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Is AWS Carbon Neutral

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Corporations are under increasing scrutiny to minimize their carbon footprint in an era where concerns about climate change and environmental sustainability dominate global discussions. Amazon Web Services (AWS), a major player in the cloud computing industry, is no exception. As businesses and individuals heavily rely on cloud services, understanding the energy sources and sustainability practices […]

PayPal to Reduce Greenhouse Emission

PayPal said that it would reach net-zero greenhouse emissions before 2040 as part of its efforts to find solutions for mobile payments to mitigate climate change. The payments company has promised to utilize renewable electricity to run its data centers before 2023 and a 25 percent reduction in operating greenhouse gas emissions in 2025. This […]

China’s Digital Infrastructure Causes Growing Emission

One obstacle to the government’s objective of attaining net-zero by 2060, according to Greenpeace, is digital infrastructure. According to Greenpeace, the carbon footprint from China’s rapidly expanding digital infrastructure is expected to any more than double in 2035, posing a new obstacle to the administration’s ambitious target of attaining net-zero before 2060. According to a […]

The Possibility for Green Data Center

Early this year, a group of European data center operators inked a deal agreeing to place specific green data center initiatives and set timelines for doing so. The main concern of future data center green laws was the driving force for the pact. With the announcement of a new European Parliament early the year before, […]