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    1. Innovation, Data and the Big What If

      Innovation, Data and the Big What If

      Over the past decade, economies around the world have been driven by innovation in terms of how we play, work, connect and stay informed. It’s changed the way businesses are run, how children learn and products are designed, developed and manufactured. For many, this drive to innovate has been built on a road paved by the information highway. While the world has seen technology move forward in leaps and bounds, one fundamental part of the innovation infrastructure has been built on has languished and that is the power grid. 

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    2. Peak fossil fuels in a decade, says Bloomberg, but...

      Bloomberg New Energy Finance  (BNEF) has done a 25-year projection of global energy markets. I'll hold my nose about the timeframe—a lot can happen in over two decades—but the forecast says there are a whopping eight (8) major trends that are shifting the market. You may get a green data center in a decade not because you planned it, but due to the continued proliferation of renewable power around the globe. 

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    3. Editorial: Don’t believe the myth that corporations oppose green initiatives

      Editorial: Don’t believe the myth that corporations oppose green initiatives

      There is a persistent myth that U.S. corporations oppose green initiatives. To the contrary, many are embracing a green future and reduced carbon footprints as profitable strategic investments. According to the Rocky Mountain Institute, a clean-energy think tank, U.S. companies bought nearly three times as much solar and wind power under long-term contracts in 2015 as they did in 2014. How significant is that?

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    4. Going Beyond Renewable Credits to Actual Energy

      Plenty of large organizations are carbon neutral - even those using lots of electricity. But mostly they get there by an indirect route, buying renewable credits or using power purchase agreements (PPAs) rather than directly using renewable power. Microsoft says it wants to ge beyond that, and use more renewable power directly.

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    5. Facebook, Microsoft Give Clean Energy a Boost With Buyer’s Group

      Facebook Inc. and Microsoft Corp. are joining forces with environmental groups to promote the development of 60 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2025. That’s enough to replace all the coal-fired power plants in the U.S. expected to retire in the next four years. The Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance was formed to break barriers that companies say they face with utilities and regulators in their efforts to reduce carbon emissions

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    6. No Hurry in Shutting Down the PSTN Means More CO2

      Orlando, Florida – GENBAND CEO David Walsh has been trying to grease the skids for a transition from the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to all IP for two to three years. He says phone companies are starting to switch – no pun intended – from legacy equipment to new gear, but every service provider seems to have a different time table, a different methodology, and no real hurry to clean house. But every day of delay burns plenty of electricity and water.

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    7. Can Your Company Consume Clean Energy and Still Compete Globally?

      Can Your Company Consume Clean Energy and Still Compete Globally?

      Is there is a correlation between economic growth and the rate of growth in greenhouse gas emissions? If the current presidential campaign is the benchmark, one would suspect a close link. But, at least for the last two years, those heat-trapping releases are stable while global economic growth is on the rise.

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    8. Tired Hillary Tells Cold Truth about Coal

      "We're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business," Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said on March 13. She's taken a lot of heat for the statement, made at the end of a long campaign day, and is now doing the time-honored tradition of walking back and clarifying her late evening statement. The cold reality is the economics of natural gas and fracking have already done most of the job of killing the coal industry,

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    9. Will Hawaii’s Attempts to Elevate Energy Storage be Successful?

      Will Hawaii’s Attempts to Elevate Energy Storage be Successful?

      With all the hoopla over utility commission rulings regarding how rooftop solar gets treated in California and Nevada, we almost forgot to bring up Hawaii, which has enacted some quirky rules of its own. The state, consisting of several islands, has the highest retail electric rates in the country. At 40 cents a kilowatt hour 

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    10. Worse Times for Fossil Fuels

      Fossil fuels are taking a big punch this month. Oil is under $30 dollars a barrel and nobody really knows how low it will go before it bottoms out and starts coming back. Coal got rolled over in President Obama's State of the Union speech, with hints of putting money into moving communities off the fuel and into renewable energy. Combine with the hold on leases for coal and gas rights on federal lands, and it is tough times all around.

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    11. Why Renewable Energy Will Power the Green Data Centers of Tomorrow

      Why Renewable Energy Will Power the Green Data Centers of Tomorrow

      The data center has been experiencing a digital revolution as of late as more organizations move to cloud and new kinds of next-generation technologies. Today, there are more users, more applications, and more requests for data center resources. Trends indicate that with even more digital content and now IoT devices will be creating even more data. All of this places resource challenges 

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    12. The truth is: data center power is out of control

      The truth is: data center power is out of control

      At the end of December, I talked about how politics and technology will change data centers in 2016. But there’s another perspective you won’t hear much about: the big picture of energy usage. Everyone prefers to talk about the efficiency of individual data centers, or the proportion of renewable energy they use. No one talks much about total energy used by data centers because the figures you get for that are annoying, depressing and frustrating.

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    13. Apple's first Singapore store will be powered entirely by renewable energy

      Apple's first Singapore store will be powered entirely by renewable energy

      Apple wants to end its dependence on fossil fuel for all of its global facilities and the upcoming store in the city-state of Singapore will be one of the first in the world to be powered entirely by solar energy. The Cupertino consumer electronics giant has partnered with Singapore's largest clean energy provider, Sunseap Group, who will provide power to Apple's 2,5000-person corporate campus and retail store. Energy will be obtained from solar panels laid on the rooftops of 800 buildings.

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    14. Presidential Candidates: Who Believes in Climate Change?

      Presidential Candidates: Who Believes in Climate Change?

      The presidential election of 2016 will determine the United States’ role in confronting and managing the impacts of climate change for years to come. A new University of Texas poll found that 76 percent of Americans (an increase of 8 percent from one year ago) now believe climate change is occurring, including 59 percent of Republicans. Will the growing numbers of believers affect the election?

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