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    1. Storage at a Distance

      Storage at a Distance

      Imagine being able to access information from a remote source with almost the same speed as a storage device within a computer. While the speed of light will always provide limits to the speed and apparent latency of data access from a distance it will be possible to build computer architectures that can use resources, including digital storage, that are located far away from the user and that ...

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    2. Blue Waters Supercomputer Debuts At 11.6 Petaflops

      Blue Waters Supercomputer Debuts At 11.6 Petaflops

      Less than two years after a reboot to switch vendors, one of America’s most ambitious supercomputing projects has gone live. The $350 million Blue Waters supercomputer, which was dedicated last week at the University of Illinois’ National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), was envisioned as the new frontier in American supercomputing technology.

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    3. BigData Top 100 Will Rank Data-Crunching Applications

      BigData Top 100 Will Rank Data-Crunching Applications

      The "big data" community will get a global ranking system for data applications. The BigData Top 100 will create a counterpart to the Top500, the supercomputing rankings that have generated enormous interest in high performance. Charter members of the group include Facebook and Google.

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    4. Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of Oct. 20

      Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of Oct. 20
      The Week in Review: Google brings you inside its data centers and talks about cooling, the petascale supercomputers Blue Waters and NCAR Yellowstone are launched, and RagingWire plans a major new campus in Ashburn's Data Center Alley. The post Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of Oct. 20 appeared...
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    5. Could A Lunar Supercomputer Work?

      Could A Lunar Supercomputer Work?

      Over the years, we’ve seen data centers in lots of strange places – old chapels, shopping malls, old particle accelerator silos and all kinds of underground bunkers. Proposals have been floated for containers in caves, data centers on floating barges and servers mounted on hovering drones. Now a researcher has come up with an out-of-this-world computing challenge – building a supercomputer on the moon.

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    6. Inside the Future Exascale Data Center

      Inside the Future Exascale Data Center

      The main data center at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee powers some of the world’s most advanced data-crunching to support research in weather, climate science, quantum physics. The Department of Energy plans to deploy an Exascale computing system here by 2018. 

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    7. Top 10 Data Center Stories, June 2012

      Top 10 Data Center Stories, June 2012

      During the month of June, stories about supercomputers, Stephen Hawking and downtime for Amazon’s cloud were among the top items that interested Data Center Knowledge readers. Also, Facebook’s data center designs, such as those for servers and racks, continued to be a leading topic on our site. Here are the most popular stories on Data Center Knowledge for June 2012, ranked by page views: Top 10 Supercomputers Illustrated – June 18 Hawking is First User of SGI ‘Big Brain’ Supercomputer – June 14 Video: Amazing LEGO Data Center – June 14 Seven Cloud Computing Trends – Part 1 – June 4 Amazon Data Center Loses Power During Storm – June 30 More Problems for Amazon EC2 Cloud – June 29 Power Outage Affects Amazon Customers – June 15 Closer Look: Facebook’s New Server, Storage Designs – June 27 Netflix Rolls Out Its Own Content Delivery Network – June 27 eBay: Bloom Boxes Will Power Utah Data Center ...

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    8. Fujitsu sets up Spanish HPC hub

      Fujitsu has chosen Spain as its fifth hub for High Performance Computing (HPC) in Europe. It said Spain is predicted to have about 5% of the market for supercomputing in EMEA. It said much activity in the market in EMEA is triggered by a major global race amongst companies to have the most powerful supercomputers and most energy efficient IT environment. Fujitsu’s program for supercomputing is based on what it calls the Human Centric Intelligent Society, which is hoping to encourage new initiati
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    9. Innovative Nordic Supercomputer in Iceland

      Innovative Nordic Supercomputer in Iceland

      National High Performance Computing (HPC) organisations of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland have pooled resources and powered up an innovative joint supercomputer in Iceland. It is innovative not so much for its technology, but for its concept, placement and operations. The supercomputer is hosted in the Advania Thor Data Center in Iceland, a new environmentally friendly “green” data center. The computer is part of a pilot initiative aiming to test remote hosting, such that computing is brought to the energy source and not vice versa, as is the norm, thereby introducing substantial savings. Further aims are to understand the political, organizational and technical aspects of joint ownership, administration and operation of such expensive and strategic infrastructure. Read more: http://www.icenews.is/index.php/2012/04/20/innovative-nordic-supercomputer-in-iceland/#ixzz1snJVlVlr

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    10. LBNL Plans For the Exascale Data Center

      LBNL Plans For the Exascale Data Center

      Last week, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) broke ground on a facility that will house its vision for the supercomputer of the future. The 140,000 square foot data center will overlook the San Francisco Bay on a hill above the UC Berkeley campus. It may also provides the first view into exascale – the new frontier for supercomputing. Planning for supercomputers that can surpass current petaflop levels to exaFLOPS (1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Floating Point Operations per Second ), the U.S. Department of Energy has recognized that energy consumption for powering that compute load is a particular challenge.

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    11. Illinois supercomputing center gets LEED Gold

      The newly built data center at the University of Illinois that will soon support one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers received LEED Gold certification from the US Green Building Council. Even with 24MW of critical load, the National Petascale Computing Facility on site of the university’s National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) was given the USBGC’s second-highest award in recognition of an energy efficient design and a construction process that minimized impact on the
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