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    1. Your PUE doesn't impress me

      Your PUE doesn't impress me

      I mean that. Seriously, your PUE doesn’t impress me much and frankly the rest of the data center community isn’t all that concerned either. Now I am not about to suggest you stop measuring your PUE or stop reporting it internally and to the Green Grid and EPA ENERGY STAR® for data centers program. But the constant daily bombardment of my-PUE-is-one-dot-x in the media is not only annoying but for the most part totally useless. 
      Wow, those may sound like some harsh words for a Green Grid member. Not really, once you begin to put it all into perspective starting with the notion that the single most important bit of information that measuring PUE is ‘supposed’ to give you is Total Data Center energy consumption. Yes, that is right my friends I said total data center energy consumption inclusive of your communications system, security system, fire suppression, perimeter ...

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    2. Are Fuel Cells Blooming in Your Data Center?

      Are Fuel Cells Blooming in Your Data Center?
      Recently we covered the idea of a biomass powered data centers and received a great deal of favorable feedback. We are delighted to see such a keen interest from the data center industry to address the ever increasing demand for electricity through a greater reliance on renewable and alternative energy systems. Today we take a look at what may be an emerging energy source for the data center: natural gas and the fuel cell, via a reformer. (Although the reformer could work with numerous other fossil fuels and even swamp/landfill gas) With organizations coming under greater scrutiny for their total environmental impact, and more reporting annual CO2 emissions not to mention carbon taxes, we expect to see more interest emerging for relatively clean, on-site energy production. Especially when that on-site system eliminates typical transmission and distribution loses and produces beneficial community heating/cooling as a byproduct. Putting aside the ...
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