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    1. IBM Provides Modelling Technology For Renewable Energy System

      IBM Provides Modelling Technology For Renewable Energy System

      IBM announced an advanced power and weather modelling technology that will help utilities increase the reliability of renewable energy resources. The system combines weather prediction and analytics to forecast the availability of wind power and solar energy. This will enable utilities to integrate more renewable energy into the power grid, helping to reduce carbon emissions while improving clean energy output.

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    2. Building Efficient Data Centers

      Development projects from large companies like Google or Facebook are great learning opportunities, but as impressive as their innovation may be, they aren’t always practical lessons for small- and medium-sized operators. When it comes to energy efficiency, we don’t all have the luxury of building our data centers on the edge of the Arctic Circle or in areas with plenty of geothermal or hydroelectric power, but that doesn’t mean building a super-energy-efficient facility is only wishful thinking—low PUEs are juicy fruit for those who are willing to make the effort. 

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    3. FM Issue: NextGen Electrical

      FM Issue: NextGen Electrical

      With rapidly growing energy demand and expanding requirements in modern electrical distribution systems, there is an increasing call for approaches in coordination, configurability, monitoring, and maintenance that will help facility managers (fms) better control and maintain their electrical distribution systems properly. 

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    4. Why your utility could go the way of Kodak, Blockbuster — totally disrupted

      Someday your seemingly-stable utility could become utterly disrupted by emerging technology changes. It could occur in much the same way that once huge brands like Kodak, Blockbuster, and Borders slowly — and then all-of-a-sudden rapidly — fell at the sword of the digital technology revolution. It’s not a new idea, but it’s one that is gaining prominence even in the mainstream media. This weekend the New York Times penned an article On Rooftops, a Rival for Utilities, bringing attention to the emerging threat that solar panels are already starting to have on slow-moving utilities across the U.S. 

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    5. Google still dwarfs Facebook on the infrastructure front

      Google still dwarfs Facebook on the infrastructure front

      In a tech world obsessed with the battle of the platforms and semi-obsessed with counting servers and drooling over data centers, I think it’s worth seeing how Google and Facebook stack up based on their latest earnings reports. I’m not sure exactly what the charts below say, but I think they say Facebook will probably never match Google in terms of server footprint or revenue.

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    6. Does Amazon Have A Renewable Energy Problem?

      Does Amazon Have A Renewable Energy Problem?

      The company’s massive data centers require a huge amount of power, most of which comes from coal. And that’s not changing. Facebook, Apple, Google, Rackspace, and most of the other major players in the cloud computing world have made a show in recent years of moving their data centers to renewable energy. 

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    7. The reality of renewable energy resources for data centers

      With energy prices on the rise and carbon footprints front of mind, it's time to look at renewable energy resources for data center power. Powering a data center often means tying into a national grid for the primary power source and backing this up with uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) and auxiliary generators.

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    8. Is the 50% efficient solar cell on the horizon?

      Is the 50% efficient solar cell on the horizon?

      The summer sunshine is upon us, at least here on the east coast, which means it’s the perfect time to think about how best to harness those golden rays for clean energy. The solar industry’s power players put their newest tech on display at last week’s Intersolar North America conference in San Francisco, despite the industry’s slightly depressed showing this year (see Ucilia Wang’s report from the trade show floor).

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    9. Cleantech Investments A Mixed Bag in 2Q13, But VCs Are Warming Up To Solar

      Cleantech Investments A Mixed Bag in 2Q13, But VCs Are Warming Up To Solar

      Investments in the renewable energy sector were a mixed bag during the second quarter of 2013, according to a trio of analyst reports and many of the same trends we've seen lately persist: the U.S. and Asia-Pacific regions were more active, and downstream activity continues to intensify.

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    10. A Sneak Peek of the National Grid on Renewables

      A Sneak Peek of the National Grid on Renewables

      A government research facility uses a megawatt-scale simulator and supercomputer to test futuristic grid technologies without disrupting today’s grid. A new $135 million research facility aims to solve a puzzle: how can countries prepare for an energy system that relies heavily on renewable energy? It can also test ways to improve reliability under stress, for example when demand soars in the summer as the air-conditioning load taxes the grid.

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    11. Is The UK Government Greener Than It Lets On?

      Is The UK Government Greener Than It Lets On?

      Last week President Obama backed nuclear power and “cleaner” fossil fuels in a speech from Georgetown University. He pledged to bypass Congress if necessary, to get the measures passed. The new policy was praised by environmentalists, although some thought it too optimistic about “clean coal” and nuclear power. Over here, you’d never get such a speech from David Cameron, or even Chancellor George Osborne. They are reluctant to talk of investing in anything because it might sound like heresy against the austerity gospel. And austerity is supposed to be the thing that will return us to riches.

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    12. Green Initiatives : Changing Perceptions

      Green Initiatives : Changing Perceptions

      Being cleaner than many traditional industries, telecommunications has been generally perceived as environment friendly but when it comes to green initiatives, Indian service providers are yet to meet global standards. There is a growing need for mobile operators to control the construction and operation costs of infrastructure and services in an end-to-end manner while taking up the social responsibility of environmental protection through energy savings and emission reductions. 

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