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    2. Cloud Popular in US Data Centers, Colocation in Europe, says Gartner

      Cloud Popular in US Data Centers, Colocation in Europe, says Gartner

      Market research company Gartner released a new research on Monday that shows that while there continues to be a high interest in data center services, the market structure, dynamics and maturity differ drastically across the world. The report, “Regional Differences in the Move Toward the Cloud, 2012″, gives further support to the notion that data centers can mean different things to various groups, depending on the regional market and user. Many of the themes in the report were discussed in Gartner Research VP Tiffani Bova’s keynote presentation at Parallels Summit 2012 last month, where she talked about how service providers can work to use cloud services effectively on a strategic level.

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    3. Cloud computing = green it....right?!

      Cloud computing = green it....right?!

      We all know that green IT can only be built with cloud technology. It is common sense. Fewer physical servers means less energy, means green. Right? Not exactly. But a common assumption, even in the green IT community, is that cloud computing is the only way to achieve green IT. This is, at least on the surface, true, but the reverse is not: Cloud computing is not always green. Let me explain.


      The green of IT regularly garners headlines. Some examples from the past year are Facebook's Open Compute Project Initiative, Google's Solar initiatives andIvanpah Solar Electric Generating System (“largest solar energy project in the world"), with more that $168 million invested. Other examples are Yahoo's Chicken Coop Data Center Design: a 155,000-square-foot data center, which can accommodate 50,000 servers, is cooled almost 100 percent by outside air (in contrast to the large power-hungry ...

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    1. We now need to integrate this huge resource into Europe to enable the open trade of electricity between Member States.
      In Europe 'supergrid' hopefuls cast fate to wind
    2. Being in Iceland there is obviously an abundance of geothermal energy and free cooling but Iceland is also a network hub with redundant low latency multi-terabit fiber connections to North America and Europe making it much cheaper to serve both markets at once.
      In Icelandic startup aims to deliver first green computing cloud
    3. Based on our Spring 2010 European Data Centre Barometer1 survey, NGD Europe's wholehearted and immediate commitment to renewable energy supply is likely to prove to be totally in-tune with industry wishes.
      In NGD Lines Up Renewable Power for UK Data Center