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  2. About Tate Cantrell

    Tate Cantrell

    Tate Cantrell is the Chief Technology Officer of Verne Global.  Tate's primary responsibilities include product design and development and data center operations. Prior to Verne Global, Mr. Cantrell acted as Vice President, Data Center Technologies, at Dupont Fabros Technology. He was responsible for development and execution of operational strategies critical to the start-up of the Dupont Fabros Development Wholesale Data Center business model, the first of its kind in the industry. Mr Cantrell also provided technical support for marketing and key business strategy expansion opportunities, and directed and managed strategy for all IT systems. Mr. Cantrell has been involved in data centers and other high tech facilities for more than 15 years, starting as a research programmer for computational modeling on biomedical applications. 


    1. That can be pretty well amortized into the future development and growth, so [the cost] is very predictable.
      In Verne Raises $98M to Expand Iceland Data Center Campus
    2. The actual smelting pot can start to freeze, and you'll lose your investment.
      In Verne Raises $98M to Expand Iceland Data Center Campus
    3. We have focused on the German market – if it can be stored in Germany, it can be stored in Iceland, as long as you handle the encryption. It's a good place for companies concerned about data privacy.
      In Iceland: A New Safe Haven for Data Privacy?
    4. People don't really know or care where the data centre is.
      In An entirely different kind of cold war
    5. Verne Global is honored to be recognized for its participation in the ODCA PoC study as it demonstrated the impact that energy choice has on sustainability for ICT solutions.
      In Verne Global Recognized with Environmental Leader Award
    6. We want people to get off the plane and see what they expect to see in a data center on London or New York.
      In Data Center Customers Warming to Iceland
    7. We've been able to make a lot of headway in the high-intensity computing market.
      In Data Center Customers Warming to Iceland
    8. We are very happy with the reception we've received.
      In Data Center Customers Warming to Iceland
    9. From our perspective, we've been very impressed with Datapipe's commitment to green energy worldwide.
      In Datapipe Opens Green HPC Cloud Node in Iceland
    10. This allows us to give our customers price protection for the power, something they would not have been able to have if we had located our data center in the UK.
      In Iceland - Something to Sell, part 1