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      On 10/26/12 peteinfiniti said:
      Really enjoyed reading this post. The benefits of Blade servers are very well summarised.
      I represent a data centre construction company in the UK, and have noticed a growing trend over the last 5 years with the performance specification of M&E services driven by organisations building new enterprise data centres being very much built around supporting Blade & HPC server environments.

      Recent projects I have been involved with in 2012 have specified density models of up to 15 to 20kW per server cabinet, generally to support a maximum of three Blade centres in each cabinet.

      I am very pro Blade as I believe it puts the electrical power required to support the organisations IT systems into the data centre, so it can be controlled and managed more efficiently. However, the majority of negative criticism on Blades I hear from some IT & OP's Managers is that they are nervous about having one machine supporting the applications for several business departments and that having this in one cabinet is a risk to business continuity.

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