Environmental sustainability has become an unavoidable economic need, regardless of sector. Climate change, rising sea levels, and contamination pictures are growing public and shareholder pressure on companies to play a more direct role in finding answers and being responsible by establishing targets and publicly reporting progress in their sustainable initiatives.

Sustainability initiatives for a typical individual include recycling paper and glass, saving water, and adopting electrically powered automobiles, among other eco-friendly actions. On the other hand, in the IT business, minimizing the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity is a top goal, followed by water preservation and waste treatment.

Sustainability tends to take on a more intensive and inventive approach for the data center business, which accounts for 3% of worldwide energy consumption. Data centers are responsible for supporting and improving more sustainable alternatives and solutions due to the enormous scale and complexity of their operations.

As a result, data centers are adapting and are beginning to appear as significant change agents, playing a key role in reducing environmental impact. They’re showing better goals to reduce their carbon footprints, invest in renewables, and develop long-term strategies to strengthen their sustainability efforts.

For these groundbreaking new data centers, the most environmentally friendly data operators must acknowledge such a need to lead with stackable energy-efficient models from the start, implement the latest in engineering, and seriously monitor supply networks from the material suppliers.

Furthermore, the advantages of partnering with a truly green data center that is committed to the environment stretch far beyond the necessity that your energy is sustainable. There are social and environmental advantages to having your IT system outsourced to them.

The most environmentally friendly data centers are beginning to formally record and disclose their achievements in an annual ESG report. However, the ESG report is going to be inevitable for traditional businesses and data centers that do not have demonstrable sustainability as part of their governance.10

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