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    2. Web Host PEER 1 Migrates 1,600 Servers to New UK Data Center

      Web Host PEER 1 Migrates 1,600 Servers to New UK Data Center

      UK web hosting provider PEER 1 Hosting announced on Thursday it has moved over 1,600 servers and over 120TB of SAN data to its green data center in Portsmouth, UK, which opened in October.

      The company moved no more than 60 physical devices in any one night, powering them down at 11 p.m., packing them into individual flight cases, then into a specially designed truck with air suspension for the short journey.

      By 5 a.m., all devices were back online with some not needing the allocated 6 hours. The company said the entire migration process went without a single complication as it completed the move of servers worth thousands of pounds.

      “Our team did an amazing job migrating the servers without any fuss,” said Dominic Monkhouse, managing director of EMEA at PEER 1 Hosting. “The moved happened so swiftly that some of our customers were transferred without ...

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    1. We now need to integrate this huge resource into Europe to enable the open trade of electricity between Member States.
      In Europe 'supergrid' hopefuls cast fate to wind
    2. Being in Iceland there is obviously an abundance of geothermal energy and free cooling but Iceland is also a network hub with redundant low latency multi-terabit fiber connections to North America and Europe making it much cheaper to serve both markets at once.
      In Icelandic startup aims to deliver first green computing cloud
    3. Based on our Spring 2010 European Data Centre Barometer1 survey, NGD Europe's wholehearted and immediate commitment to renewable energy supply is likely to prove to be totally in-tune with industry wishes.
      In NGD Lines Up Renewable Power for UK Data Center