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  2. Quotes about Telx

    1. By leveraging Telx's interconnection area it reduces barriers and allows us to streamline our multiple communications offerings. It also provides our customers with another option for accessing Telx's broad ecosystem of clients.
      In Roundup: Emerson Network Power, Siemon, Polargy, Telx
    2. Today's announcement with Blucora is an exciting moment for Telx as we further solidify our presence and national portfolio in the fast-growing Seattle market.
      In Customer Wins for Equinix, Telx, and Internap
    3. New York City has always been Telx's backyard, and although we have expanded throughout the country in recent years, we always remain focused on providing unparalleled network connectivity and datacenter solutions within the New York City metro area.
      In Telx Expands to Another Major NYC Data Hub