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Choosing The Right Green Data Center Company

Environmental sustainability has become an unavoidable economic need, regardless of sector. Climate change, rising sea levels, and contamination pictures are growing public and shareholder pressure on companies to play a more direct role in finding answers and being responsible by establishing targets and publicly reporting progress in their sustainable initiatives. Sustainability initiatives for a typical […]

The Sustainability of Submer’s Data Center

What makes a data center smart? Humans are clearly involved in planning, designing, selecting the location for building, and building the structure itself. Human judgments are primarily motivated by political, financial, and practical considerations. There’s nothing to quarrel about here; after all, we’re talking about business. To address the issue, data centers cannot be smart […]

High-Performance Polymer for Data Center Purposes

Businesses are spending in R&D to develop liquid cooling in HPC and data center operations in response to rising performance requirements. As a result, a growing number of creative ways and new materials are now accessible, allowing thermal planners to meet liquid cooling demands utilizing a variety of system types and designs. The ability of […]

Choosing the Right Quick Disconnects

When it comes to developing data center architecture, implementing an efficient, practical, and reliable cooling system to reduce waste heat from servers is becoming increasingly important. Large air cooling systems and large volumes of airflow are employed to eliminate heat within many data center setups. It’s critical to check for design and performance aspects when […]

The Reasons behind Recent Website Outages

On Tuesday, an outage at Fastly Inc., a cloud-based media infrastructure that feeds many of the world’s most popular websites, knocked off large parts of the internet. Many major corporations employ Fastly, one of many essential website and application cloud services, to deliver things to millions of consumers at once. Rather than keeping all website […]