Businesses are spending in R&D to develop liquid cooling in HPC and data center operations in response to rising performance requirements. As a result, a growing number of creative ways and new materials are now accessible, allowing thermal planners to meet liquid cooling demands utilizing a variety of system types and designs.

The ability of many earlier polymer materials to withstand high temperatures and physical pressures without warping, cracking, or spreading was one of their major weaknesses. Because of these flaws, HPC producers and data center managers frequently rely on metal materials for liquid cooling. Metals, despite their toughness, are prone to corrosion. They’re also unpleasant to the touch and require fluid upkeep regularly. 

One answer to this challenge is hybrid materials with metal bodies and polymer valves. This material has the strength and durability of metal yet is corrosion-resistant. For the time being, researchers are working on high-performance polymers.

The substance is known as Polyphenylsulfone, or PPSU for short. This one-of-a-kind material supports improved performance requirements that are ideal for liquid cooling applications. The PPSU’s high heat resistance allows for a wide range of applications.

Thermal architects and data center managers have a new, resilient, and dependable alternative called PPSU when defining rapid disconnects for liquid cooling purposes. When looking for anti-corrosion and long-lasting, dependable performance, PPSU should be regarded.

PPSU meets these performance requirements. This also includes optimized flow rates, pressure drop capability, leak-free disconnection feature, ergonomic design for easy connection and installation in narrow areas, and a multi seal for extra leak prevention and shape preservation over long durations of usage.

Customers can rely on PPSU to ensure that their goods and systems work for a long time efficiently, dependably, and without any leak risk. PPSU connections can fulfill the demands of even the most demanding situations with a wide range of options, including custom products.

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