1. Larry Ellison

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  2. About Larry Ellison

    Lawrence (Larry) Joseph Ellison (born August 17, 1944) is an American billionaire and the co-founder and CEO of Oracle Corporation, a major enterprise software company.


    1. It's gone from an idea to a multibillion-dollar [run rate] business in the blink of an eye, and growing very rapidly.
      In Larry Ellison: Oracle To Build New Data Center In Japan
    2. Taking an old application and moving it into someone else's data center is hosting—not really the cloud.
      In Larry Ellison: Oracle To Build New Data Center In Japan
    3. Our list price is less than half of their discount prices.
      In Two-Socket To You, Oracle Declares War Armed With Data Centre Price Cuts
    4. Our intention is to sell our customers infrastructure-as-a-service, and also sell the same customer a highly differentiated platform-as-a-service, which will let us get better margins, and a highly differentiated suite of enterprise applications for the cloud.
      In Larry Ellison and Mark Hurd Emphasize Oracle's Cloud Growth
    5. We are looking forward to working with salesforce.com to integrate our cloud with theirs.
      In Oracle Forges Cloud Partnerships with Microsoft, Salesforce.com
    6. When customers choose cloud applications they expect rapid low-cost implementations; they also expect application integrations to work right out of the box – even when the applications are from different vendors.
      In Oracle And Salesforce End Feud With Cloud Convergence