1. Augmented Reality beats Virtual Reality

      Augmented Reality beats Virtual Reality

      Pokémon GO is all the rage this month. Whether or not it will be sustainable is another story, but the success of the augmented reality (AR) game cannot be denied. It might be the best proof point yet that AR will be much more successful than virtual reality (VR) for making money and in time-to-market. The land rush to AR is going to be interesting.

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    2. Google AIs power savings

      Google AIs power savings

      About two years ago, Google shelled out $400 million to purchase DeepMind, an artificial intelligence (AI) company. Since then, DeepMind is beating humans at the game of Go, but the company is getting a real-world return on investment by using the tech to reduce energy consumption in its data centers. It is, forgive the pun, a hot topic since Google is constantly building and expanding data centers with data center power usage as one of its largest ongoing operational expense (OPEX) costs. 

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    1. Moscow Exchange's DataSpace1 becomes a disaster recovery site

      Moscow Exchange's DataSpace1 becomes a disaster recovery site

      Russia’s largest exchange group, Moscow Exchange (MoEx), has taken the next step in migrating its infrastructure to a new data center. DataSpace1 became a disaster recovery (DR) site for the Exchange’s trading and clearing platforms on 25 July, after successful public testing on the 23rd. The plan is for DataSpace1 to be MoEx’s primary site this November, with the currently-in-use M1 data center becoming the disaster recovery site.

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    2. Are telecoms’ investment in datacenters enough?

      Are telecoms’ investment in datacenters enough?

      Though datacenters are supporting the rapid growth of mobile data business of telecom network operators, investment in datacenters is not the top priority for telecoms. Some Indian telecoms are not convinced to make investment in tier IV data centers to support their data growth. Indian and US-based telecom operators do not even reveal their specific Capex towards data center facilities.

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    3. ZeroStack offers self-service private cloud with T5, Colovore

      ZeroStack offers self-service private cloud with T5, Colovore

      Private cloud infrastructure company ZeroStack has partnered with channel providers T5 Data Centers and Colovore to host individual ZeroStack Z-Block Cloud Appliances for customers looking to reap the benefits of private cloud without hosting them on-premise. ZeroStack claims to offer a level of simplicity that on-premises cloud infrastructure, OpenStack, and other software lack through a hyperconverged cloud appliance and integrated, web-based software that can be used like public cloud.

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    4. Startup proposes robotic data centers with no humans

      Startup proposes robotic data centers with no humans

      Web hosting company PayPerHost has revealed an early concept for fully autonomous robotic data centers that remove inefficient humans, and aim to reduce and reuse energy. PPH told DatacenterDynamics that it has “done some calculations with [a] HVAC professional, applied for two patents and one trademark, designed it, created a marketing video.” The company is looking for investors for its ’RoboNodes’ and hopes to build a prototype.

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    5. Microsoft Can't Shield User Data From Government, U.S. Says

      Microsoft Can't Shield User Data From Government, U.S. Says

      The U.S. says there’s no legal basis for the government to be required to tell Microsoft Corp. customers when it intercepts their e-mail. The software giant’s lawsuit alleging that customers have a constitutional right to know if the government has searched or seized their property should be thrown out, the government said in a court filing.

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