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  2. About Uptime Institute

    Uptime Institute

    The Uptime Institute provides education, publications, consulting, certifications, conferences and seminars, independent research, and thought leadership for the enterprise data center industry and for data center professionals.

    Founded in 1993, the Institute pioneered the creation and facilitation of end-user knowledge communities to improve reliability and uninterruptible availability—uptime—in data center facilities and Information Technology organizations.

  3. Quotes about Uptime Institute

    1. Initially, OMB required agencies to report only data centers that were greater than 500 square feet in size and that met one of the tier data center classifications defined by the Uptime Institute.
      In Number of U.S. Government IT Facilities Rises to 7,000
    2. Uptime Institute Efficient IT is about better use of resources to better enable the business.
      In The Uptime Institute’s New Efficient IT Stamp of Approval
    3. Uptime Institute will do the review on the tests we have done together, and we are hoping to be granted full certification by the time the site opens later this summer.
      In LuxConnect Data Center in Luxembourg Nears Launch