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    1. State Dept. to Consolidate Data Centers

      State Dept. to Consolidate Data Centers
      The U.S. State Department has posted a notice indicating it will consolidate its data center, according to Federal Computer Week. The consolidation plans are described in a presolicitation notice on the Federal Business Opportunities Web site. The project “includes a broad range of services not limited to hardware and software evaluation and recommendations, configuration management system design and implementation, physical server virtualization and transition, and LAN administration support for server transition and consolidation,” the document states.
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    2. Green Data Center Titles Released From Pearson

      Green Data Center Titles Released From Pearson
      Pearson's technology imprints, Cisco Press and Prentice Hall, announced today the release of two new Green Data Center titles focusing on energy efficiency, eco-friendliness and the necessary improvements to maximize savings in the IT industry. Grow a Greener Data Center, by Douglas Alger, and Foundations of Green IT, by Marty Poniatowski, highlight how information technology can have a positive environmental impact, focusing on topics including server consolidation, virtualization, and the most effective way to run a green data center.
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    3. Green IT's New Frontier: "Power-Capping" the Data Center

      Green IT's New Frontier: "Power-Capping" the Data Center
      Looking to get the most energy savings out of your data center? The newest technique, called "power-capping," may be your answer, even though at first blush it sounds like a very scary proposition. Power-capping does exactly what it says: It limits the amount of electricity that servers can consume at any given time. This not only controls the amount of electricity used in a data center, but also increases data center density. So enterprises save in two ways: Lower utility bills, and less real estate needed for their data center.
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    4. First Look at Yahoo’s New Design

      First Look at Yahoo’s New Design
      Yahoo has broken ground on its new data center in Lockport, N.Y. The $150 million project features a new design called the Yahoo Computing Coop, which emphasizes free cooling and air flow management. The Yahoo Computing Coops will be metal prefabricated structures measuring 120 feet by 60 feet. The company plans to use five of these structures in its Lockport complex. The new design can be seen in this video news report of the grounbreaking from Buffalo TV station WIVB.
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    5. Data center power and cooling solutions and Gartner's “Hype Cycle”

      Data center power and cooling solutions and Gartner's “Hype Cycle”
      Data center DC distribution and cooling management software have reached the peak of “inflated expectations” by the industry, while free cooling and power monitoring and management software are sliding into the trough between second or third rounds of venture-capital funding and sobering industry adoption statistics. Other solutions sliding along into the aforementioned trough are combined heat and power, flywheel UPS systems and in-rack cooling, according to Gartner’s newly released annual Hype Cycle Special Report on data center power and cooling technologies.
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    6. Cooling a More Mature Green Data Center

      Cooling a More Mature Green Data Center
      The concept of "going green" in the data center may have jumped the shark, as the saying goes, but only in the sense that adopting energy-efficient technologies and practices is no longer about catch phrases and empty promises. Instead, it appears that the movement is transcending the novelty phase and has settled in as a permanent component of the upgrade and expansion process. That means you're less likely to see green technologies put in place for their PR factor as much as for their impact on the bottom line.
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    7. The Planet Hit by Power Outage in Dallas

      The Planet Hit by Power Outage in Dallas
      The Planet experienced a power outage in one of its Dallas data centers this afternoon. The company says the incident affected phase 2 of its D5 facility in Dallas, and that power was restored after about one hour of downtime. D5 is one of six data centers the company operates in Dallas and Houston, and customers in other facilities were unaffected by the downtime. “There was a utility power drop, and the automatic cut-over to our UPS systems did not occur,” the company reported via Twitter.
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    8. Lofty aspirations for power efficiency: Power Loft seeks silver certification for new data center

      Lofty aspirations for power efficiency: Power Loft seeks silver certification for new data center
      Colocation data center Power Loft began dreaming about greener data centers several years ago, long before it became vogue to do so. Now, in partnership with Hewlett-Packard’s EYP Mission Critical Facilities, the company has designed a 200,000-square-foot facility in Prince William County, Va., that can deliver between 120 watts and 300 watts per square foot with a PUE ranging from a low of 1.20 to a high of 1.48. The two-story design accommodates approximately 33 percent more racks than facilities of a similar real estate footprint, and the first tenant was signed for the new facility in mid-July, says Jim Coakley, president and CEO of Power Loft: “HP wasn’t afraid of pushing me to try something different.”
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    9. Miercom Reports 3Com's H3C Enterprise Switches Are Industry's Most Energy-Efficient, Using up to 40% Less Energy than ...

      Miercom Reports 3Com's H3C Enterprise Switches Are Industry's Most Energy-Efficient, Using up to 40% Less Energy than ...
      3Com Corporation (Nasdaq: COMS - News) today announced Miercom, a leading provider of independent test services, evaluated the company’s H3C® S7506E and H3C S5500-EI enterprise networking switches and determined they lead the industry in energy efficiency, using up to 40 percent less energy than competing products. Miercom evaluated “the overall environmental impact and business enabling green benefits” the products provide to customers and rated them “Miercom Green Certified.” The complete reports with the testing results for the H3C S7506E and H3C S5500-EI switches can be downloaded at H3C 7506E and 3Com S4800G/H3C S5500-EI, respectively.
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    10. Amazon, Rackspace Are Top Cloud Hosts

      Amazon, Rackspace Are Top Cloud Hosts
      Last month we noted research from InfiBase that found that 1,422 of the top 500,000 web sites are hosted at Amazon EC2. This month InfiBase has expanded that research to compare Amazon with other cloud providers. The surprise: Despite its critical mass, Amazon is not that far ahead of Rackspace Cloud Servers (formerly SliceHost). Amazon EC2 now hosts 1,550 of the top 500K sites, compared to 1,373 for Rackspace Cloud Servers. Joyent is next with 205 sites, followed by Google App Engine...
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    11. Cloud Computing Makes Servers Obsolete

      Cloud Computing Makes Servers Obsolete
      The concept of a server needs to go the way of the dodo One of the reasons I enjoy Twitter is that quite frequently – if you’re following the right people – you’ll see a tweet that is absolutely profound despite its simplicity and the constraints placed upon the author. Recently we were having a mini-discussion on Twitter regarding the definition of availability that elicited just such a golden nugget from botchagalupe: “Apps designed for a cloud should remove the ‘server’ concept.”....
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    12. Intel Online Calculator Measures Server Performance, Efficiency

      Intel Online Calculator Measures Server Performance, Efficiency
      On its Website for IT professionals, Intel has introduced a calculator that customers can use to determine the performance and power efficiency of their servers. The calculator takes into account everything from the age of the server to the number of cores on the processor to the energy consumption at both idle and full utilization. Many technology vendors, including Sun, AMD, VMware, HP and Dell, offer online calculators that help businesses measure everything from energy consumption to ROI. Intel has introduced a new calculator on its Website for IT administrators that lets them determine the performance and efficiency of their servers.
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    13. American Clean Energy & Security Act Of 2009

      American Clean Energy & Security Act Of 2009
      “There are no cap-and-trade schemes in existence or in planning that would affect small data centers,” says Andy Lawrence, research director in eco-efficient IT with The 451 Group, which owns Tier1 Research. This doesn’t mean, however, that H.R. 2454, the 932-page American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, which passed in the House of Representatives June 26, won’t affect data centers of all sizes. The cap-and-trade portion of the act is directed at true high carbon emitters such as power plants and big manufacturers. Under the cap-and-trade rules, big emitters may be given or will have to purchase carbon offset certificates.
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    14. In measuring data center power use, more (info) is more

      In measuring data center power use, more (info) is more
      Today, data center managers find that they can't improve what they can't see, and so they are looking to measure power downstream from a data center's utility meter. According to SearchDataCenter.com's Data Center Decisions purchasing intentions survey, 84% of 670 respondents said that reducing data center power consumption was important. And yet according to the same report, 36% didn't know how their power bills compared with the previous year. This lack of awareness, however, has started to change.
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    15. Mutual of Omaha Gains Agility and Efficiencies as It ’Greens’ Its Technology

      Mutual of Omaha Gains Agility and Efficiencies as It ’Greens’ Its Technology
      Data center reconfiguration and server virtualization have yielded not only business agility benefits but also significant cost efficiencies related to environmentally friendly modifications to the physical plant and server farm. Having set out to increase its business agility, Mutual of Omaha ($4.1 billion in annual revenue) also has achieved significant efficiency benefits from environmentally friendly modifications to its 40-year-old data center.
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    16. OEMs Back VMware DPM

      OEMs Back VMware DPM
      VMware is supposed to say today that Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM and NEC will support its Distributed Power Management (DPM) to make their hardware more power-efficient. DPM, part of the VMware vSphere 4 platform, lowers power consumption in the data center by aggregating unused capacity and powering off unused servers without disrupting service levels, lowering energy consumption by as much as 20% on top of what’s possible with consolidation.
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    17. Utility Incentives to Drive PC Power Management

      Utility Incentives to Drive PC Power Management
      Corporations can save $20-60 per computer workstation by implementing power management features, but despite the average payback of less than one year to implement such programs, corporations are reluctant to install them for two key reasons — the initial cost of implementation and the time investment required by the information technology (IT) department, which is why utilities need to offer incentives, according to a new report from Beacon Consultants Network Inc.
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    18. MySQL.com sites go dark

      MySQL.com sites go dark
      MySQL.com has been down for several hours today, after a power outage in the Swedish city where the open-source database project is hosted. This means users and developers were unable to access source code, documentation, discussion groups, and bug tracking. According to Duleepa "Dups" Wijayawardhana of Sun Microsystem's MySQL Community Team, Sun was scheduled to reinforce the project's infrastructure this coming weekend, hoping to avoid this sort of downtime. But the power outage hit before the changes could be made.
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    19. IBM Fires Juniper Salvo at Cisco

      IBM Fires Juniper Salvo at Cisco
      IBM said today it will resell switches and routers made by Juniper under the IBM brand to compliment Big Blue’s server products aimed at data centers. The move is a direct response to Cisco’s creation of its own brand of servers it calls the Unified Computing System, as well as efforts by Hewlett-Packard to bring that company’s ProCurve networking gear closer to its servers. They’re all part of a larger attempt to keep pushing the boundaries of virtualization beyond hardware and into the network itself.
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    20. Videos from Sigmetrics 2009 are now posted

      Videos from Sigmetrics 2009 are now posted
      Video recordings of the SIGMETRICS 2009 talks are now available - linked to each respective talk/session, including the opening keynote "Where Does the Power Go in High-Scale Data Centers?" by James Hamilton, Vice President and Distinguished Engineer, Amazon. Additional sessions covering Security, Power Management, Memory and Storage, etc.
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    21. Sun Holders Approve Oracle Deal

      Sun Holders Approve Oracle Deal
      Sun Microsystems Inc. said Thursday its stockholders had voted in favor of Oracle Corp.'s $7.4 billion takeover. Sun, the Santa Clara, Calif.-based computer server and software maker, said in a press release 62% of holders of its common stock had voted to accept the agreement at a special meeting at its headquarters. Under the terms of the deal, database maker Oracle will acquire each Sun share for $9.50 in cash.
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    22. Green IT: How Real Is ROI?

      Green IT: How Real Is ROI?
      Green IT puts companies in a dilemma. The rhetoric of cutting carbon footprint and being socially responsible corporate citizens is tempting. Given the media, government and vendor focus on the issue, and the urgency of the problems associated with environment, awareness is at an all time high. But Green IT comes at a cost and is more expensive than products of other hues. There is a premium to be paid for additional effort that goes into designing and manufacturing green products, for example power efficient batteries, that do offer value for money by delivering higher efficiencies.
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