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  2. About NTT

    Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation|日本電信電話株式会社|Nippon Denshin Denwa Kabushiki-kaisha (9432, NTT), or NTT, is a telephone company that dominates the telecommunication market in Japan. Once established as a monopoly government-owned corporation, the company was privatized in 1985 to encourage competition in the telecom market. The Japanese government still owns roughly one-third of NTT's shares. The company has been regulated by the NTT Law. Because NTT owns most of last mile, it enjoys oligopolistic control over land lines in Japan. In order to weaken NTT, the company was divided into a holding company (NTT) and three telecom companies (East, West, and Communications) in 1998. The NTT Law regulate NTT East and West to serve only short distance communications, and obligate them to maintain telephone service all over the country. NTT Communications is not regulated by the NTT Law.

    As a group corporation, it consists of the following major companies:
    *AutoWeb Communication Inc
    *Nippon Telegraph & Telephone East Corp
    *Nippon Telegraph & Telephone West Corp
    *NTT Communications Corp (NTT Com)
    *NTT Communicationware Corp
    *NTT Comware Corp
    *NTT Data Corp
    *NTT DoCoMo Inc
    *NTT Facilities Inc
    *NTT Finance Japan Co Ltd
    *NTT Leasing Co Ltd
    *NTT Worldwide Telecommunications Corp
    *Verio Inc
    *[http://www.nttamerica.com NTT America, Inc.]
    *NTT Europe Ltd

    NTT East, NTT West, NTT Communications, NTT DoCoMo, and NTT Data are most major subsidiaries. NTT DoCoMo and NTT Data are listed on the stock markets.

  3. Quotes about NTT

    1. With a network covering most of the globe, the presence of NTT Com Russia in our new Moscow One facility, along with other premium carriers and network providers, means we can provide exceptional connectivity options for our customers.
      In NTT Communications Offers Colocation Services in Moscow
    2. We will continue to work with NTT America to operate our current footprint, and plan to bring additional Twitter managed data centers online over the next 24 months.
      In Twitter Picks Utah for New Data Center
    3. NTT Communications' Enterprise Cloud is a full-layer, self-manageable virtual private cloud that is now global, and growing to incorporate virtualized networks in eight countries and nine locations by March 2013.
      In NTT Communications Adds Enterprise Cloud Locations