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    2. Engineer Q&A: Tate Cantrell, CTO of Verne Global

      Engineer Q&A: Tate Cantrell, CTO of Verne Global

      Verne Global officially opened its Iceland data center in February. The company's CTO Tate Cantrell answers our questions about the project and his Icelandic experiences.

      DCDFOCUS Q1: What was the biggest technical challenge you faced during the site conversion?

      Tate Cantrell: Despite the industry focus on system efficiencies, our biggest challenge was to find the right engineering partner to maximize the efficiency of our free air cooling solution, while providing the optimal protection of a closed loop system and to do all of this without compressors. Our climate in Iceland is ideal for free air cooling and through a collaboration with Colt's engineering team, we were able to provide a solution that requires no cooling water, no compressors and meets and exceeds ASHRAE 9.9 requirements for all modes of operations.

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    1. Paris has very cheap energy costs in comparison to Frankfurt, which has the best connectivity in Europe.
      In International data center expansion fuses foreign with familiar
    2. Turkey is an extremely important market for us, bridging both Europe and Asia. In working with Teknotel we have found a partner with the expertise, focus and willingness to carry the Telehouse brand.
      In Telehouse America Opens New Istanbul Data Center
    3. The main driver for building the additional data hall capacity this year is to meet demand from large organizations based in Europe and, increasingly, North America where our targeted US sales strategy is clearly starting to pay off handsomely.
      In Data Center Firm Next Generation Data Expands Wales Facility