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    2. Equinix To Open £47.5m Data Centre In Slough

      Equinix To Open £47.5m Data Centre In Slough

      Equinix, one of the world’s largest operators of carrier-neutral data centres and Internet exchanges, has started building a new UK campus in Slough. The ‘LD6’ facility will become the third Equinix property in the Berkshire town, and its sixth data centre built to serve British businesses. It will eventually offer 86,000 square feet of space, enough to house 2,770 cabinets.

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    1. LEED standards are important because of Iron Mountain's commitment to sustainability; it was not necessarily an economic decision.
      Dan Golding in Can an eco-friendly colo data center really save you some green?
    2. We consider LEED certification to be good for business as well as the environment.
      In T5 Data Centers Dallas Facility Receives LEED Silver Certification
    3. The LEED Gold certification – a rare designation for a data center – is a significant validation of Emerson's commitment to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.
      In Emerson Data Center Earns LEED Gold Rating