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    2. A Data Center in Monterey, CA, who will go?

      A Data Center in Monterey, CA, who will go?

      DeepWater Desal plans to build a desalination plant at Monterey Bay. Desalination produces drinking water from sea water. Given the abundance of sea water in the world and the shortage of drinking water in many parts of the world, these plants are becoming more common. They are fairly power intensive techniques but still used extensively throughout the world especially in the Middle East.

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    3. Who pays the data center’s electricity bill? The discussion continues By Wendy Schuchart

      Who pays the data center’s electricity bill? The discussion continues By Wendy Schuchart

      It seems that the question of whether CIOs should have to pay the electricity bill for the data center is a pretty divisive one. By far, of all my blog posts for Green Data Center News, that particular question has generated the most thoughtful discussion among our readers.

      There seems to be two camps: Either you agree that CIOs need to do whatever it takes to make the IT department as efficient as possible

      Take for instance, the question of PUE raised by Gordon Paddy, a Data Centre Advisory Specialist in Brisbane, Australia.

       "One of the issues that interests me is one of utilization of IT capacity. I have heard that, the processing and storage capacity that a equipment provides is used at a rate of something around 20%. If this is indeed accurate the improvement in PUE, whilst welcome, is chipping away at the problem, however, doubling utilization could ...

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    CA, Inc. is the world’s leading independent information technology (IT) management software company.We help

    organizations manage IT to become lean and more productive, which can help them better compete, innovate and grow.

    We develop and deliver software that makes it easier for organizations to manage IT throughout complex computing

    environments. With our vision for Enterprise IT Management (EITM) and our expertise, organizations can more

    effectively govern, manage and secure the services IT delivers to the business to reduce costs and risks, improve service

    and ensure IT is integrated with the business.

    We address the entire computing environment, which includes all of the people, information, processes, systems,

    networks, applications and databases from a Web service to the mainframe to a virtualized “cloud”, regardless of the

    hardware or software customers are using.We serve the majority of the Forbes Global 2000 companies, who rely on our

    software, in part, to manage mission-critical aspects of their businesses.We have a broad portfolio of software products

    and services that address our customers’ needs for mainframe and distributed environments, spanning IT governance,

    IT management and IT security. Key focus areas include: infrastructure management, project and portfolio management,

    security management, service management, application performance management, and data center automation and