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Students Take Virtual Field Trips to Solar and Wind Parks in Michigan

Students paid a virtual visit to the biggest solar and wind parks in Michigan to learn about climate change and eco-friendly energy. The purpose of these virtual field trips is to educate students on the workings of clean energy technologies, how they tap into these natural resources and utilize them for energy generation. The Purpose […]

The Benefits of Solar Panel Leasing for Business

Have you considered installing solar panels for your business establishment but don’t have the budget for its long-term maintenance? Well, there’s no need to worry anymore since you can enjoy the benefits of having a solar power system in your building or commercial establishment without worrying about the additional costs it entails. However, this easy […]

Amazon to Invest More in Renewable Energy

Amazon has launched nine additional wind and solar power plants, increasing the overall number of renewable energy installations on the company’s books to 206. The big data and online retailing juggernaut now pledge to be Europe’s largest business buyer of sustainable energy. Amazon’s renewable energy sources will be capable of producing 8.5 gigawatts of energy […]

Google’s Sustainable Data Centers

This year, renewable energy and sustainability efforts are at the center of conversations. After early lockdowns and social distancing measures, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that rapid transformation is feasible with the correct instruments. While the reductions in pollution haven’t been sustained, a path ahead is obvious. Now, Google’s ambitions for data center sustainability prove […]

Data Reality to Supply More Clean Energy for Texas Data Center

Digital Realty will soon obtain enough renewables in Texas to supply the majority of the energy used by its enormous data center infrastructure. The week before, the startup announced fresh developments in Dallas, including a deal to buy green energy to operate its data centers in the area and plans to increase colocation capabilities. The […]