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Energy Efficient Data Center: Best Ways to Power Consumption

energy efficient flat roof data center with solar panels

Some options to achieve energy-efficient data centers and reduce operating costs may include adjusting operating temperature, cloud infrastructure, storage hardware, and fan speed. The power requirements for infrastructure in a data center can be costly, especially utility bills. For this reason, data center officials search for effective ways to address their power needs while increasing […]

How Data Centers Prepare for Remote Working

In the year 2020, the technology industry faced tremendous obstacles. One of them is figuring out how to quickly transfer the administrative and academic needs for students and employees to remote work and learning and keep the network running with unrestricted access to services. As a result, we’ve reached a point where cloud service and […]

Alternatives for Data Center Cooling

Rather than hesitating to face the change in technology, your facilities will be able to get a handle on it with the appropriate cooling solution. As chip capacity rises and construction costs rise, data centers must become more conversant with their alternatives for more efficient cooling, such as direct cooling systems, to realize their full […]