1. Data Centers need to get Friendlier

      Data centers are forbidding places. Their security features are designed to put off unwanted visitors. But I think they will have to get more friendly, as they take a greater role in human society.

      The whole concept of a data center is a facility that can be accessed remotely, via the cloud or other methods, and that still stands. But there are several drivers pushing people and data centers closer together.

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    2. New Green Opportunities in Cold Storage

      Cold storage isn't sexy, but it is important. Long-term archival storage is vital for everyone from people like you and me needing a safe place to keep photos and video to large corporations desiring off-site, hard core backup of vital records. Green data centers looking at new ways to generate revenue for cold storage may want to steal a page out of Facebook's manual -- although you can't quite call it stealing since Facebook has been very open about how it operates its Cold Storage facility and builds its Open Vault storage system.

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    3. Are Data Centers Finally Ready to Float on Water?

      The idea of a data center built in a boat was first “floated” a few years ago, but now it seems it is pretty much ready to set sail. In 2008, a Google patent surfaced in which the search giant proposed data centers on boats moored out at sea, where they could harvest wave energy to generate power, and use sea water in a secondary cooling circuit, making them highly efficient.

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    1. Not so cloudy: Amazon AWS offers dedicated hosts

      Not so cloudy: Amazon AWS offers dedicated hosts

      After years of offering virtual, anonymous cloud resources, Amazon is now offering users the ability to run their software on specific servers. The new Dedicated Hosts feature in Amazon’s EC2 elastic cloud service lets users bring their own software licenses and access specific servers. The idea is to provide machines which are proof against “noisy neighbors” where a fellow customer hogs a particular resource, and to satisfy customers whos terms of operation require them to “own” their servers.

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    2. Google Buys Solar Power for North Carolina Data Center

      Google Buys Solar Power for North Carolina Data Center

      Alphabet subsidiary Google has contracted for 61 MW of solar power with Duke Energy, the largest utility in the US, to power its North Carolina data centers. While utility-scale renewable power purchase agreements are common for Google, this is the solar power contract that’s big enough for an entire data center. “This is the first time that we’re purchasing solar power in enough volume to power one of our data centers,” Gary Demasi, who oversees data center energy and location strategy at Google, wrote in a blog post.

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    3. Equinix Adds Direct AWS Cloud Connectivity in London, Dallas

      Equinix Adds Direct AWS Cloud Connectivity in London, Dallas

      While enterprises want to deploy more critical applications in the cloud, they don’t want to rely on the public internet to do it. This has given rise to services that provide direct cloud connectivity, selling private network links from companies’ servers to the servers of their cloud providers, located in the same data center. Equinix, one of the biggest players in this ecosystem, announced Monday the addition of two more data centers where companies will be able to connect directly to the servers of Amazon Web Services, the world’s largest cloud infrastructure providers.

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    4. Eurotech HiVe HPC System Adds ARM CPUs

      Eurotech HiVe HPC System Adds ARM CPUs

      SC15, Eurotech announced that their HiVe HPC system is now available with x86 and ARM-64 based processors. The HiVe supercomputer leverages a new original high performance computing system architecture combining extreme density and best-in-class energy efficiency. The HiVE architecture is based on an innovative highly modular and scalable way of packaging electronics and water cooling, making full use of available space and boasting record-breaking computational density.

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    5. Texas Colo with Efficient Data Center Cooling System Launched

      Texas Colo with Efficient Data Center Cooling System Launched

      Aligned Data Centers, a data center provider formed earlier this year, has launched its first colocation facility in Plano, Texas, featuring a water-efficient data center cooling system designed by its sister company Inertech, whose systems are also deployed at eBay, Lenovo, and Telus data centers, among others.

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    6. Google Picks Diane Greene to Expand Its Cloud Business

      Google is playing catch-up in the booming cloud computing market, well behind the early leader, Amazon. But on Thursday, Google made clear that it was ready to go on the offensive. The company said that Diane B. Greene, one of its board members, would now head its cloud business that caters to companies. Larry Page, Google’s co-founder and chief executive of the parent company, Alphabet, called her new post a “huge new responsibility at Google.”

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    7. Digitizing Travel

      The travel industry is in the middle of a nexus of forces that are trying to get the attention of the customers. American Airlines recently made a public statement that they will respond to every tweet about them. The travel industry is going digital for providing its customers a holistic experience to create new revenue and growth opportunities in the digital business era.

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    8. Anyone Can Now Build Facebook’s Data Center Switch

      Anyone Can Now Build Facebook’s Data Center Switch

      The design of Facebook’s top-of-rack data center switch the social network created in-house to fit its hyperscale needs is now open source, meaning anyone can use it to build switches through a design manufacturer.

      All details needed for any manufacturer to produce the switch are now open source, including the schematic, a detailed list of materials, and other files. 

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    9. Netflix Open Sources Continuous Delivery Platform for Multi-Cloud Environments

      Netflix Open Sources Continuous Delivery Platform for Multi-Cloud Environments

      In order to meet the challenges of continuous delivery across multiple clouds, Netflix began developing Spinnaker a year ago, and the company announced Monday that it has released the Continuous Delivery platform to GitHub. Spinnaker creates pipelines from creation to deployment, and is designed to be easily extended to deliver cluster management and deployment across different cloud deployment models, Netflix said.

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