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    2. Running big-draw server farms on fuel cells, solar and wind

      ...o power. One drawback: those volcanoes. When Eyjafjallajokull went off in 2010, it stopped air traffic across Europe. The less-dangerous Grimsvotn followed in 2011. Google’s energy investments aren’t huge considering the...
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    1. We now need to integrate this huge resource into Europe to enable the open trade of electricity between Member States.
      In Europe 'supergrid' hopefuls cast fate to wind
    2. Being in Iceland there is obviously an abundance of geothermal energy and free cooling but Iceland is also a network hub with redundant low latency multi-terabit fiber connections to North America and Europe making it much cheaper to serve both markets at once.
      In Icelandic startup aims to deliver first green computing cloud
    3. Based on our Spring 2010 European Data Centre Barometer1 survey, NGD Europe's wholehearted and immediate commitment to renewable energy supply is likely to prove to be totally in-tune with industry wishes.
      In NGD Lines Up Renewable Power for UK Data Center