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  2. About IBM


    International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) develops and manufactures information technology products and services worldwide. Its Global Technology Services segment offers IT infrastructure and business process services, such as strategic outsourcing, integrated technology, business transformation outsourcing, and maintenance. The company’s Global Business Services segment provides professional services and application outsourcing services, including consulting and systems integration, and application management. Its Systems and Technology segment offers computing and storage solutions, including servers, disk and tape storage systems and software, semiconductor technology and products, packaging solutions, engineering and technology services, and retail store solutions. IBM’s Software segment primarily offers middleware and operating systems software comprising WebSphere software for Web-enabled applications; information management software for database, content management, information integration and business intelligence; Tivoli software for infrastructure management, including security and storage management; Lotus software for collaboration, messaging, and social networking; and rational software, a process automation tool. The company’s Global Financing segment provides commercial financing to dealers and remarketers of IT products; lease and loan financing to external and internal clients; and sale and lease of used equipment. IBM serves banking, insurance, education, government, healthcare, life sciences, aerospace and defense, automotive, chemical and petroleum, electronics, distribution, telecommunications, media and entertainment, and energy and utilities, as well as small and medium sized business. The company was formerly known as Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co. and changed its name to International Business Machines Corporation in 1924. IBM was founded in 1910 and is based in Armonk, New York.

  3. Quotes about IBM

    1. This new facility will leverage IBM's data center innovation and resources to provide a cost-effective solution while providing the flexibility to meet the unpredictable changes in IT demand -- whether it is from changes in IT technology or new business models such as cloud computing.
      In IBM to Build Largest Cloud Data Center in Asia
    2. IBM becomes the first Tier 1 multinational IT service provider to establish Canadian cloud delivery capabilities, in a market that is expected to grow by more than 40% over the next three years, breaking the C$1billion mark by 2015. IBM's global cloud footprint is impressive and is a critical component in addressing some of the technical issues around cloud such as latency. More importantly, at least for the Canadian market, IBM Smart Business Compute Cloud provides an in-country solution for buyers concerned about data residency.
      In IBM Launching 42 Million Cloud Computing Center in Canada
    3. IBM chose to buy rather than build an entry into the SMB/mid-tier infrastructure services market – relatively uncharged territory for an enterprise-focused organization like IBM.
      In IBM Acquires Cloud Host SoftLayer