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Regulations for Sustainable Data Centers

Corporations can initiate sustainability projects and make public statements about their efforts to mitigate their environmental effect. But, in the end, the reasons that motivate businesses to act on environmental issues will not be sufficient. That is true for data centers as well as every other organization whose primary purpose is to clash with the […]

Data Centers to Invest in More Renewable Energy

Keeping up with the news this week that the EPA had passed a bill to cancel the Clean Power Plan, one story from The Onion that suggested that the EPA should just become “The Agency” suddenly appears less like parody and more like a reasonable response to what happened. While the US EPA appears to […]

Google’s Big Steps Towards 24/7 Renewable Energy Operations

Google, which contests with Facebook for the position of world’s biggest major consumer of sustainable power, launched a fresh round of renewable energy projects today, proclaiming it to be the biggest global investment in sustainable energy in memory. A total of 1,600MW of production capacity will be added to networks around its data centers and […]