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  2. About Rackspace

    Rackspace US, Inc. (dba Rackspace) is a IT hosting company based in San Antonio, Texas. The company also has offices in the United Kingdom as well as data centers operating in Texas, Virginia,the United Kingdom and Hong Kong in late 2008. A subsidiary of Rackspace, MailTrust™, operates in Blacksburg, VA.

    Rackspace's support ideology - termed Fanatical Support™ - and team structures involve all "Rackers" (employees).

  3. Quotes about Rackspace

    1. We are witnessing a revolution in how businesses choose to buy and consume IT. Where in the past, organizations ran their own entire IT operation; increasingly they are choosing to buy IT as a service from firms like Rackspace.
      In Web Host Rackspace Launches Critical Sites Service in Europe
    2. This simple and straightforward pricing approach is a key part of how we help customers take advantage of the real value of the Rackspace Open Cloud, particularly for the next generation of bandwidth and content-centric web applications, which must deliver quality user experiences on a mobile and global basis.
      In Rackspace Hosting Drops Price of Cloud Bandwidth and CDN by 33 Percent
    3. This is an incredibly exciting time to join the Rackspace International team. Hybrid cloud is a global movement, and Fanatical Support is creating growth opportunities for us in exciting new markets.
      In Rackspace Appoints Chief Customer Officer to Grow International Presence