Month: July 2021

Amazon to Invest More in Renewable Energy

Amazon has launched nine additional wind and solar power plants, increasing the overall number of renewable energy installations on the company’s books to 206. The big data and online retailing juggernaut now pledge to be Europe’s largest business buyer of sustainable energy. Amazon’s renewable energy sources will be capable of producing 8.5 gigawatts of energy […]

Google’s Sustainable Data Centers

This year, renewable energy and sustainability efforts are at the center of conversations. After early lockdowns and social distancing measures, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that rapid transformation is feasible with the correct instruments. While the reductions in pollution haven’t been sustained, a path ahead is obvious. Now, Google’s ambitions for data center sustainability prove […]

How Data Centers Prepare for Remote Working

In the year 2020, the technology industry faced tremendous obstacles. One of them is figuring out how to quickly transfer the administrative and academic needs for students and employees to remote work and learning and keep the network running with unrestricted access to services. As a result, we’ve reached a point where cloud service and […]

Choosing The Right Green Data Center Company

Environmental sustainability has become an unavoidable economic need, regardless of sector. Climate change, rising sea levels, and contamination pictures are growing public and shareholder pressure on companies to play a more direct role in finding answers and being responsible by establishing targets and publicly reporting progress in their sustainable initiatives. Sustainability initiatives for a typical […]

Alternatives for Data Center Cooling

Rather than hesitating to face the change in technology, your facilities will be able to get a handle on it with the appropriate cooling solution. As chip capacity rises and construction costs rise, data centers must become more conversant with their alternatives for more efficient cooling, such as direct cooling systems, to realize their full […]

Data Reality to Supply More Clean Energy for Texas Data Center

Digital Realty will soon obtain enough renewables in Texas to supply the majority of the energy used by its enormous data center infrastructure. The week before, the startup announced fresh developments in Dallas, including a deal to buy green energy to operate its data centers in the area and plans to increase colocation capabilities. The […]

The Sustainability of Submer’s Data Center

What makes a data center smart? Humans are clearly involved in planning, designing, selecting the location for building, and building the structure itself. Human judgments are primarily motivated by political, financial, and practical considerations. There’s nothing to quarrel about here; after all, we’re talking about business. To address the issue, data centers cannot be smart […]

Regulations for Sustainable Data Centers

Corporations can initiate sustainability projects and make public statements about their efforts to mitigate their environmental effect. But, in the end, the reasons that motivate businesses to act on environmental issues will not be sufficient. That is true for data centers as well as every other organization whose primary purpose is to clash with the […]

Data Centers to Invest in More Renewable Energy

Keeping up with the news this week that the EPA had passed a bill to cancel the Clean Power Plan, one story from The Onion that suggested that the EPA should just become “The Agency” suddenly appears less like parody and more like a reasonable response to what happened. While the US EPA appears to […]

PayPal to Reduce Greenhouse Emission

PayPal said that it would reach net-zero greenhouse emissions before 2040 as part of its efforts to find solutions for mobile payments to mitigate climate change. The payments company has promised to utilize renewable electricity to run its data centers before 2023 and a 25 percent reduction in operating greenhouse gas emissions in 2025. This […]