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    2. Cloud computing = green it....right?!

      Cloud computing = green it....right?!

      We all know that green IT can only be built with cloud technology. It is common sense. Fewer physical servers means less energy, means green. Right? Not exactly. But a common assumption, even in the green IT community, is that cloud computing is the only way to achieve green IT. This is, at least on the surface, true, but the reverse is not: Cloud computing is not always green. Let me explain.


      The green of IT regularly garners headlines. Some examples from the past year are Facebook's Open Compute Project Initiative, Google's Solar initiatives andIvanpah Solar Electric Generating System (“largest solar energy project in the world"), with more that $168 million invested. Other examples are Yahoo's Chicken Coop Data Center Design: a 155,000-square-foot data center, which can accommodate 50,000 servers, is cooled almost 100 percent by outside air (in contrast to the large power-hungry ...

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    3. Dimension Data Extends Cloud Hosting Services to Amsterdam and Sydney

      Dimension Data Extends Cloud Hosting Services to Amsterdam and Sydney

      ICT services and solutions provider Dimension Data announced on Monday it has expanded its new public managed cloud platforms, its integrated platform for the delivery of cloud services, into the growing cloud markets of Amsterdam and Sydney.

      Last month, Dimension Data launched two Public managed cloud platforms in the US, providing organizations global access to secure and highly-automated enterprise-class public cloud and hosted private cloud services.

      Dimension Data will continue to expand its cloud services on a global level in an effort to solidify its presence globally and help businesses to adopt a self-service cloud model. The Netherlands and Australian markets.

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    4. Cloud Growth Spurs Demand for Data Centers

      Cloud Growth Spurs Demand for Data Centers

      The growth of cloud computing is prompting increased demand for data center space in North America, according to a survey commissioned by Digital Realty. The growing interest in cloud adoption, along with the resumption of planned expansions that were deferred due to the economy, suggests robust growth ahead for the U.S. data center industry. Ninety two percent of IT decision makers at large companies said they will “definitely or probably” expand their data center footprint in 2012, the highest number in the six-year history of the survey by Digital Realty, which is the largest operator of data center facilities. By comparison, 70 percent of respondents said they had expanded their data center operations over the past two years, suggesting

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    1. Paris has very cheap energy costs in comparison to Frankfurt, which has the best connectivity in Europe.
      In International data center expansion fuses foreign with familiar
    2. Turkey is an extremely important market for us, bridging both Europe and Asia. In working with Teknotel we have found a partner with the expertise, focus and willingness to carry the Telehouse brand.
      In Telehouse America Opens New Istanbul Data Center
    3. The main driver for building the additional data hall capacity this year is to meet demand from large organizations based in Europe and, increasingly, North America where our targeted US sales strategy is clearly starting to pay off handsomely.
      In Data Center Firm Next Generation Data Expands Wales Facility