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    1. Is building a data center more sustainable than building a soccer field?

      Is building a data center more sustainable than building a soccer field?

      I fully expect controversy will be created by this blog especially amongst some of my awesome friends in the Sustainability/Green space and I am not actually advocating putting away the cleats and buying a game console. This blog will probably anger some of my friends who are parents. However, it's not meant to suggest a specific change as much as an effort to get us looking at the real issues, and not be taken in by loud mouthed commentators on both sides of the sustainability issue. The idea for this blog was generated while I was attending a Sustainable Silicon Valley event in Palo Alto with the Ambassador to Norway, the Honorable Barry White.

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    2. Bullet Proof

      Bullet Proof
      When I joined EBay in September of 2009, I had the privilege of taking on the responsibility of delivering the single largest infrastructure project that the company has ever undertaken. A new data center code named project Topaz. At $287 million, it is also the single largest infrastructure investment the company has ever made. It is also the most complex construction project we have ever undertaken. Over 1.2 million man hours of work in just 14 months.
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