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    1. Biomass power will fuel Scotland's largest data center by Peter Judge

      Biomass power will fuel Scotland's largest data center by Peter Judge

      Use locally generated power, and use more renewables - and your data center will be attractive to users, more reliable and have a lower carbon footprint. I’ve heard that often - but this week, I got news of what could well be Britain’s first all-renewable data center using local power. Of course, it’s in Scotland, so it will only be in Britain if the referendum on Scottish independence from the United Kingdom fails. The Queensway data center will be in Glenrothes, an industrial area (part of what was once called “Silicon Glen”) near Edinburgh, close to a giant paper mill. The site is getting a 65MW biomass powered combined heat and power (CHP) plant: it will create electricity and hot water from wood waste sourced from surrounding industries.

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    1. Apple Aims to Shrink Its Carbon Footprint With New Data Centers

      Apple Aims to Shrink Its Carbon Footprint With New Data Centers

      On a stunning cloudless day in the Nevada desert, Lisa Jackson stands with her back to an array of advanced solar cells, peering across a low chain link fence at NV Energy’s Fort Churchill Power Generating plant just a few hundred yards away. 

      Apple is close to its goal of powering all its facilities 100 percent by renewable energy. Its corporate campuses and data centers are now at 94 percent renewable and rising. (In 2010 it was 35 percent.) The next step is to extend the efforts to its retail stores.

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    2. 5 Big Ideas with 5 Big Speakers Discuss Next-Generation DC Infrastructure

      5 Big Ideas with 5 Big Speakers Discuss Next-Generation DC Infrastructure

      I think this will be the fifth GigaOm Structure I am attending.  People ask if I am going to any of the data center conferences and the only ones I consistently attend are 7x24 and DCD.  Why?  Because I find spending two days at GigaOm Structure are more forward thinking.  I might be a speaker/moderator at the conference, and will be there helping out the staff.

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    1. We are witnessing a significant shift in how enterprises operate as they adopt hybrid cloud, and they are looking to effectively address performance and security concerns often associated with the cloud, while still benefiting from the flexibility it provides.
      By Chris Sharp
    2. Enterprises are drawn to hybrid cloud to benefit from cloud computing efficiencies, while maximizing their existing infrastructure.
      By Steven Martin
    3. We wanted something nimble and came up with the panel system.
      By Jerry Lyons
    4. We started 14 years ago, designing solutions around what we heard, unlike most of the industry that responded around containerized.
      By Jerry Lyons
    5. By virtue of this panel system and its inherent properties, every assembly is airtight, watertight, green, environmentally efficient and prevents environmental threats.
      By Jerry Lyons
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