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  2. About Verne Global

    Verne Global

    Verne Global is one of the few data centers in the world that is fully powered by 100% renewable energy sources.  Based in Iceland, Verne Global uses the natural power resources, geothermal and hydro-electric, and the outside ambient temperatures to offer free cooling to its clients.  Verne offers wholesale data center space architected using modular designs to large corporations worldwide.  It is connected to Europe and the United States with multiple high-speed cables.

  3. Quotes about Verne Global

    1. Since our launch, the global communications team has worked diligently to present Verne Global in to key journalists, analysts and conference audiences that are strong influencers in our industry. The result has been wide spread recognition of our brand and success in customer acquisition.
      Lisa Rhodes in Verne Global Honored With Two Stevie® Awards in 2013 International Business Awards
    2. Verne Global is honored to be recognized for its participation in the ODCA PoC study as it demonstrated the impact that energy choice has on sustainability for ICT solutions.
      Tate Cantrell in Verne Global Recognized with Environmental Leader Award
    3. These videos have allowed Verne Global to educate C-level executives, in particular CSO's, as well as other IT decision makers on the impact that the traditional data center industry is having on the environment.
      Lisa Rhodes in Verne Global Recognized for Innovative Marketing Videos