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    1. Box to open European data centres after ECJ privacy ruling

      Box to open European data centres after ECJ privacy ruling

      Box, one of Silicon Valley’s leading cloud computing providers, is planning to set up European data centres within a year, following a court ruling that stuck a heavy blow to a key transatlantic privacy agreement.

      The European Court of Justice (ECJ) said this week that the "Safe Harbour" rules, which have allowed companies including Facebook and Google to store personal data in the US under EU privacy standards, were invalid.

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    2. The Modern Data Center: Challenges and Innovations

      The Modern Data Center: Challenges and Innovations

      The modern data center is a complex place. The proliferation of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, place an ever-increasing pressure on IT departments and data centers. End-user and customers’ expectation levels have never been higher, and the demand for data shows no sign of slowing down.

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    3. Interxion Paris in court over fuel danger

      Interxion Paris in court over fuel danger

      An Interxion data center is on trial in Paris, accused of spoiling the environment for local residents. The data center. on Rue Rateau in the Seine-Saint-Denis area of Paris, has been operating since 2012, but local activist group the Urbaxion’93 Association says it should have its planning permission withdrawn, as it makes too much noise and creates risk because of the diesel fuel stored for its backup generators.

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