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    1. Sabey Confirms Huge Quincy Data Center

      Sabey Confirms Huge Quincy Data Center
      It’s official: Sabey Corporation will build a 525,000-square-foot data center campus in Quincy, Wash., the company said today. Sabey will break ground this summer on Intergate.Quincy, which will feature three data center facilities on 40 acres. Sabey Corp. decided to build the campus in Quincy after its leasing success at its Intergate.Columbia in nearby East Wenatchee, where T-Mobile and VMware signed on as tenants within a year of groundbreaking. Sabey, a Seattle-based developer, began evaluating prospects for a data center in Quincy in 2007, and has listed the project on its web site for several months. The new development continues the data center building boom in central Washington, where Microsoft, Yahoo, Ask.com and Intuit, have opened large data centers, drawn by the area’s low power rates and clean hydro-electric power from nearby dams on the Columbia River. Sabey notes that while the other projects ...
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    2. Intel Cuts Emissions by 27% in 2008

      Intel Cuts Emissions by 27% in 2008
      Semiconductor giant Intel Corporation has cut its global-warming emissions by 27 percent in 2008, compared to its 2007 baseline, keeping the company on track to meet its goal to reduce its carbon footprint 20 percent by 2012, according to the company’s 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report. The CSR report highlights the ways Intel has applied its technology to address environmental, social and economic challenges, and summarizes new long-term goals to drive continuous improvement. Here are several environmental highlights from the report. Intel, based in Santa Clara, California, reduced its total CO2 emissions from 3.85 million metric tons in 2007 to 2.85 million metric tons in 2008. Specifically, the company reduced its PFC emissions by 59 percent in absolute terms and 80 percent on a per chip basis from its1995 baseline.
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    3. Show Me the Money: Uncovering Rebates and Grants to Help Boost ...

      Show Me the Money: Uncovering Rebates and Grants to Help Boost ...
      People love to talk about the millions of dollars available to help companies go green, with public and private agencies offering hundreds of grants, incentives, and rebate programs designed to help offset the costs of making businesses more efficient. The new stimulus package promises to add millions more to these coffers. In theory, this free money is everywhere. But in reality, how do you get your piece of the pie? [For more, see also our companion piece, "Ten Tips for Finding Grants to Make Your Business Greener".] "It's not easy," says John Hardin, acting executive director of the North Carolina Board of Science and Technology in Raleigh. Hardin's group is currently overseeing the distribution of the $1 million North Carolina Green Business Fund, a grant program to help ease the environmental impacts of the state's businesses. John Hardin, acting executive director of the North Carolina Board of ...
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    4. PEER 1 Builds Green Data Center in Toronto

      Canadian web hosting provider PEER 1 Network Enterprises (www.peer1.com) announced on Tuesday that it has begun construction on a 41,000 square foot "green" data center in the Toronto area. The facility is located just 18 miles or 30 kilometers from the heart of Toronto. PEER 1 recently expanded into Europe by opening its new European headquarters in Southampton, UK. According to the press release, the new facility will use "some of the most efficient products and technologies on the market, including the use of a local well for primary water supply with redundant connection to the city water system to lower overall carbon footprint and provide reduce energy consumption." The data center will undergo four phases, with the first stage set for completion in early 2010.
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    5. SMEs Must Turn Green Thoughts Into Green Actions

      According to a study released by the Business Performance Management Forum, 82% of Internet and e-commerce companies are thinking about green-based, ecological initiatives, but some companies have yet to act on their thoughts. The study, titled “Think Eco-Logical,” looks at the forces driving IT departments to make changes regarding their energy usage and other green initiatives; the study also shows that 97% of IT professionals say reducing carbon footprint is important but that little real action is underway. Eco-Awareness Derek Kober, program director of BPM Forum, says little action is underway because of education and leadership. "It's a combination of a need for more education as to the tangible business benefits that can be achieved through more ecological practices in the data center and the requirement for more leadership both within companies and in the community at large,” Kober says. “This is precisely why the Think Eco-Logical initiative is ...
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    6. Do Google's carbon offsets add up to much?

      Do Google's carbon offsets add up to much?
      Google, a company that runs power-hungry data centers, employs thousands of people, and operates a corporate jet, said on Wednesday that it was carbon neutral for the past two years. How so? Offsets. The idea of a carbon offset is to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions of a company or person by investing in a project that reduces emissions from the atmosphere. Google sees offsets as an imperfect method for lowering their total carbon footprint, among other efforts. To detractors, offsets are essentially greenwashing when companies do little more than buy offsets to meet their environmental sustainability goals.
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    7. Grading Google's carbon neutral claims

      Grading Google's carbon neutral claims
      Google reached its goal of becoming carbon neutral for 2007 and is almost entirely neutral for 2008, Google's Green Energy Czar Bill Weihl announced on the official Google blog Wednesday evening. In June 2007, Google had announced it was going to try to become carbon neutral by the end of that year ...
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    8. The Whys and Hows of Measuring Power in your Data Center

      The Whys and Hows of Measuring Power in your Data Center
      If your phone rings tomorrow and the CIO is on the line asking, "What are we doing about power consumption in our data centers?" what will you say? Typically, data center managers have not worried about power consumption, but this is quickly changing as 1) additional power is often not available, 2) the cost of power is becoming a significant cost of operating a data center and 3) companies are placing a higher value on green initiatives. Based on the simple premise that "you can't manage what you can't measure" data centers are undertaking steps to measure device-level power consumption. No longer do rule-of-thumb estimates suffice -- because they can turn out to be just plain wrong, leading to unnecessary and sometimes quite substantial costs. Devices that were thought to be consuming very little power may be consuming quite a lot, even while simply sitting idle doing no useful ...
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    9. Green IT Service Market to Grow to $4.8 Billion in 2013: Forrester

      The market for green IT services, fueled by the push by businesses to save money and improve efficiencies, could grow by as much as 60 percent a year over the next four years, according to a report from Forrester Research. The market could grow from about $450 million in 2008 to $4.8 billion in 2013 before leveling off in 2014, Forrester analyst Chris Mines said in his report, issued April 24. “In the context of a $500 billion global market for IT services in 2008, the $5 billion market for green IT services [in 2013] may look like small potatoes to vendor strategists,” Mines said in the report. “However, we expect that the visibility and strategic importance of green IT projects will put them near the top of many corporations’ consulting agendas.” Essentially, enterprises are going green and want to find vendors that can help them, from data center ...
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    10. VMware Helps Enterprises and Governments of All Sizes Go Green

      PALO ALTO, Calif.----VMware, Inc. , the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop to the datacenter, today announced that it continues to drive sustainability and socially responsible "green" initiatives for customers of every size in the private and public sectors across the globe.
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    11. Data Centre cooling - save up to 90% on energy costs (Stand W6 at Sustainability Live)

      Data Centre cooling - save up to 90% on energy costs (Stand W6 at Sustainability Live)
      EcoCooling, the UKs largest manufacturer and distributor of Evaporative coolers are now in a position to offer evaporative cooling systems for both data centres and server rooms. These systems will effectively reduce the running costs of cooling these areas by over 90%, giving potential pay backs of under a year and creating massive carbon savings as no harmful refrigerants are used in the process.
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    12. Argonne's Leadership Computing Facility working to get more science per watt

      ( DOE/Argonne National Laboratory ) Cooling a supercomputer consumes more electricity than is required to run the machine, even machines as powerful as the IBM Blue Gene/P -- called Intrepid -- at the US Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory. Though Intrepid is one of the fastest and most energy-efficient computers in the world, researchers at Argonne's Leadership Computing Facility ...
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