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    1. Video: Docker CEO on Why Containers are the Future of Applications

      Video: Docker CEO on Why Containers are the Future of Applications

      Earlier today, Docker announced it had found a buyer for dotCloud, the Platform-as-a-Service business the company was founded on. Docker has moved on to focus on its application-containerization technology it originally created to enable the PaaS. The company believes Docker containers and the ecosystem it has built around them are the future of applications.

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    2. IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat Join Google’s Open Source Container Management Project Kubernetes

      IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat Join Google’s Open Source Container Management Project Kubernetes

      Kubernetes, the open source container management project announced by Google in June, is seeing strong support. IBM, Red Hat and Microsoft, as well as well-hyped startups CoreOS and Mesosphere are now supporting and contributing to Kubernetes. A company called SaltStack, which is building a container automation framework for cross-cloud portability, has also come on board, as well as Docker, which has built the full container stack as a product,

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    3. Ahh, now I get it Google uses Clusters the way others use Containers

      Containers work if you want to have a unit of deployment with up to 2,000 servers.  Google used containers early on, but doesn't use them anymore.  Some of the biggest use of Containers is by Microsoft's data center group.  DCD covers Microsoft discussing how containers contain outages. 

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    4. 2011 data center presentation slides

      I found this presentation just sitting on Utah University's website for a 2011 data center project. Found it interesting that this was 4,000 kW facility with 2,400 kW for critical load for a 1.7 PUE in 2011. Here are pictures of the data center space during construction. I can't recall where I have ever seen Generac generators at a data center site. Generators to provide power in the event of a power outage Brand new facility and their hot/cold aisle containment is not that impressive.  I guess that would explain the 1.7 PUE at full load.  Got to think the PUE is 2.0 during the early phases. Once the racks were installed, airflow zones were created to channel cold air to the racks and contain and vent the hot air from the data center. Power is delivered to each row of racks ...

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    5. Did Google Just Patent Hot Aisle Data Centre Cooling?

      Did Google Just Patent Hot Aisle Data Centre Cooling?

      If you feel chilly walking round a data centre, it is probably wasting energy. The data centre has to provide cold air to keep the servers cool, but if it is also cooling the space were people are walking around to an uncomfortably low temperature, then it is wasting energy. Now, it seems Google has a patent on a “hot aisle” containment system which should cut that waste.

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    6. Benefits of Data Center Containment

      The data center is fraught with power and cooling challenges. For every 50 kW of power the data center feeds to an aisle, the same facilities typically apply 100-150 kW of cooling to maintain desirable equipment inlet temperatures. Most legacy data centers waste more than 60% of that cooling energy...
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    7. Google Adopts Water as key to save Energy in Data Centers, pumps 3.85x better than fans

      Data Center traditionally uses raised floor and in room CRAC units to supply cooling. Google shared a month ago its hot aisle containment with water heat exchange which is the 5th iteration since 2006. Google shared its thinking in evaluating heat removal methods. So should you pump heat or use a fan?  Google modeled a 10MW IT load. The fans use 3.85x more energy than a pump!!! Google found what it had created was so unique they could patent the innovation.

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