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    1. Publisher: Data Center Knowledge
      What do any of these companies have today other than DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management software).
      - In Vapor IO Targets Edge Computing with Micro Data Centers for Telcos
    2. Publisher: DatacenterDynamics
      The geographic expansion of Azure enables our customers to achieve higher performance and supports their requirements and preferences regarding data location to meet the growing demand for an intelligent, global, enterprise-ready cloud.
      - In Microsoft Azure arrives in Korea
    3. Publisher: DatacenterDynamics
      Our customers have a genuine need for an international public cloud offering that will allow them to adapt to the uses imposed by new technologies and meet the challenges of transforming their IT services on a global scale.
      - In Orange is launching public cloud for global organizations
    4. Publisher: Relocate
      Edge Computing is a companion technology for 5G, and will be an important part of creating monetization applications which open up new sources of revenue for operators.
      - In How Mobile Edge Computing Will Sway Network Performance
    5. Publisher: DatacenterDynamics
      This data center expansion is a big deal because it allows big companies to come to Indianapolis.
      - In LightBound plans 80,000 sq ft data center in Indianapolis
    6. Publisher: DatacenterDynamics
      TCCtech has invested over THB 300 million (US$8.5M) to expand Thailand's first and most strategic carrier neutral data center to cater to the strong demand we are getting from existing customer communities.
      - In TCCtech spends $8.5m on Thailand data center expansion
    7. Publisher: DatacenterDynamics
      Edge is not a new technology, It is a new category in the data center market.
      - In Vertiv plans to hit the edge with partners
    8. Publisher: DatacenterDynamics
      We can package them and make them available across large markets.
      - In Vertiv plans to hit the edge with partners
    9. Publisher: Web Host Industry Review
      As we add more and more enterprises, which are key targets for all of that community, the total value of the ecosystem continues to go up.
      - In You Can Now Plug Directly Into Salesforce Servers at Equinix Data Centers
    10. Publisher: Data Center Knowledge
      We are scaling significantly faster than our peers.
      - In Equinix Accelerates Global Data Center Expansion
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