Students paid a virtual visit to the biggest solar and wind parks in Michigan to learn about climate change and eco-friendly energy. The purpose of these virtual field trips is to educate students on the workings of clean energy technologies, how they tap into these natural resources and utilize them for energy generation.

The Purpose of the Virtual Field Trip

With over 100 schools in Michigan commencing virtual or remote learning this year, DTE Energy has launched a virtual field trip program. The program educates students on the importance and urgency of addressing the issues stemming from climate change. Furthermore, the program will focus on the issues like the release of carbon into the atmosphere and how renewable energy can reduce carbon footprint in the earth’s atmosphere.

There is footage of the virtual field trip with a duration of 27 minutes. In this video, you will see students exploring the nooks and crannies of Michigan’s biggest solar and wind parks to learn about the construction of eco-friendly energy technologies, how they work to actualize energy generation, and the numerous renewable career opportunities the energy industry presents to them.

The Target Audience and Content of the Virtual Field Trip

The virtual field trips were for students from 6th grade through 9th grade. It displayed amazing visuals that employed graphic animation to enhance understanding or learning about clean energy production and how it’s transported to firms, homes, and schools.

DTE Energy also designed an instructional guide that teachers can use to boost the educational worth of the virtual field trip program. This guide contained extra topics of research and discourse. It also included activities about the production of clean energy technologies and their positive impact on the environment.

Remarks on the Virtual Field Trip from an Executive of DTE Energy

Trevor Lauer is the president of the electric company under DTE Energy. He said that producing clean energy from renewable natural resources in more significant quantities is one of the key ways to lessen the emission of carbon and fight the occurrence of climate change. Furthermore, he added that DTE is regarded as the biggest generator of renewable energy. The organization has intentions to triple solar and wind power generation in less than a decade from now.

Trevor said that this virtual field trip was designed to help the upcoming generation become knowledgeable about eco-friendly energy and bolster them to become proactive by taking actions that will conserve energy and positively impact the environment. He added that kids might envision career opportunities in clean energy as a side benefit of the virtual field trip.

DTE Energy is convinced that paying attention to climate changes is one of the critical issues concerning public policy presently. Because wind and solar energy generation leave no pollutants in the process, it’s essential to produce more clean energy if we want to have an earth to live on in the future.

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