO
      CyrusOne, the data center solutions unit of Cincinnati Bell, has hired industry veteran Kevin Timmons as its new chief technology officer (CTO), the company said today. Timmons has led data center teams at Microsoft and Yahoo, focusing on building efficient Internet-scale data centers on a budget. He left Microsoft earlier this year, reportedly to take a position at Apple. Today’s announcement made no mention of Timmons and Apple, which rarely discusses its data center operations. CyrusOne in Expansion Mode But there’s plenty of activity to keep Timmons busy at CyrusOne, which has been in expansion mode since being bought by Cincinnati Bell in 2009. The high-density colocation specialist, which has built a major footprint in Texas, recently unveiled plans to build an enormous data center in Phoenix, which will reach 1 million square feet of space upon completion. The announcement marks the most ambitious expansion yet
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    21. Microsoft comes a long way with Water use in Quincy, Transfers water treatment plant to City of Quincy

      Microsoft comes a long way with Water use in Quincy, Transfers water treatment plant to City of Quincy
      When Microsoft's Quincy data center opened, I was able to get a tour of the data center.  One of the questions I asked is how much water does the data center use.  I asked the data center operations staff, they didn't know.  I asked the data center design team, they didn't know either.  And, a response was why do you want to know?  Because I think you use lots of water, and it is an issue in a green data center. When I went back out to the data center a few months later, the data center operation team said they are storing blow-down water in tanks, and they have 6 months before the tanks fill up.  This problem was not unique to Microsoft as other data center operators had blow-down water that cannot be put into the waste stream. A water treatment plant was built to ...
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    22. Microsoft to Slash its Water Impact in Quincy

      Microsoft to Slash its Water Impact in Quincy
      In a move that will save millions of gallons of potable water for the local community, Microsoft has teamed with the city of Quincy, Washington to retool the city’s water treatment infrastructure. As part of the partnership, a multi-million dollar water treatment plant built by Microsoft to support its data center will be leased to the city of Quincy for just $10 a year. The plant will be retrofitted and expanded to support the water reuse initiative, which will allow other nearby businesses and data centers to benefit.. Microsoft’s existing water treatment plant infrastructure was built to reuse the water from the local farming community’s food processing plant. The plant would filter that water and use it to cool the Microsoft data center. Afterwards, they would filter the water again before returning it to the aquifer.
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    23. Dell Readies Major Cloud Hub in Quincy

      Dell Readies Major Cloud Hub in Quincy
      Dell is getting busy in its global data center expansion to support its push into cloud computing services. This morning the company announced plans to open a new UK data center in Slough, a suburb of London. At this afternoon’s DellWorld event in Austin, Texas, the company discussed its plans to build a major new cloud hosting facility in Quincy, a major data center hub in Washington state. Both projects are part of Dell’s initiative to invest $1 billion in building a fleet of 10 data centers around the world to host cloud services for customers. Dell bought 80 acres of land in Quincy last year, and will launch a first phase of 40,000 square feet of data center space by the end of the year, Dell executives said. Like the new UK facility, the structure at the Washington state project will divided into two sections – a ...
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