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    1. Spotlight on Arra: A Stimulus Update

      Spotlight on Arra: A Stimulus Update
      The IDC Industry Insights report identified the early leaders among government technology initiatives, including: *Social Security Administration’s (SSA) National Computer Center data center modernization – $500 million. *SSA’s claims processing program – $490 million. *Department of Homeland Security data center, law enforcement communications – $340 million. *State Department’s security and network assurance technologies – $290 million. *Institute of Education Science’s high-performance computing and predictive services – $250 million. *Veterans Affairs Department data center and IT services – $50 million. *Agriculture Department’s Farm Services Agency data center and systems services – $50 million.
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    2. Green IT Can Save Money, Too

      Green IT Can Save Money, Too
      It's no surprise that for some companies green initiatives are dropping down the list of IT priorities. In a recent silicon.com survey, more than a quarter of respondents admitted green IT was off the agenda because of the recession. But many organisations have found the key is to align green goals with broader cost-cutting initiatives—which are definitely in vogue with CIOs and CFOs. In some cases government policies are already giving businesses a shove in the right direction. For example, in July 2008, the UK government informed 10,000 businesses that they could be affected by the Carbon Reduction Commitment—a climate change and energy-saving scheme that will take effect in 2010.
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    3. Data Centers Focus on Greener Power

      Data Centers Focus on Greener Power
      With carbon regulation looming on the horizon, companies with extensive data center operations are taking a harder look at the origin of their power, and its implications in a regulated environment. “The biggest part of our carbon footprint is the amount of electricity used to power the IT equipment in our data centers,” said Christina Page, the Director of Climate and Energy Strategy at Yahoo. “All electrons are not created equal.” Companies like Yahoo are seeking to use less power and buy a larger percentage of their energy from renewable sources such as hydro, wind and solar power. In most cases, that means building or leasing data centers in locations where utility providers offer renewables in sourcing their electricity.
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    4. AltaTerra Research Sees Growing Interest in Carbon Reduction Strategies for ...

      AltaTerra Research Sees Growing Interest in Carbon Reduction Strategies for ...
      For IT-intensive businesses, carbon is becoming another important factor in the data center energy cost and efficiency equation. When location, carbon intensity of local power sources, and data center efficiency are combined, carbon emissions from a given server configuration can vary by a factor of ten. In the face of a changing regulatory environment, this remarkable range in carbon emissions performance is prompting new long-term thinking in data center location, sourcing, and upgrade strategies. Panelists included Christine Page, Director of Climate and Energy Strategy at Yahoo!, Andy Broer, Senior Manager, Infrastructure Critical Environments at Cisco, Mark Thiele, Director of Business Operations at VMware, and Ben Machol, Program Manager for Clean Energy and Climate Change Office at the U.S. EPA. Don Bray, co-founder and President of AltaTerra Research, organized the panel and moderated.
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    5. Uncle Sam wants green data centers - by Doug Mohney

      Uncle Sam wants green data centers - by Doug Mohney
      Federal data centers are being targeted for energy reductions as a part of a broader push for U.S. government agencies to reduce greenhouse gases, reports Federaltimes.com. But will it make a difference? An executive order signed by President Barak Obama on October 5 requires agencies to begin measuring greenhouse gas emissions and set targets for reducing them. Data centers look to be an easy target for savings since the government owns around 10 percent of the country's centers and servers based upon an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated generated on 2006 data. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is now in the process of collecting updated statistics from all agencies, including details on energy consumption, property location and capacity of centers; the last inventory by OMB was back in 1999 – a couple of lifetimes of server hardware and data growth.
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    6. Strong Cabinet Support For Emissions Bill

      Strong Cabinet Support For Emissions Bill
      Top Obama officials joined Senate environment committee leaders to rev up enthusiasm for a major climate bill but faced opposition from Republicans and some prominent Democratic senators as well. Montana Sen. Max Baucus, the second ranking Democrat on the committee as well as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, was among those who quickly voiced reservations during the first day of climate legislation hearings by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. Baucus said he had concerns with the overall direction of the bill and some "serious reservations" about its steep metrics for cutting carbon gas emissions. "Montana, with our resource-based, agriculture and tourism economies cannot afford the unmitigated impacts of climate change," Baucus said. "But we also cannot afford the unmitigated effects of climate change legislation." The bill, sponsored by the committee chairwoman Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., and Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., would mandate a ...
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    7. HP makes responsible use of IT easy

      HP makes responsible use of IT easy
      In just four months, HP’s “Power to Change” campaign has rallied thousands of people willing to switch off their PC monitors during idle time in support of HP’s challenge for ‘green’ PC use. Spread across different continents, each registrant has to date helped contribute to energy savings of 70,400 kilowatt hours and 42 tons of carbon emissions - which equal almost 2,815 cars being taken off the road. At the heart of HP’s “Power to Change” campaign is a downloadable application which tracks energy and carbon emission savings each time a user switches off his idle PC monitor. With the application, HP hopes to highlight how individual contributions to the environment’s betterment can make a difference in creating lasting, sweeping change. HP also hopes to bring to light practical tips individual PC users and enterprises can follow in order to observe green IT in their ...
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    8. Autodesk crunches numbers for greener buildings

      Autodesk crunches numbers for greener buildings
      Autodesk, a company best known for its AutoCAD three-dimensional design software, has spent the past year developing extensions to its existing products focused on green renovations of existing commercial buildings, company executives said here on Monday. Last year, Autodesk acquired two companies that had developed analytical tools intended to bring more hard numbers to sustainable design efforts. When used with Autodesk's existing applications, professionals such as architects, designers, and contractors can get a snapshot of how existing buildings perform in terms of energy and water use and can simulate the impact of architectural changes.
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    9. Google's warm reception for secretary of energy

      Google's warm reception for secretary of energy
      For a bunch of search engineers, Google employees care an awful lot about energy and the environment. Google hosted an event for employees Monday featuring Steven Chu, the U.S. secretary of energy under President Obama and a man Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said "may become one of the most influential scientists of our generation, if he isn't already." Chu took about an hour to speak to a packed room of Google employees following his announcement of $151 million in funding for new energy-related projects as part of the ARPA-E program. Chu found a friendly audience of some of the most science-and-technology-obsessed individuals in a region known for science and technology obsession. He called the need to invest in alternative fuels and energy systems "the engineering and science challenge of our time" that will demand contributions from young scientists and technologists like the ones in Mountain View.
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    10. CA Adds New Carbon Tracking Tools to ecoSoftware Suite

      CA Adds New Carbon Tracking Tools to ecoSoftware Suite
      Business software giant CA has today extended its package of ecoSoftware applications with the unveiling of new tools designed to help firms better manage, measure and report on their environmental and carbon emission reduction initiatives. The company formally launched CA ecoGovernance 1.5, a new software suite designed to help executives track the performance of environmental initiatives and share the results across the business, as well as a new ecoMeter toolset that allows firms to constantly monitor power use across their datacentres and other facilities.
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    11. Arch Rock Aims at the Green Data Center With Wireless Energy Tech

      Arch Rock Aims at the Green Data Center With Wireless Energy Tech
      One of the chief ways that startups are helping make data centers greener is by developing wireless technology that can fill in the energy blind spots. As analyst Katherine Austin put it in our recent GigaOM Pro report (subscription required), in which she takes a look at startups like SynapSense and Sentilla: “You can’t control what you don’t monitor.” Well, here’s another startup moving into that market: Arch Rock announced Sunday night that it has launched a wireless data center energy management product to complement its energy management software service Energy Optimizer.
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    12. How to comply with the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme

      How to comply with the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme
      The UK-wide Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme is a new, legally binding carbon cap and trading scheme designed to promote energy efficiency and help reduce carbon emissions. It forms part of the Government’s strategy to reduce UK CO2 emissions by 80% by the year 2050, compared to the 1990 baseline. Organisations with half hourly metered electricity consumption greater than 6,000MWh during 2008 are subject to the CRC and must start preparing for it. This will typically include UK-based parent companies and their UK subsidiaries (all measured as a single entity, unless the subsidiary is of significant size, in which case it can disaggregate itself from the parent company within the scheme).
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    13. Leading CEOs Advise Congress to Support All Energy Sources, Electric Grid

      Leading CEOs Advise Congress to Support All Energy Sources, Electric Grid
      Business Roundtable, an association of chief executive officers at leading U.S. companies, is urging Congress and the Obama Administration to support renewable and traditional sources of energy as the country transitions to a low-carbon economy. They cite the need to protect energy security and economic growth while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The roundtable’s report, Unfinished [...]
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    14. Why Data Centers Aren't Energy Hogs

      Why Data Centers Aren't Energy Hogs
      Moving ''bits'' instead of ''atoms'' is more energy efficient. London city government will soon begin publishing energy consumption by street address. CIOs will be unflatteringly featured on this list because London is filled with the data centers of major financial institutions, and these data centers can consume up to 35% of the entire enterprise energy. This conspicuous consumption is likely to prompt picketing by environmental activists and negative news stories. If other cities and countries emulate London in shaming large energy users, CIOs may find themselves regularly spotlighted on the nightly news.
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    15. A new energy currency- by tate cantrell

      A new energy currency- by tate cantrell
      In last week’s blog, I mentioned the potential impact of a Copenhagen Protocol coming out of the upcoming December summit on companies’ long-term carbon emissions planning. One of the questions I received back on that post asked what might happen if the Copenhagen Protocol doesn’t pass. What impact would something like that have on the energy supply? Does energy become a new, high-value currency? If so, what options do companies, and countries for that matter, have open to them? The UK is facing this very real threat in the next few years, independent of the Copenhagen Protocol. Recently, the TimesOnline reported that Britain’s energy regulator is forecasting a power supply reduction in the UK in the next four years.
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    16. CitiGroup Leeds by example

      CitiGroup Leeds by example
      Jim Carney, executive vice president of data center planning for Citigroup, likes to describe the company's newest compute facilities as "24/7 by forever." Inside a green data center In data center life, that "forever" translates to a good 20 to 30 years -- at least for this New York-based global financial giant. "We've succeeded in developing a very flexible platform that can adapt easily and seamlessly to changes in customer technologies and allow for differences in heat densities, power consumption and physical layout without causing severe interruptions to their service requirements," Carney says.
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    17. Achieving Federal Data Center Modernization

      Achieving Federal Data Center Modernization
      Government organizations must overcome hefty challenges to meet evolving IT mission goals in 2009 as the impact of the ongoing economic crisis, along with wars overseas and an extensive economic stimulus program are complicating their efforts to modernize, consolidate and transform data center operations. For instance, while a general rule for data center hardware has typically been three to five years between upgrade and/or replacement, in the current economic climate, government IT organizations are extending life cycles and leveraging legacy systems to squeeze more from existing IT assets, particularly servers, storage, and power equipment. Meanwhile, regardless of the state of the economy, the amount of data to be managed continues to grow exponentially, especially as new types, such as video, continue to gain in popularity. At the same time, the sweeping changes ‘stimulated’ by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 will likely have the biggest long term ...
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    18. The Analyst Angle- How will Green IT evolve from 1.0 to 2.0

      The Analyst Angle- How will Green IT evolve from 1.0 to 2.0
      Some of the vital data points suggest that though most Green IT initiatives start within the data center, organizations are shifting focus to their distributed IT assets. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR Program, in 2006, "US servers and data centers alone accounted for 1.5 percent of total US energy consumption," and by 2011, "US energy consumption by servers and data centers could nearly double again representing USD 7.4 billion in electricity costs." Beyond increased energy consumption, which translates to increased carbon emissions, data centers are also running out of space, power, and cooling. In a 2008 survey of more than 300 IT professionals, the Uptime Institute found that within 12 to 24 months, 33 percent would run out of space, 42 percent would run out of power, and 39 percent would run out of cooling. Green IT tactics in the data center that increase ...
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    19. Recession Hasn't Killed Data Centre Demand

      Recession Hasn't Killed Data Centre Demand
      Is the recession cutting demand for data centre space? Not according to analyst Nick Mayes of PAC Consulting. Demand for UK data centre capacity is still soaring as enterprises focus on costs and struggle to deal with increasing regulatory pressures over emissions. This, says an industry watcher, is driving them to outsource their data centres to specialised providers. IDC has been warning of pressures on data centre capacity for a while now, and has also previously said in-house data centre capacity is expected to shrink over the next few years. This view was backed up Nick Mayes, senior analyst at PAC Consulting
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    20. Thales Cuts Energy Use 10%, CO2 Emissions 4%

      Thales Cuts Energy Use 10%, CO2 Emissions 4%
      In Doncaster, UK, the data center’s free-cooling system has cut the energy bill by 13 percent and the investment has paid for itself in less than two years. The optimization of IT resources and the virtualization of more than 2,000 servers have decreased the number of servers by 25 percent and their usage by 20 percent. The technology company is also selecting more eco-friendly suppliers. In its request for proposals for office supplies, Thales now includes environmental factors such as eco-friendly products with less packaging, which has resulted in a penetration rate of 30 percent for green office supplies.
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    21. How Low Can you go with your CO2? By Tate Cantrell

      How Low Can you go with your CO2?  By Tate Cantrell
      The latest information from the Carbon Disclosure Project marks an encouraging change in the actions of big companies working to reduce their carbon emissions.  The Carbon Disclosure Project is an independent non-profit organization that gathers voluntary information regarding carbon emissions from thousands of companies around the globe. According to their new Global 500 Report, companies are implementing standard practices for carbon planning more than ever before. Their banner quote in the Executive Summary says it all – “In 2009, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) received the highest response rate to date, the highest level of disclosed emissions and greater detail than ever before on the activities being undertaken by the largest corporations around climate change mitigation and adaptation.”
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    22. UK Companies Offered Carbon Management Widget

      UK Companies Offered Carbon Management Widget
      Developed by UK software makers Ecosoft, the littleFoot product is being backed by IT services company Redstone managed solutions as part of wider drive to help companies improve the energy efficiency of their IT systems. The software consists of a web portal which allows managers to view information on employee energy usage which can be used for audit trails for compliance with legislation such as the UK's Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), Redstone states.
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