1. The Green Grid

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  2. About The Green Grid

    The Green Grid

    The Green Grid.  The data center has changed considerably through the decades as the evolution of information technology has enabled it to become the critical nerve center of today’s enterprise. The number of data center facilities has increased over time as business demands increase, and each facility houses a rising amount of more powerful IT equipment. Data center managers around the world are running into limits related to power, cooling, and space - and the rise in demand for the important work of data centers has created a noticeable impact on the world’s power grids. The efficiency of data centers has become an important topic of global discussion among end-users, policy-makers, technology providers, facility architects, and utility companies.

    When a standard set of measurements are adopted by the industry, it will be easier for end-users to manage their facilities and equipment to achieve optimal energy efficiency. The members of The Green Grid have taken up the challenge of developing standards to measure data center efficiency, which includes both the facility and the IT equipment inside of it.

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    1. As evident in our research through The Green Grid, one of the industry's leading organizations committed to data center resource advancement, operating a UPS in eco or energy saver mode is becoming much more prevalent as the need for data center efficiency increases.
      In Eaton Updates Energy Management Software