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    1. Jimmy Carter, politics, economics, and green energy by Doug Mohney

      Jimmy Carter, politics, economics, and green energy by Doug Mohney

      President Obama wants to start an ideological war over green energy just in time for the 2016 presidential race while oil continues its plunge downward, hitting six year lows as of yesterday at $42 to $38 a barrel.  In the end, economics should beat politics on all sides. Consider the fate of the last hard core environmentalist/energy president.  Jimmy Carter, a U.S. Navy-trained nuclear engineer, rolled out his energy policy back in 1977.  His speech, which can be found on PBS's website, is almost tragicomic when read today.

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    2. Is tape more reliable - and greener? by Peter Judge

      Is tape more reliable - and greener? by Peter Judge

      When Google had some trouble with lost data, we very quickly heard from people with ideas for how the firm could have made its data more reliable. They also promised green benefits. It started when a Google data center suffered four lightning strikes to its power systems. This might seem unlikely, but “lightning never strikes twice” is just a myth. Repeated strikes during one storm aren’t that unusual - but it is probably fair to say this incident went beyond the normal design parameters of the data center - which appears to be Google’s St Ghislain facility in Belgium.

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    3. Puzzling through gigabit speeds by Doug Mohney

      Puzzling through gigabit speeds by Doug Mohney

      It’s clear that gigabit and faster speeds are coming to businesses and consumers alike.  A good heap of “Thank you” needs to go to Google Fiber, who seems to have single-handedly kicked the rest of the service provider community into more aggressive deployment of gigabit Ethernet services. ADTRAN CEO Thom Stanton spoke of a “reigniting” of investment by AT&T and CenturyLink, while U.S. cable companies such as Comcast and Cox are moving to offer gigabit and better services. 

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    1. Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of August 21st

      Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of August 21st

      For your weekend reading, we present a recap of five noteworthy stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge this past week. Lightning in Belgium Disrupts Google Cloud Services – Google engineers estimated that about five percent of persistent disks in the zone saw at least one I/O read or write failure over the course of the roughly five days the problems appeared.

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