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  2. About At&T

    AT&T; Inc. (T) is the largest provider of both local and long distance telephone services, wireless service, and DSL Internet access in the United States. Formerly SBC Communications, Inc., the company shed its name and took on the iconic AT&T; moniker and the T stock-trading symbol (for "telephone") after its acquisition of American Telephone & Telegraph Company (later known as AT&T; Corporation).

    The new AT&T; includes eleven Bell Operating Companies, and the long distance division. While it reconstitutes much of the original parent company, the new AT&T; Inc. lacks the vertical integration of the historic AT&T; Corp. which prompted the antitrust suit and breakup in 1984.

  3. Quotes about At&T

    1. The addition of the AT&T Data Center is representative of our commitment to acquire high quality, mission critical assets under long-term net leases with credit tenants.
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    2. The AT&T and Equinix alliance will boost enterprise customers' confidence in the security, reliability and performance of the cloud.
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    3. After close, IBM will deliver the managed applications and managed hosting services AT&T provides today.
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