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    1. Located at the heart of Europe's digital gateway, AM3 is one of Equinix's most innovative and sustainable facilities.
      In Equinix Expands Amsterdam Science Park Data Center
    2. This is a critical addition to the over 150 exchange and execution platform deployments that currently reside within Equinix.
      In Equinix to Host BATS Exchange in Secaucus Trading Hub
    3. We expect to close shortly on the acquisition of the London-4 and London-5 IBX buildings for approximately $35 million.
      In Equinix Plans Greenfield Data Center in London
    4. We are expanding offering to New York, a new build that will be tethered into the robust ecosystems in our Secaucus campus.
      In Equinix Plans Greenfield Data Center in London
    5. We're very focused at bringing these big public cloud players to have access nodes around the world with us.
      In Equinix Plans Greenfield Data Center in London
    6. The changes we are making today will sharpen our global execution as we pursue our strategy to be the interconnection platform for the world's leading businesses.
      In Equinix Hits 110,000 Cross-Connects
    7. We're seeing an uptick in the hybrid cloud deployment as the public cloud players continue to deploy across Equinix.
      In Hybrid Cloud Means Slower Sales Growth for Equinix
    8. We continue to expect strong operating performance and an acceleration of growth in the second half.
      In Hybrid Cloud Means Slower Sales Growth for Equinix
    9. By leveraging Verizon's Private IP Service and Equinix data center and interconnection services, customers can count on high levels of security, reliability and performance as they grow their businesses and expand into new markets.
      In Verizon Offering Private IP Out of 16 Equinix Data Centers
    10. We're very pleased to work with Amazon Web Services to provide customers in our facilities with an easy onramp to the cloud through AWS Direct Connect.
      In Equinix Offers Direct Connect to Amazon Cloud